Super Gene - Chapter 1439 - Collecting Taxes

Chapter 1439 - Collecting Taxes

Chapter 1439: Collecting Taxes


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“These maggots are not mine. If they were, they’d have my scent. My scent would be picked-up by Snake King, and the elder would surely find out it was me behind this,” Spirit Twelve said coldly.

“Then how did you make the bugs attack them?” Spirit Thirteen asked, with much shock.

“It wasn’t difficult. I had an insect spray the gates of their shelter with a flowery-pheromone. The maggots love it more than anything, and it drew them to the shelter from far away,” Spirit Twelve explained.

“Father, you are the smartest Dark Spirit,” Spirit Thirteen complimented him.

While they spoke to each other, the maggots were almost all inside Mask Shelter.

“There are too many of them, and even the maggot king has come. We should just give this place up and run!” Ling Mei’er was shouting. She was not afraid of getting killed, as the black and white snake would not let her die.

But the snake was tasked with protecting Ling Mei’er and Ling Mei’er alone. It wouldn’t concern itself with Han Sen, and that’s why she was worried.

“You take the others and go. I’ll stay and see what I can do.” Han Sen pointed at each of the maggots, creating bucketing stormclouds of coins above each of them. They were all slowed to a crawl.

But it didn’t last. The faces on the maggots would frequently glow, and when they did, all the coins would be shaken away.

“These things are annoying.” Han Sen summoned another coin, then. This one looked different.

This coin was bigger and thicker. It was the geno core generated by his super king spirit. Han Sen wanted to see if it was effective against the bugs.

Han Sen took aim at the maggot king and fired it at the fiend.

The maggot king was a berserk sacred-blood creature, and its hide was far tougher than any of the others. Believing itself to be too strong, the creature did not even bother dodging. The coin planted itself tightly to the enemy’s sh.e.l.l.

The glowing face started up again, but this time it was unable to shake the coin loose. The coin didn’t do much to the maggot, though.

It looked like the suppressing powers of that coin were not as effective as the others Han Sen could make. The coin geno core’s power was weaker than the average coin due to its power not being fueled by Han Sen’s own might.

The maggot king didn’t dwell on the coin it could not shake off, though. It just focused on leading its troops in a conquest of the shelter.

As the maggots continued their march, however, they felt something strange occur. They felt their power begin to get sapped and drain away.

The coin geno core, over time, was getting heavier and heavier on the back of the maggot king. Eventually, the maggot king’s movement speed was reduced by a considerable amount.

“Does that really work?” Han Sen was feeling happy.

A bronze geno core could affect berserk sacred-blood creatures was something remarkable, and it was likely something only Han Sen could accomplish. Not even the heirs of super creatures were capable of doing something like this.

Han Sen decided to call this ability “Collecting Taxes,” for when the coin showed up, the creatures around would all feel drained. The more creatures there were, the more effective it was.

But due to the coin only being a bronze geno core, its radius-of-effect was only half a mile wide. Still, for the maggots inside its range, it worked very well.

The coin drained a dozen of the bugs of all their power, and all that power gathered up on the maggot king’s back, which slowed the creature down considerably. But due to the coin’s absorption rate being as slow as it was, it wasn’t enough to stop the maggot king entirely.

“If the coin becomes super, I can’t imagine how wide its radius might be. It’d be great if it could encompa.s.s the entirety of the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary,” Han Sen thought evilly.

But he’d have to shelve such thoughts for a later time, as it wasn’t anywhere near that powerful yet. It slowed down the advancing creatures, but it didn’t stop them completely. Han Sen didn’t expect the coin geno core would stop them, though. And slowing them down was enough for him right now.

Seeing the maggots in front of the shelter, Han Sen summoned a geno core and threw it towards the bug king.

Something gold landed on its head; it was the Gold Mask that Han Sen had just obtained.

Gold Mask was one tier weaker than the foe, but it did tell Han Sen it could control sacred-blood creatures.

It was floating towards the creature slowly, though, and Han Sen imagined the average creature could dodge it with ease. That was why Han Sen had to use the coin to slow down the maggot king. He wanted to see if the mask was effective enough to control sacred-blood creatures.

Again, the maggot king did not dodge. The mask fell upon its face and molded to its shape for a perfect fit.

The bug king squealed and shook its head violently, as if undergoing some mental battle.

The other maggots took notice of this and moved towards it to help, but the closer they went to the maggot king, the more their power was drained.

The bug king used its pincers to try to rip the mask off its face, but it kept moving up and down shakily. The mask was probably fighting for the control of its claws.

After a while, the coin geno core had ama.s.sed a ludicrous amount of power, and it was enough for the Gold Mask to ensure full control of the king.

Before long, the bug king ceased its resistance. It screamed, and then, the entire enclave of maggots came over to Han Sen. They stood in front of him like an army awaiting his command. Spirit Thirteen and Spirit Twelve could not believe their eyes.