Super Gene - Chapter 1440 - The Grateful Shelter Master

Chapter 1440 - The Grateful Shelter Master

Chapter 1440: The Grateful Shelter Master


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen returned the coin geno core that was still atop the maggot king, and as soon as it was removed, the creatures all had their powers returned.

Perhaps that was one con of the geno core. It had to be stuck on a creature to collect power, but once it was removed from that creature, the power returned to any creatures it had been absorbed from, and the negative effects that plagued the conduit-creature were removed.

But for now, Han Sen did not need this power. The Gold Mask had already taken control of the maggot king, and by extension of their leader, the smaller maggots too. Now, they all bowed before Han Sen.

“Please, issue me a command,” the Gold Mask said, while controlling the maggot king.

It was only a gold geno core, so the coin must have helped it out a great deal in allowing it to triumph and possess a berserk sacred-blood creature. It didn’t just possess the bug king, though. It could absorb and feed off the trapped creature’s power and make itself stronger.

Han Sen looked happily at the forty maggots in front of him. It appeared that he had just earned himself a legion of hardy meats.h.i.+elds.

Spirit Twelve, on the other hand, looked ill. It had been a difficult task for him to lure them there, and the last thing he expected was Han Sen being able to tame them and bring them to heel. He felt as if he had gifted forty powerful sacred-blood creatures to his enemy by mistake.

If he wasn’t afraid of Snake King, Spirit Twelve would have gone over to kill Han Sen right then and there.

“Dad, what do we do? This guy is too strong. He even managed to tame the maggot king. And what is that gold mask he has?” Spirit Thirteen asked in shock.

“I cannot believe the elder favors her that much, and was willing to provide her with such powerful creatures.” Spirit Twelve looked dim.

“Does that mean I won’t be able to have her?” Spirit Thirteen looked sad.

Spirit Twelve looked green, and he answered, “She will join our family eventually. Her blood may not be pure, but she has all the worthy benefits you require. If you can have s.e.x with her, you’ll be granted a powerful baby, I a.s.sure you.”

Dark Spirit was comprised of intelligent people, but they still had an instinct for creating a pure lineage with good blood. They weren’t too different from humans, in that way. They chased beautiful people, subconsciously wanting good genes.

“But the maggots were unable to beat him, and he tamed them instead! What else can we do? Can you do something?” Spirit Thirteen asked.

Spirit Twelve laughed and said, “We will think of something, but for now, let’s go back.”

Ling Mei’er watched Han Sen return to the shelter with the maggots in tow, and she believed herself to be dreaming. She could not believe a berserk sacred-blood maggot king had suddenly become a member of her shelter.

Han Sen asked Gold Mask, “Why did the maggots come to our shelter?”

Gold Mask, who had its proverbial fingers in the maggot king’s mind, said, “They love the smell of Zheluo Flowers. They followed its powder here.”

“Zheluo Flowers?” Han Sen frowned.

Gold Mask brought the maggot king over to the gate and gave it a sniff. “This is the scent.”

Han Sen scanned it with Dongxuan Aura and picked up traces of a powdery substance on the ground.

Han Sen scanned the area around and picked up a trail that led through the gates and beyond the shelter.

“Someone is behind this. It must be Spirit Thirteen,” Han Sen thought to himself.

“Dollar, I am the master of this shelter… Should I do something?” Ling Mei’er asked, with a shy and awkward look.

She was supposed to be the master of the shelter, but Han Sen had done everything on her behalf. She felt rather embarra.s.sed every now and again.

“Can you give a good ma.s.sage?” Han Sen smiled.

“What is that?” Ling Mei’er shook her head, having never heard the word “ma.s.sage” before.

Han Sen put on a look of sincerity and explained to her, “Giving a ma.s.sage is an ability every great shelter master should have. It can make subordinates very happy and ensure they fight the best they can, when the time comes. Do that, and there’s a chance we’ll end up procuring more shelters.”

Before Han Sen had even finished talking, she said, “Can you teach me how?! I want to be a great shelter master.”

“I can teach you some techniques, but it still depends on whether you have a natural talent or knack for it.” Han Sen checked her out.

Her body was pet.i.te, but her were big. At least D-cup.

“The elder said I’m good. Teach me what you know and I’ll start practicing right away!” Ling Mei’er was ecstatic and rushed in her speech.

“Okay; I’ll teach you a few ma.s.saging techniques. But this is my legacy. You cannot teach others this, not even your elder. Promise me you won’t mention any of this to anyone else.” Han Sen looked at her seriously.

Ling Mei’er was dismayed to hear she could not inform her elder of this, but more than anything, she wanted to be a great shelter master. “I swear I won’t tell a single soul—not even the elder!”

“Very good, then. Now, I will teach you all about ma.s.sages.” Han Sen clicked his fingers and looked at her, up and down.

A few hours later, Han Sen was lying down on an airbed. Ling Mei’er was on her knees, tapping his body repeatedly.

Ling Mei’er looked rather confused, and she asked, “Does this ma.s.sage really work?”

“Yeah, I feel my power increasing already. Go lower and it’ll go even higher… Yeah… Harder here… Master, you are so good at this.”