Super Gene - Chapter 1438 - Corpse-Chewing Maggots

Chapter 1438 - Corpse-Chewing Maggots

Chapter 1438: Corpse-Chewing Maggots


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen wanted to see the Holy Vine and the Holy Fruit, which were in the Dark Spirit Shelter. Many super creatures occupied that place, though, so he knew he couldn’t just go there.

“Wait a bit and we will go,” Han Sen said. Just as he was about to return to their shelter, he heard an echo coming from a nearby tunnel. It sounded like a rat nibbling wood.

“What was that?” Han Sen frowned.

When Ling Mei’er heard the sound, her face changed. “No! Why are there Corpse-Chewing Maggots here?”

“What is a Corpse-Chewing Maggot?” Han Sen asked her.

“A scary creature that is native to the Underworld. They can eat anything they desire, and wherever they go, things won’t grow in their wake. If they head towards us, that will be very unfortunate. It is highly likely the shelter we have just claimed would be lost.” Ling Mei’er was speaking in a rush.

“What’s their level?” Han Sen asked.

“They are sacred-blood creatures. But they grow quickly, and it’s their gemstone geno cores that make them as strong and fearsome as they are. Creatures of the same level would have no chance of breaking their, unless they were unnaturally powerful. And if you can’t penetrate their, you won’t be able to kill them.” Ling Mei’er’s face turned bitter with disdain for them, and she went on to say, “But they’ve never come this way before. Why are they showing up here now?”

“Can Snake King do something about them?” Han Sen listened to the chewing sound, and as he spoke, he noticed its volume increasing. It was coming closer.

“He will take no part in this. The only thing Snake King will do is take me away to someplace safer. He won’t help repel them.” Ling Mei’er shook her head.

As they discussed this, one of the bugs appeared around a bend in the distance. It looked like a crab. On its back-sh.e.l.l, there was a white pattern that resembled a face. The claws it wielded were sharp, and so were the fangs that protruded from its rotten mouth.

The creature was built like a little tank, and its overall color was black like obsidian.

When Han Sen scanned its lifeforce, he was able to confirm it was indeed a sacred-blood creature. Han Sen’s fitness was definitely at the necessary level to take it down, but his geno cores were still not up to par.

But the Crystal Egg and Bulwark Umbrella’s power would at least make the fight a touch easier. Real Blood and the powerful coins were special, too, and Han Sen had a few tricks and techniques he wanted to try out in battle.

The maggot then started heading their way without hesitation or restraint; naturally, Han Sen rightfully a.s.sumed it was coming for them.

Without time to mull the situation over, he knew he had to spring into action. So, Han Sen took off flying to meet with it. Although Ling Mei’er was the heir of a super creature, her geno core was incredibly weak.

Han Sen took to the subterranean skies like a strange bird in flight. He swooped down just past the bug and delivered a mighty strike to its back.

He didn’t use Super Spank. His fitness level, combined with the boosts of super king spirit mode, were no joke and should have been enough.

When Han Sen first became a demi-G.o.d, he had eight thousand fitness. Ordinary geno points boosted that figure up an additional two thousand. Primitive gave him a bonus of four thousand. Mutant points gave him an extra eight thousand. Sacred-blood geno points gave him an additional sixteen thousand.

Han Sen’s fitness, in total, had reached thirty-eight thousand. He was getting close to forty thousand.

And with super king spirit mode, sacred-blood creatures had no chance of withstanding the devastating blows he could deliver.

But just as Han Sen punched it, the face upon the maggot’s backside began to glow brightly. When his fist came into contact with the sh.e.l.l, it was like bringing a fist to steel. He dealt no damage, and only the loud sound of ringing metal could be heard.

Inside a cave, Spirit Thirteen and his father, Spirit Twelve, watched Han Sen fight.

Seeing Han Sen punch it, Spirit Twelve could not help but laugh. “His punch far exceeds that of a sacred-blood creature. There is no way Ling Mei’er tamed such a being; the elder must have given it to her.”

“He is so strong. What if he manages to kill the Corpse-Chewing Maggot?” Spirit Thirteen asked, with worry.

Spirit Twelve looked disdainful, and he said, “Even if he can kill sacred-blood creatures with ease, he has no hope of defeating a wretch like that. The maggots have a Ghost Armor geno core, which provides incredibly high defense. Unless he is an elite of the highest order, he won’t be able to break the geno core.”

Han Sen fought with the creature for a while as those two spoke between each other. Try as he might, though, he had found no success in penetrating the sh.e.l.l.

He could tell the sh.e.l.l was its geno core, however, and that the real bug was inside that hardy carapace.

“Do you think this measly armor can stop the likes of me?!” Han Sen used Yin Yang Blast, and with his Yin Force, he drove a fist right into the middle of the creature’s belly.

Han Sen was left reeling in shock. Not even that punch worked, and there was a chance the creature itself was just as strong as the sh.e.l.l.

The claws of the bug ground across the rocks as it moved. It had found itself unable to deal with its primary aggressor, Han Sen, and it thought Ling Mei’er would make a far more viable target. It was going for her.

Ling Mei’er went to hide as the maggots scratched marks into the ground scrambling after her. It then went for Mask Shelter.

The shelter’s gate was closed tight, and there were defensive wards in place. But this did not deter the maggot; it simply ran up to the gate and began banging on it like a siege engine.

After a big boom, the gates swung open and the warding broke. The creatures Ling Mei’er had collected were all still inside.

The maggot ran in and immediately grabbed a snake creature. Quickly, it began to devour it.

Han Sen frowned and started to gather power in a coin. He fired it at the bug, which made it move slower. The maggot looked as if it was hauling rocks with its new speed.

Han Sen wanted to kill the maggot, but all of a sudden, he saw many more of those same creatures appear. There had to be at least a dozen of them. One of them was even twice as large as the one Han Sen had been dealing with. It was clearly the king of the maggot enclave.

Spirit Thirteen was excited seeing this, and he said, “Father, you are too good! You own this group of maggots!”