Super Gene - Chapter 1455 - The Battle for Meat

Chapter 1455 - The Battle for Meat

Chapter 1455: The Battle for Meat


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The skin was easy to heal, but bones and veins were not. Fortunately, the red Ganoderma was able to provide effective healing for all three.

Han Sen stayed in the sh.e.l.l for four days, until he was fully healed. Without those red mushrooms, it would have taken at least ten times that long.

“This is good. It’s a shame there was only seven and I’ve eaten one. That means there are only six left,” Han Sen thought, with a greedy desire.

His body felt better, but that was all that had changed. The crocodile and the monsters outside were still there. He went out of the sh.e.l.l to take a look at things and used his Dongxuan Aura to scan the crowds. Much to his dismay, he was able to detect super creatures in their midst.

“If not even super creatures dare come in here to eat the meat, how strong must the crocodile be?” Han Sen was shocked, to say the least.

Luckily, the crocodile was still focused on the meat inside the sh.e.l.l. It had yet to pay any attention to Han Sen and Bao’er.

Han Sen wouldn’t dare touch the crocodile, especially now that he had detected two super creatures down below. With all the sacred and mutant cla.s.s creatures buffering the crowds, Han Sen thought it was too reckless for him to try to escape that way. As such, he decided to stay.

“What do we do?” Han Sen did not want to stay, and he doubted that the crocodile would continue to ignore them after it had finished off the sh.e.l.l king’s meat. If the crocodile did show an interest in the two, things would turn sour.

If he left now, he wouldn’t have to fight the spooky crocodile, but there was no guarantee he could escape the horde safely.

Han Sen watched the creatures from inside the sh.e.l.l, hoping there’d be a s.h.i.+ft or an opportunity that might score him a chance to escape. But more and more creatures were coming over time, and with every second that pa.s.sed, the chances of leaving were got slimmer.

Han Sen noticed a problem, then. For the first few days, the creatures did not dare get too close to the sh.e.l.l. But now their patience was growing thin, and they were inching their way closer.

The creatures that were able to fly had been bold enough to circle the hole. When that occurred, the crocodile roared at them, which prompted them to disperse.

“It looks like it’s only a matter of time before they decide to breach this place and enter. When that happens, the crocodile will have no choice but to fight them. Perhaps I can escape in the midst of all that chaos,” Han Sen thought to himself.

If Han Sen wasn’t going anywhere right now, he could only spend his time practicing the Dongxuan Sutra and Jadeskin so he could regenerate the Bulwark Umbrella and the Crystal Core.

Getting them back was easier than generating them the first time had been. All it took, more than anything, was time.

Han Sen tried to absorb the two Life Geno Essences he had retrieved, but for some reason, he was unable to. Han Sen tried to simulate the creatures’ energy flows, but it was to no avail. He guessed he might have been too weak to do that, in his current form.

Han Sen tried researching and experimenting for a while, but he was unable to pinpoint why he couldn’t absorb the Life Geno Essences. He did notice that the energy inside them was strange, and somewhat different than what he had seen before.

It was like the two Life Geno Essences were not just power; there was a life inside.

“The sh.e.l.l king and the red cricket are dead. How can their Life Geno Essences harbor a lifeforce? It’s almost as if these things are unborn eggs. Does this mean they can come back to life?” Han Sen thought, but he was unsure whether or not that was true.

Two days later, the impatience of the creatures outside rose. Many of the flying creatures were spending time on top of the sh.e.l.l, while the ground ones were right against its bottom. They all looked hungry and greedy.

None of them cared about the crocodile’s roaring anymore, so it had actually stopped trying to scare them off. As long as the creatures did not enter, the crocodile would ignore them.

“It looks like they’re going to come in soon. I wonder what they are waiting for?” Han Sen thought.

A few hours later, Han Sen heard a noise. The creatures had formed a path, and traversing that was a horned creature with a turtle-like body and a snake-like head. It climbed into the sh.e.l.l without any hesitation.

When the snake-turtle came inside, so too did the rest of the creatures. Quickly, things got out of hand. Every creature was like a hungry wolf, desperately leaping at every morsel of flesh they could grab.

“They must have been waiting for the snake-turtle. I guess now my time has come.” Han Sen was so happy. The messier the fray, the better it would be for him and his escape.

All the creatures that came pouring in made the crocodile furious. It roared and summoned its geno core, which was like a giant pair of scissors. They were blue and the blades were cruelly serrated. They immediately swung open to cut a few of the creatures in half.

The scissors flashed into the group of creatures, destroying everything that came into contact with them.

The two creatures Han Sen believed to be super creatures avoided the scissors, not willing to fight the geno core face-to-face. They didn’t even summon geno cores of their own to make battle.

“It is no wonder they were all afraid of coming. The crocodile’s geno core is too strong, and it cuts everything in half. It’s scarier than the Red Crystal Cricket’s ruby slicer.” Han Sen was in quite a shock. He looked at the snake-turtle. “The creatures all waited for the snake-turtle to come. It must have been in the belief it could effectively make battle with the crocodile.”

Han Sen looked at the snake-turtle. It didn’t care about the other creatures. The snake’s upper-body merely grabbed a hunk of meat and began ravaging it down. It paid no attention to the nearby slaughter and the crocodile’s scissors.

It didn’t see the scissors, but when it ate the meat, it incited the anger of the crocodile. The crocodile roared, and the scissors flew forward to cut the snake-turtle.

The snake-turtle was not afraid, though. It continued munching on the meat, as its body began to flash. A copper bell appeared to s.h.i.+eld its own body and prevent the scissors from reaching it.


There was a metal noise. The scissors banged against the bell, unable to cut it in half. Under the protection of the copper bell, the snake-turtle could eat the meat unopposed. And while the crocodile’s attention had been drawn to the snake-turtle, the lesser creatures in the vicinity used that opportunity to chow down on the meat.