Super Gene - Chapter 1442 - Heart Sword

Chapter 1442 - Heart Sword

Chapter 1442: Heart Sword


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

After hearing Six Paths speak, Han Sen thought it sounded like he was confident in his chances of reaching first place. But the placement test had actually put Six Paths in fifth place.

Crystal Core had been in fourth place, and when Six Paths conducted his test, he could not pa.s.s it.

“Where are you from?” Han Sen asked. The spirit sounded very confident and full of himself, so he must have had some modic.u.m of proper talent.

“I am an emperor that was created. I come from pure chaos; I have no parents nor background. There is no need to concern yourself with this. Just fight,” Six Paths said with a cold tone of voice.

Han Sen smirked. “Do you think I was born yesterday? Born-emperors start with emperor geno cores; you sound like the son of an emperor.”

Six Paths looked at Han Sen coldly and told him, “When I came from chaos, I had an emperor geno core. But I didn’t like it, and so I killed myself to receive another. Now, I am just like you; starting over with a bronze geno core.”

“Really?” Han Sen’s eyes opened wide. He didn’t expect a spirit would ever give up an emperor geno core in exchange for a bronze geno core.

“What would I gain by lying?” Six Paths glum seriousness suggested this really wasn’t a joke.

“Why didn’t you like your previous geno core? Your body has the same element, and the second core can’t be all that different from the first. What’s the point?” Han Sen asked.

“It is pointless to earn something grand when no effort of your own has gone into its retrieval. I’d prefer to earn things through my own hard work; the satisfaction gained that way is far more meaningful.” Six Paths peered down at Han Sen for a moment, before continuing. “I destroyed my geno core, but my emperor body is still here. I will scale down my power to combat you.”

“Okay, let’s see what you got.” Han Sen used his hands like blades and began slas.h.i.+ng towards him.

Han Sen was employing Ghost Slash, which involved the powers of time and s.p.a.ce.

Six Paths pulled out his sword and struck Han Sen’s hand. The collision of powers made an explosion. Six Paths was not moved, but Han Sen staggered backwards through the air a few meters.

“I know your power. I will scale down. Fight me!” Six Paths said.

Han Sen frowned and thought to himself, “He really does have the body of an emperor. Ordinary super creatures could never possess such power!”

Han Sen looked dim, but he wasn’t going to turn his nose up at the prospect of making battle with an emperor.

Han Sen did not use his Real Blood geno core, and instead, he used his phoenix techniques to fly towards Six Paths. Six Paths scaled his level to match Han Sen, and his speed and power were brought down to a similar, more manageable amount.

“Use your geno core!” Six Paths blocked Han Sen’s attacks three times in a row with just his hands, and his opponent still refused to use his geno core.

“Feel free to use yours. I’ll use mine only when I need to,” Han Sen said.

“Okay, then. So be it.” Six Paths pulled out an ancient sword.

Han Sen felt a chill run down his spine when he saw it. It was wholly black, with no sheen or gloss. It didn’t reflect a single thing, and it looked almost sullen. The appearance of the sword made something clench in Han Sen’s gut, as if he was in danger.

As Han Sen watched him hold the sword, he believed the spirit really was named Six Paths. His sword, the Six Paths Sword, became one with its wielder.

“My Six Paths Sword has six different powers; I will make use of the first. It is called Heart Sword.” Six Paths pulled out his sword.

Han Sen only knew there was an animal path, but he had never heard of the heart one.

When Six Paths attacked, Han Sen felt a great power overwhelm him. He felt as if he wanted to get stabbed.

It was like watching a horror movie. They could cause much distress due to how terrifying they were, but people insisted on watching them to ride out the thrills, anyway. Han Sen felt like a moth, drawn to a flickering flame that could incinerate him.

Han Sen used his phoenix techniques to dodge, but he couldn’t shake the desire of wanting to get stabbed.

Fortunately, Han Sen had an incredibly strong will. Most would find themselves thrown onto the sword by now already.

Six Paths attacked swiftly, and over time, the attraction grew stronger. Han Sen was having to fight physically and mentally, the latter being the temptation.

From Han Sen’s point of view, Six Paths was an alluring person. He felt as if he wanted to die by the spirit’s hands.

Although Six Paths scaled his power down, Han Sen realized he was at a genuine, clear-cut disadvantage. This had never happened to him before.

“This Heart Sword is evil!” Han Sen did his best to fight back against that suicidal attraction.

Six Paths was able to see into Han Sen’s mind and read what was going on, and he said, “The path of the heart is one of faith. It makes people believe what you say, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong. Your faith becomes stronger than everything else, and that is why it is called Heart Sword.”

Han Sen thought the man was extremely attractive, and he felt small and unworthy in his presence.

Six Paths had gone on to tell Han Sen his secrets, but Han Sen was so selfish he hid everything. It made Han Sen feel like he was a much worse person, and Six Paths was someone he could greatly admire. His sword was extremely attractive.

“This skill is so powerful! I cannot believe I underestimated a spirit in this sanctuary.” Han Sen thought he was invincible against those of the same level as him. Now, Six Paths had revealed to him that spirits of such might, at that level, still existed.