Super Gene - Chapter 1454 - Trapped in Stoneshell King’s Shell

Chapter 1454 - Trapped in Stoneshell King’s Shell

Chapter 1454: Trapped in Stonesh.e.l.l King’s Sh.e.l.l


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Super Beast Soul Red Crystal Cricket: Pet Armor Type

Han Sen was rather surprised, as it had been a long time since he last had a beast soul purposed for a pet’s usage. He had seen many lower-tier ones, but he had only ever once seen a super beast soul of this type.

Although it wasn’t for him, it was still useful.

If he gave this armor to a meats.h.i.+eld pet, their defense would skyrocket. If given to a creature like the rhino, it could continue providing heals and not get killed.

If Little Silver wore it, he’d make a fierce attacker and healer. Still, it was a shame that neither the rhino nor Little Silver were actually pet beast souls. They wouldn’t be able to make use of the armor Han Sen had just received.

Little Angel was quite the damage dealer, and with the protection provided by this armor, she’d be able to fight better than ever.

But unfortunately for him, Little Angel was still evolving. In his current situation, Han Sen did not have a pet beast soul he could give it to. While it had to be shelved for now, at least any pet beast soul he might procure in the future could be given the armor set and have super-level defense.

“Bao’er, take a look around and see if the cricket and sh.e.l.l king left behind any Life Geno Essences,” Han Sen said to Bao’er.

Bao’er quickly crawled over, and after rummaging around for a bit, she returned from Grenade Mushroom’s ground zero with two crystals. They were both small, but Han Sen could tell which crystal belonged to which creature.

It had nothing to do with their presences or auras; it was just through their looks. He could identify each with stark contrast.

These Life Geno Essences were different than those found in the other three sanctuaries. They weren’t merely crystals now, as they seemed to resemble small figurines of their former selves. They were only fist-sized, but they looked remarkably alive. One was a pink scallop sh.e.l.l, while the other was unmistakably a cricket.

“Do I absorb these the same way, too?” This was the first time Han Sen had received a Life Geno Essence like this, and he wondered if the process was the same.

But now that he was too damaged, he was not capable of simulating either the cricket nor the sh.e.l.l king’s energy flow. Due to this, he had to pocket them for now.

The red cricket did not leave any flesh behind, but the sh.e.l.l king did. Even after the explosion, there was still a lot of meat left.

From what Han Sen knew, humans could not eat super creature flesh. Only pets and creatures could consume their remains.

Unfortunately, even if he could, there was too much meat for him to eat. And he hadn’t brought any of his creature companions with him, and nor did he have a pet that could make use of the sh.e.l.l king’s flesh.

Plus, Han Sen was worried the flesh might draw other creatures to it. Caring little for his wounds, Han Sen just wanted to get back to summoning the unicorn and leaving there as fast as he could.

Before he moved, a shadow entered from the big hole that was the result of the explosion.

Han Sen was given a shock. He was too injured to fight, so meeting other creatures was a dire thing.

The creature looked like a crocodile, but its scales were blue.

When it entered, it began to eat the meat. Fortunately, it didn’t pay Han Sen any attention.

Han Sen was unable to use his Dongxuan Aura to read what its level was, but he could tell from a mere look that the crocodile was strong.

Han Sen summoned his unicorn then, wanting to leave as soon as he could. The creature, thankfully, was not at all interested in them. Han Sen held onto his pain and lifted himself up onto the unicorn. The unicorn leaped out of the hole and landed on top of the sh.e.l.l.

Han Sen was finally able to tell where the blue light was coming from, as well. The cave behind the sh.e.l.l was decked out in blue, luminous mushrooms. The light was their glow.

As Han Sen saw those, he was also able to see a group of creatures that had ama.s.sed at the bottom of the sh.e.l.l. It was a swarm of various insects, all in different shapes and sizes. Their numbers were incredible, and Han Sen couldn’t even comprehend how many had come. There were more and more coming his way, like a flooding tide.

When they saw Han Sen and the unicorn, they all squealed and screamed at them. Still, they didn’t dare to try climbing the fallen sh.e.l.l king.

Han Sen rode the unicorn back into the sh.e.l.l, acknowledging there was no way for him to get past that legion.

Back inside the sh.e.l.l, Han Sen put the unicorn away, in case it triggered the ire of the crocodile.

Han Sen did not know the creature’s level, but he a.s.sumed the fear of the creatures outside stemmed from that thing. Guessing its level was easy.

“I hope he doesn’t have an appet.i.te for human flesh.” Han Sen was unable to fight. Without the super Grenade Mushroom, he had no hope of fighting a super creature.

Luckily, it still wasn’t directing any concern or interest towards Han Sen. The creature’s focus was still fixed on the meat.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Sutra to recover, hoping he could feel better so he could leave.

If the crocodile finished the soft meat, it might end up turning on him.

There was too much meat, though. It had been scoffing down what it could for at least half a day, and even after all that time, it had only eaten one out of forty equally-sized portions.

After it was full, the crocodile laid down to rest. It showed no signs of leaving.

Han Sen ran his Dongxuan Sutra all day, but it recovered extremely slowly. He also asked Bao’er to take a look outside, and much to his dismay, the hordes of creatures hadn’t budged.

“At this rate, the crocodile is going to finish the sh.e.l.l king’s meat.” Han Sen tried to think of a means of escape.

Suddenly, Han Sen’s mind turned to the Ganoderma mushrooms he had found inside the eggsh.e.l.l. Perhaps they would help heal his wounds.

Han Sen took one out of the Cruel Bottle and had a small bite.

As soon as his teeth sunk into it, the thing melted in his mouth. Han Sen felt as if he was in a warm room, and he swiftly felt his body heating up. The damaged bones and flesh were healing with miraculous haste.

Noticing the magic that the red Ganoderma mushrooms were working, Han Sen took a much bigger bite into the cap. It immediately felt as if his entire body was on fire. He was healing fast, and the wounds were all sealing up nicely.

“Good stuff.” Han Sen was hoping they could give a boost to his lifeforce. He had never expected they could heal him so well.