Super Gene - Chapter 1435 - Good Uncle

Chapter 1435 - Good Uncle

Chapter 1435: Good Uncle


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Tang Rubei’s nickname was Ghost Hand. He called himself the best thief, and through the employ of state-of-the-art technology, he hadn’t once botched a job in over sixty years.

Someone had paid him a high price to steal Han Sen’s son Littleflower, and that was why he was on Planet Roca. He waited until everyone was gone before breaking in to complete his objective.

“People these days are way too naive. They rely on robots to do everything for them. Even a rookie thief could get this job done without breaking a sweat.” Tang Rubei was speaking out loud to himself, as he stepped towards Littleflower.

“Do you want some ice cream, little girl?” Smiling warmly, Tang Rubei offered a Blue Gemstone ice cream.

The client had informed him that Bao’er was not a real human, just a pet beast soul. It didn’t fight, and it loved nothing more than ice cream.

“Uncle, you’re a good man,” Bao’er told him, gleefully accepting the ice cream.

Tang Rubei thought to himself, “This is what you call true talent. If I admit I am the second-best thief in the universe, no one would be the first.”

As Bao’er licked away at her ice cream, Tang Rubei gently moved to pick up Littleflower and said, “Little Baby, let me take you someplace fun.”

But before he could lay his fingers on the baby, he felt something touch his clothes with the zap of an electrical current. He promptly turned around to see what the issue was.

His senses were excellent, and he had not detected the presence of anyone else in the house. But strangely, his clothes were still being pulled. He had not been caught once across all the years he’d been active, and if he was to fail now, his image and reputation would be forever tarnished.

After turning around, he noticed Bao’er was staring at him intently.

“Pah! I knew no one would have gotten home that soon.” Tang Rubei sighed, seeing no one else there. His heart had almost leaped out of his chest.

“You continue eating your ice cream, kiddo.” Tang Rubei smiled at Bao’er and went to pick up Littleflower again.

His clothing was tugged again, and when he turned to take a look, Bao’er told him, “I finished my ice cream. I want some more.”

Tang Rubei felt a headache coming on. Although Han Sen would not know what the pet beast soul was up to or how she was treated, if Tang Rubei attacked her, there was a chance Han Sen might realize something was up no matter where he was.

To avoid Han Sen’s wrath, Tang Rubei thought it was best not to attack Bao’er.

Bao’er was not technically his beast soul, anyway. The chances he’d find out were low, regardless.

“It is true that the rich are selfish. I’d let such a cute humanoid pet eat whatever she desired. Han Sen’s family has no doubt been cheap on her,” Tang Rubei thought. He then opened the mini fridge attached to his waist and gave her two more ice creams.

Tang Rubei liked being prepared, so he had brought three ice cream bars with him, just in case. He gave the remaining two to her and said, “Go eat.”

In a flash, Bao’er gobbled up the ice cream bars and immediately proclaimed, “Uncle, I want more!”

“Won’t you get sick, eating that much ice cream?” Tang Rubei had only brought three and had no more to give her. “I have run out of ice cream, I am sorry. If you stay here, I’ll go and bring you some more later.” Tang Rubei was reaching down to pick up Littleflower as he said this.

“Uncle, take me to get some now.” Bao’er tugged at his clothes.

Tang Rubei wished to ignore her, but he realized his hand was incapable of reaching any further to pick up Littleflower.

He turned around and was in shock. Bao’er had latched onto him, and she was so strong, he found himself incapable of moving.

“Is she a high-cla.s.s pet beast soul that’s in battle mode? This was not mentioned in the mission dossier at all!” Tang Rubei was in shock. Fortunately, he was very experienced, so he smiled and told Bao’er, “I’ll go buy them now, then. Let’s bring your brother along for the ride. We’ll all go together, okay?”

“Okay! You really are a nice man,” Bao’er happily told him.

“Let’s go now. If we don’t hurry, the shops will close.” Tang Rubei turned back around to pick up Littleflower, but again, he was stopped by Bao’er.

“Uncle, I can’t go.” Bao’er looked rather bitter this time.

“Why not? Do you not want ice cream?” Tang Rubei rushed his dialogue.

“I do want it, but if I don’t finish my homework, my parents will yell at me.” Bao’er had her finger pointed at the books in front of her.

Han Sen wanted Bao’er to learn about the Alliance. He wanted her to live there instead of the sanctuary, as civilization seemed to suit her a lot more.

“Parents these days are ridiculous! They even get their pets to do homework? Sheesh. Let me help you.” What Tang Rubei said was in support of Bao’er, but inside, he thought to himself, “If I wait for you to finish, Ji Yanran will be back.”

“Uncle, you are a good man.” Bao’er was touched.

“Yes, I am.” Tang Rubei picked up the book and pen and said, “In the farm, there are sixty-seven animals. There are twice as many ducks as there are chickens…”

Tang Rubei scrawled a bunch of non-sensical answers, planning to leave swiftly.

“Good uncle, this is wrong.” Bao’er pointed down to the answers he had made up.

“I deliberately wrote it incorrectly, just so I could test you. Very good!” Tang Rubei was getting glum, realizing he might have to do the homework for real.

“What is this? I’m a master thief! I shouldn’t be reduced to doing baby mathematics.” Tang Rubei’s facial expressions turned bitter as he resumed doing the math.