Super Gene - Chapter 1434 - A Geno Core That Can Evolve

Chapter 1434 - A Geno Core That Can Evolve

Chapter 1434: A Geno Core That Can Evolve


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The coins landed on the gold mask, but the phantom did not relent at all.

With his fist, Han Sen moved forward to punch the gold mask, and when his fist was about to meet with it, his hand went right through it. It was like an ethereal object.

The next second, the gold mask planted itself neatly on Han Sen’s face. And the moment that occurred, Han Sen felt a weird power surge through his brain.

“Slave; adhere to my commands and I will grant thee power!” the gold mask roared with a booming voice, with a speech that tried to invade Han Sen’s mind.

Han Sen’s brain had been fortified by the crystallizers, however. He tried to grab the gold mask on his face, and he noticed his fingers were now able to touch it. It had become a physical object.

Han Sen ripped it off of his face and held it in his hands.

The gold mask squirmed and struggled. It was an incredibly weak thing after becoming solid.

Just as Han Sen was going to destroy it with a punch, the gold mask pleaded, “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I’ll swear allegiance to you!”

Han Sen did not expect the thing to be able to talk out loud like that. But it was audible all the same, even if the mask’s facial features did not move.

“What is your geno core level? What does it do?” Han Sen wanted to grill it for information before he agreed to its plight.

“I am the gold geno core Gold Mask. I can attach myself to the face of anyone and then control them. Please don’t destroy me!” Gold Mask spoke with a creepy, unsettling voice.

“That sounds useless,” Han Sen said.

“It’s useful!” Gold Mask remarked, in shock. It quickly went on to say, “Master, you are just too strong. That is why I might appear useless right now. I can easily control normal creatures, even of sacred-blood strength. And what’s more, I can evolve to become a gemstone geno core and even a super geno core!”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve never heard of a geno core that was capable of evolving,” Han Sen coldly reb.u.t.ted.

“But I’m not kidding! I really can evolve. Take me with you, and you’ll see it first-hand. If I am unable to do this, you have my full permission to destroy me.” Gold Mask was scrambling to spit his words out.

“Okay.” Han Sen didn’t really want the mask, even still.

Gold Mask hastily gave Han Sen his mark, and then went straight into his Sea of Soul. Han Sen checked out the information it came with, and it did indeed say that it was able to evolve.

Gold Mask: Spirit-Type Geno Core (Evolvable)

Han Sen was more than surprised. Geno cores required living things to evolve, and he had no clue a geno core could evolve by itself. Han Sen had only seen Little Angel and Golden Growler evolve by themselves, but they were beast souls.

The Gold Mask would save Han Sen a lot of trouble, though. He didn’t require a spirit to control the shelter, as the Gold Mask could do it for him.

“Is that it?” Ling Mei’er couldn’t believe it was already over.

“Yeah, this is your shelter now.” Han Sen smiled.

It was Ling Mei’er’s shelter, technically, but Han Sen was its true master and controller.

“I finally have a shelter to call my own!” Ling Mei’er happily swung the gate open to invite Snake King and the rest of her creatures inside.

Han Sen found his chance now to sneak back to the Alliance and retrieve Bao’er, so she could check out the Holy Vine.

But when he returned home, Han Sen was in for a surprise.

Luo Lan had gone to visit Han Yan in the military school a few days ago, while Mister and Missus Ji had gone away to resolve a few matters of their own.

There was a problem with Ji Yanran’s business, so only Bao’er had been left behind to look after Littleflower while the rest were absent.

Bao’er may have looked small, but she was capable of taking care of Littleflower for quite some time. There were a bunch of AI droids in the house, as well, which helped. They were all well-behaved.

Bao’er was staring at Littleflower while suckling a milk bottle. Littleflower was doing the same, but with a smile. Bao’er placed a gentle hand on his jaw and suddenly got up, ran to Ji Yanran’s room, and unearthed a few makeup products.

“Don’t move, Littleflower. Let me make you prettier.” Bao’er grabbed a tube of lipstick and some eyeliner with an evil smile creeping across her face.

Littleflower was smiling happily at Bao’er with an unchanging expression, as Bao’er drew across his face, occasionally pausing in admiration of the work she had done upon her human canvas.

As she had fun doing this, she stopped. She sensed someone had entered the house.

Han Sen’s house was in an old town. It wasn’t a very fancy or expensive neighborhood, and neither did the house have much in the way of valuables. Every generation of the family had lived there, though, and because Luo Lan did not want to move away from there, that was where they all stayed.

A man opened the door and entered the house stealthily, closing the door as discreetly as he could.

“I thought the Alliance’s first super aristocrat would have a fancier house than this. I am a master thief; this place is far too easy for the likes of me to break into.” A man was speaking to himself.

The man looked around and then pulled out a gadget. He pressed a bunch of b.u.t.tons and all the alarm systems were disabled. Not even the robots functioned after that.

“This really is too easy. I thought this would be challenging. A super aristocrat, the president’s son-in-law, has chosen to live in this dump with hardly any security? Pah!” The man walked straight into the next room.

When he walked in there, he saw Bao’er and Littleflower.

“It must be the smaller one; but why would that guy pay so much money for him?” The man knew no one was home, and his target was Littleflower.