Super Gene - Chapter 1441 - Six Paths

Chapter 1441 - Six Paths

Chapter 1441: Six Paths


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Has your attacking power increased yet?” Ling Mei’er asked as she performed a Thai ma.s.sage on Han Sen.

“It is increasing, yes. Keep going!” Han Sen said, reveling in the comfort provided by the ma.s.sage above and the airbed below.

Bao’er, who was near, started to say, “Oh, great shelter master, I want to increase my power, too!”

Ling Mei’er moved over to her and then began ma.s.saging Bao’er.

Han Sen decided to sit up and ask Ling Mei’er, “Do you know where Spirit Thirteen’s shelter lies?”

“Yes, what about it?” Ling Mei’er inquired, as she was busy ma.s.saging Bao’er.

“According to the Dark Spirit rules, are you allowed to bring down the shelters of others?” Han Sen asked.

“You are planning on taking down Spirit Thirteen’s shelter? No, you can’t take down a shelter belonging to someone in your own tribe. You either have to claim one that was unclaimed at the time, or conquer a shelter that belongs to another tribe entirely.” Ling Mei’er shook her head.

Han Sen always liked exacting revenge, and nothing would put him off the concept. This time, though, it sounded like he’d have to do it quietly.

“I need to think on this a bit more.” Han Sen got to devising a way in which he could whack Spirit Thirteen without arousing suspicion.

Han Sen wanted to boost Ling Mei’er to gemstone-level, too, so she could return to Dark Spirit Shelter. If she could go back, Han Sen and Bao’er could potentially get a good look at the Holy Vine and its gourd.

It would take a while for this, though. And it had been made clear by now that if he didn’t get rid of Spirit Thirteen, he’d keep hara.s.sing them without stopping.

He had already tried to Han Sen, and it would be best if Han Sen eliminated Spirit Thirteen before one of his next attempts actually had a chance of succeeding.

Han Sen asked Ling Mei’er about Spirit Thirteen, so he could learn more about the threat he posed and devise a method in which he might succeed in taking him out.

The Dark Spirit elder had four children, but some of the children reproduced with sacred-blood and others with super creatures. It was because of this, some were weaker than others.

Spirit Thirteen was a descendant of the four children, and the eldest was called Spirit One. Spirit Thirteen was the thirteenth generation, and that was why he was so named.

The other three Dark Spirits were not like them, though, and Ling Mei’er was a descendant of the fourth child.

After the years that had elapsed, their blood had gradually thinned. When they mated with others of a different kind, there were no sicknesses or ill results. As a result, they were all allowed to mate with different races.

Spirit Thirteen was the weakest. There was a big battle before the Hundred-Tribe-Deal was hammered out, and it had resulted in many elites peris.h.i.+ng. Only Spirit Thirteen and his father, from their entire lineage, survived. That was why they were in such a rush to produce babies.

Spirit Thirteen was fifty years older than Ling Mei’er, but he was actually much weaker than she was.

Spirit Twelve only had a gemstone geno core, to add to that. And due to his blood being what it was, he could not raise it to a super geno core. They were the only lineage that did not have one.

“It’s no wonder they want you so bad.” Han Sen did not think Spirit Thirteen had the b.a.l.l.s to try to take on Han Sen alone, and he imagined his father was in on his plan to take Ling Mei’er.

If Han Sen wanted to deal with Spirit Thirteen, that meant he also had to consider what he needed to do with Spirit Twelve.

Spirit Twelve was not super, but he was the leader of one of the blood-lines. He had many resources, and he’d be a far more significant threat for Han Sen to snuff out.

Han Sen asked Ling Mei’er something else, while he mulled how he might deal with that pestering father and son. Han Sen was told there was a nearby swamp where a super creature resided. It was a dozen miles from the shelter, but it lived alone.

Ling Mei’er told him about that to warn him, and make sure he stayed away in case something bad happened to him. Han Sen was interested after hearing this, though, and he made sure to ask what sort of powers this creature possessed.

“Okay, she says Yin Dragon has a cold-element geno core, and its breath can freeze people. My fitness, combined with Jadeskin, should be enough for me to resist and adequately combat that cold. I should definitely go give it a shot.” Han Sen was now thinking about this.

Han Sen wanted to be able to combat super creatures again. Han Sen never gave up an opportunity that allowed him to take down a super creature, but thus far, he hadn’t been strong enough to fight one in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen found an excuse to return to Shadow Shelter after that. Mask Shelter lacked access to the Geno Core Storage, and he thought someone had tried to challenge him.

“Who dares challenge me, huh?” Han Sen’s Real Blood had been there for a long time, and he was curious to learn who thought they had what it took to take him on, all of a sudden.

Rockman read out the challenger’s geno core, and Han Sen learned it was called Six Paths. Which shelter the combatant hailed from, he did not know.

Han Sen thought it was rather strange. He checked out the leaderboard and recalled that this challenger wasn’t in the top ten, last time he was there.

Han Sen could see it was in second place. It had even pushed down Crystal Core a notch.

There were only two possibilities that could explain this. Either Six Paths conducted the test and jumped straight to number two, or Six Paths had challenged the person in second place.

Crystal Core was number five now. He didn’t use it anymore, after “losing” to Ghost Eye. As a result, it had gradually descended the leaderboard.

Han Sen donned his armor and accepted the challenge. The only thing he didn’t do was hide his lifeforce. He didn’t want others to piece together that he owned both Crystal Core and Real Blood.

The battleground was still set to the scene of a sand-buried city, lodged in a desert. There was a man in gray, standing on a tower in the distance. He held a black sword. He wasn’t facing Han Sen to begin with. He only turned around to meet his opponent after Han Sen arrived.

The enemy looked just like a human, but Han Sen could tell it was a spirit from the purple eyes he possessed.

“My name is Six Paths. You are the master of Real Blood, correct?” Six Paths asked.

“I am Real Blood.” Han Sen thought Six Paths was using a fake name, so he decided to use the geno core’s name for a moniker, as well.

Six Paths went on to say, “I thought I could reach number one. I challenged the core in number two and thought it was extremely weak. To prohibit me from taking first place, I wondered what sort of powers Real Blood possesses.”