Super Gene - Chapter 1457 - Big Priest

Chapter 1457 - Big Priest

Chapter 1457: Big Priest


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen followed the woman to the spirit hall of the shelter, and she sat down on the throne there. Han Sen looked around him and saw that there were no other chairs. So, he stood.

Not long after, Han Sen saw a number of powerful spirits enter the hall. Every spirit that walked in had a lifeforce equivalent to that of the red cricket. That meant the entrants of the hall were at least king-cla.s.s in caliber.

But they were all clad in grey cloaks, obscuring their faces.

When the spirits arrived, all of them bowed before the woman. And politely, they all bid her, “Greetings, My Master.” Then they split up and stood at both ends of the hall.

Not long after, both sides of the hall were skirted with a large number of these spirits. There were twenty-to-thirty king cla.s.s spirits.

Han Sen was shocked seeing them, as they all appeared to be of the same visual distinction. Han Sen’s senses told him that their bodies and energy were all very similar. It could have been a family of spirits, for all he knew, like the Dark Spirit tribe.

“Maybe she really isn’t human? Otherwise, how does she rule and preside over such a large and powerful family?” Han Sen thought this entire scenario was strange. But still, despite repeated readings of the woman, she still seemed human to him.

The twenty-to-thirty king spirits all turned to look at Han Sen, then. It was obvious they thought his presence there was strange.

Fortunately, Han Sen had been in similar situations in the past. The king spirits were all very strong, but they didn’t scare him. He continued to stand where he was unfazed.

Bao’er looked around in curiosity. If Han Sen didn’t hold her tight, she’d squirm free and head for the spirit statue.

“Is everyone present?” the woman asked, scanning the lines of spirits.

“Master, aside from Ghost Moon, all are present.” A spirit to her left politely informed her.

“Why is Ghost Moon absent?” the woman asked with a frown.

The spirit said, “You asked us to borrow something from Outer Sky. I sent Ghost Moon there.”

The woman nodded and responded, “Then there is no need to wait for her. I have something to announce. From now on, he is our Priest of Elysium Shelter.”

When the woman said this, all the spirits around looked shocked.

“Master, we can’t do that! The priest has always been chosen from within our tribe. How can you allow an outsider to accept such a distinguished role?”

“Master, I see a bronze light in him. He is a creature with a bronze geno core. How can he be our priest?”

The entire spirit hall was kicked into a frenzy as the spirits all begged and pleaded for their mistress to recall her decree. They all went down on the floor, too, to underline their sincerity. Only Han Sen remained on his feet.

Han Sen was frozen, and he didn’t even know what the role of priest would mean. And while it sounded like something of power and import, he wasn’t planning on sticking around this place.

But, quite obviously, whether he became a priest or not wasn’t Han Sen’s call to make, so he decided to remain quiet and just watch. He was going to see how things unfolded first.

“Master, Ghost Moon is a far better candidate than this creature. She is a much greater choice,” the spirit to her left said.

“There is nothing for any of you to say. My mind on this matter is settled. Return at once.” The woman cared little for their pleading, and she gestured with her hand for them to leave her be.

After that, the spirits turned to leave. They looked awfully upset, but they did not dare disrespect the mistress they had pledged allegiance to. Their eyes swept across Han Sen in simmering anger.

When the king spirits had all vacated the hall, and the door was shut, Han Sen bore a wry smile. “I’m just a human with a bronze geno core. I don’t think I can do much for you. Why not just select a strong one of them to be your priest?”

The woman coldly said, “I have my reasons for selecting you. Just play your part.”

“I’m afraid of being too weak to accomplish that which you desire of me.” Han Sen looked bitter.

The woman suddenly smiled. She actually looked quite beautiful, and it stilled Han Sen’s heart instantly.

“Well, perhaps you need some motivation. If you do perform poorly, I will have your head.” The woman said this with that same smile.

“I didn’t say I could do this. But you’re forcing me to commit to all this, and now you’re threatening to cut my head off if I fail. It’s not fair.” Han Sen tried to debate with her.

“It’s not fair because I am stronger than you. That’s a good enough reason for you to do anything I tell you,” the woman said.

“Fine!” Han Sen said no more, and he was willing to accept his role as the priest, given the circ.u.mstances.

“At least tell me what this role requires of me, first. If it’s for me to go out and kill super creatures, then I can’t help you there,” Han Sen said.

The woman smiled, “We don’t need you to kill super creatures. The Priest of Elysium Shelter only has one task, and it should be easy.” The woman then turned to look at Bao’er on Han Sen’s shoulder.

“And what would that be?” Han Sen did not want to talk.

“It’s to teach and take care of Elysium’s holy child,” the woman said, slowly.

“Elysium’s child? Is that your son? How old is he?” Han Sen’s mind was. .h.i.t with a barrage of questions he wanted answers for.

The woman looked straight at him. “I just told you. It’s Elysium’s child. The spirits you saw were all children of the Elysium family. You must teach their latest.”

“But I’m not a teacher, and I’ve never taught anyone anything. And I most certainly haven’t taught spirits.” Han Sen didn’t think this was a good mission to be given.

The spirits did not want him to be the priest, and they already hated him. Even if they did accept him in the role, it wasn’t as if Han Sen wanted this task.

“Again, I’ll cut your head off if you fail to be a decent teacher.” The woman reinstated her threat, and it was as effective as it had been the first time.

There was nothing Han Sen could say. He couldn’t decline. He simply followed the woman out of the hall until he was told to enter a building located in the garden.

“You will teach him in this garden. Remember what will happen if you fail,” the woman said coldly.

“Where is he? Let me see him.” There was nothing else Han Sen could do, so he had to roll his sleeves up and get to teaching as well as he could, as soon as he could.

“The holy child is here,” the woman said, looking across the garden.

Han Sen looked in the same direction. His eyes opened wide in disbelief as he said, “He is the holy child?”