Super Gene - Chapter 1436 - Tang Rubei

Chapter 1436 - Tang Rubei

Chapter 1436: Tang Rubei


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

His heart sank even lower when he realized there were some questions not even he was able to answer.

He had studied many of these subjects many long decades ago, but by now, he had forgotten everything. He had no clue on how to come up with the solutions for the more complicated questions.

“This is horrible! How can they allow a kid to trudge through something so hard and brain-melting? This is sure to ruin their childhood! Whoever created this textbook should be executed,” Tang Rubei angrily proclaimed.

Bao’er tried to comfort him in his distress, saying, “You are right. You should execute my father. But you still need to do this.”

“Why don’t we take a break and go get some ice cream? If something occurs, I’ll get your back and cover for you.” Tang Rubei patted his chest.

Bao’er shook her head and said, “No, we have to do it now. If I don’t finish this before he gets back, he’ll destroy me with his belt again!”

After that, Bao’er’s eyes began to well up with tears.

“What an animal! How can such a young kid be subject to such horrible treatment? I should really go to see Child Services and take him to court.” Tang Rubei felt genuinely angry, seeing how frightened and fearful Bao’er was becoming at the thought of her father.

Bao’er looked like a nice and cute child. To think of her getting her hide whipped by a belt would make anyone mad.

When Tang Rubei learned the art of theft, his master often brought out his whip if he failed to conduct his practices with the precision expected. He knew exactly how Bao’er felt, and he could empathize with her.

“Don’t worry. I will complete these exercises for you. I won’t allow you to get hit anymore.” Tang Rubei had no choice but to complete her homework for her. He couldn’t leave and let her be subject to that—not now.

Tang Rubei turned on his computer and allowed the PC to complete what he was unable to do. It took the machine an hour to finish it all.

“Good Man Uncle! You are smart. You can do anything!” Bao’er looked at him in profound admiration. He had completed the entire week’s worth of homework her parents had given her to do.

Tang Rubei felt and proud of himself, too. And in this arrogance, he said, “Oh, it was nothing. I’ve dealt with worse. We should go and get that ice cream now, shouldn’t we? If we don’t get going soon, all the shops will close.”

Tang Rubei reached over to Littleflower then, prompting Bao’er to yell, “Good Uncle! Don’t touch him.”

“Why? What is it?” Tang Rubei was dealt a heart-stopping shock, thinking she might have discovered he was in fact a bad man. But still, he played it cool.

Bao’er came clean, honestly telling him, “Good Uncle, my parents are afraid someone will try and steal my brother. So, they had a machine planted on him. If someone unfamiliar touches my brother, it will trigger an alarm. If my parents and grandparents learn it was me who allowed a stranger to come in and take my brother, I’d be so screwed. They’d kill me for merely letting you in!”

Tang Rubei breathed a sigh of relief, knowing his cover had not been blown. “I knew a super aristocrat and the son-in-law of the president wouldn’t really employ such cheap and c.r.a.ppy security. But I’ve never heard of this before. Was this device placed inside the child?”

If Tang Rubei was unable to steal the baby, how was he going to accomplish his mission?

While he wracked his mind for an idea of what to do, Bao’er ran off into her room. She came back out holding a remote, which she promptly handed over to him. Then, she said, “Good Uncle! I know you are a good man, so you will need to push that b.u.t.ton to disable the security and its alarm for a brief period of time.”

Tang Rubei accepted the remote and felt rather touched by the help he had been given, and he said, “Bao’er, you are so nice. I will buy you ten… no, twenty ice cream bars!”

“Thanks! And yes, you have to aim it at his face.” Bao’er looked very excited.

“The device was injected into his brain?” Tang Rubei used the remote on Littleflower, and a light flashed across his face.

Littleflower was looking at Tang Rubei the entire time, but the light gave him quite the unexpected shock. Littleflower’s mouth turned crooked, and tears began to drown his eyes. He was on the precipice of crying up a storm.

“You need to comfort him, quick! If you don’t, my parents will beat me.” Bao’er hurried Tang Rubei into action.

Tang Rubei was also worried the crying would draw attention to him, so he swiftly picked up Littleflower.

Tang Rubei held Littleflower, but now that he was being hugged by a stranger, that was when the real waterworks turned on.

“Don’t cry! Ah!” Just as Tang Rubei was about to comfort the baby, a strange force came out of Littleflower. He was blown away, and the entire room they were standing in was destroyed. He was sent flying outside into the pond.

Fortunately, Tang Rubei was a surpa.s.ser. His body was tough enough that the blast did not outright kill him then and there.

Tang Rubei dragged himself out of the pond and walked back into the house dripping wet. He looked at the children with a fire in his eyes.

Bao’er was holding Littleflower who had, by now, stopped crying.

“I’m sorry! I forgot to tell you he has an intruder-explosive device, too. But don’t worry, I’ve turned it off now. Let’s go!” Bao’er said, looking at him.

Tang Rubei grew suspicious of Bao’er, then. He stood there soaking wet, his hair black and smoldering. He was seemed to be in a horrible state. He’d look like a dubious individual if he brought the children out onto the streets now.

“Good Uncle! If people see us on the streets, they will tell my parents. And then, they’ll hit me again. Use this!” Bao’er pulled out a big suitcase-on-wheels and climbed into it with Littleflower.

Tang Rubei’s suspicions died down a little, after that. All he wanted to do next was close the suitcase and get out of there.

But with Bao’er in there, the suitcase wouldn’t close. He tried to push her head down, to make her fit.

And then suddenly, Han Sen walked in.