Super Gene - Chapter 1380 - Starsea Orb

Chapter 1380 - Starsea Orb

Chapter 1380: Sta.r.s.ea Orb


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“This is Outer Sky’s territory. It would be best not to expose ourselves,” the woman said, pulling the dog away.

“Well, since we’re here, shouldn’t we look around?” the dog pleaded.

“Fine. Sure.”

Han Sen had not noticed their presence there, as he was too fixated with the blood drive he had established.

“Single file. Hey, you! Stay in the line. Ah-da-da-da; no! You can’t reserve s.p.a.ces. Hey, cut that out! You, yeah. Keep moving, keep moving. Oh, man, and just what are you doing? This isn’t the time to squat, young bub… wait a minute, what the–?! You don’t take a dump on the street while you queue! You dirty, disgusting thing! What in the sanctuaries is the matter with you? Do you have no respect for the master of this fine shelter? Do you have no respect for yourself?” Cheap Sheep was trying to keep order in the line, taking advantage of his friends.h.i.+p with Han Sen.

The blood drive had been going on non-stop for days by now. When creatures learned they could stay at the shelter for an entire month for the cost of a droplet of blood, they came from all around. The place was jam-packed and stuffed to the gills with creatures, all wanting a roof above their heads.

After a while, Han Sen thought it best to take a break and let Cheap Sheep handle the proceedings while he went off to Hidden Valley. And so, that’s what he did. He was keen to find the Sta.r.s.ea Beast.

Bao’er had gone off with Ji Yanran on vacation for some time, so he went to Hidden Valley alone.

The geno plants were as gracious and kind as the last time he was there, and they formed a path, leading him wherever he wished to go. There was a wild abundance of different types of plants populating that valley. It was like one grand botanical ark. Green Cow hadn’t lied at all, and there really were trees with snakes, as well. They posed no threat to Han Sen now, though, and they simply slithered away whenever he drew near.

Of course, Han Sen entered the valley in super king spirit mode.

And just like Green Cow had told him, there was indeed a cave. At its entrance, a large boulder barred entry. Strangely, however, there was a single word carved on its face.

Han Sen recognized it to be a big stone tablet that had been cut and placed there. The word on it was simple: sky.

“This looks familiar.” Han Sen recalled where he last saw something like this.

The rock looked just like the one he had seen in the Valley of Time in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

“When I was in the Valley of Time, I thought I saw the word knock carved upon a similar, half-buried tablet. Then there was another tablet, which had the words person one engraved on it. If these three tablets were combined, then it would produce the word destiny.” Han Sen narrated to himself.

Han Sen thought this had been cut from the same stone.

“If these really were cut from the same tablet, and the third really has just happened to conveniently appear here for me to find, then that’s more than just a coincidence. It’s rather spooky, to be honest.” Han Sen continued to narrate to himself.

Han Sen punched the tablet and was unable to deal damage to it, just as he hadn’t been able to deal damage to the other cuts in the past.

Shocked, and thinking this was confirmation, Han Sen thought to himself, “Who was capable of cutting up the tablet in the first place? I fear meeting that fellow.”

Fortunately, the tablet had merely been placed there. Han Sen was able to just push it out of the way. It was no small feat, however. It was a good struggle to get it to move, and Han Sen had to exert all his strength to get it to budge.

The cave behind it was large, and there were many jewels and treasures there. It was as if Han Sen had pushed aside a fat dragon, to reveal the gold it had kept behind it. The entire place sparkled delightfully.

Han Sen walked inside with awe, and at the far end of the cave, he noticed the giant skeletal remains of some creature. It looked like the skeleton of a large dinosaur, but even bigger. He imagined it was the sort he might have seen strung up in a museum someplace.

Strangely, however, it glowed. It was the skeleton of a long-dead creature, that much was plain to see, but it glowed. It was hauntingly pretty.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to give it a scan, and he confirmed it was indeed dead and not some creature whose appearance was that of a skeleton.

“Green Cow was not lying, then.” Han Sen wanted to see if there were any geno cores left there. It was a sacred-blood creature, so its geno core would have been gemstone cla.s.s for sure.

Han Sen was strong, but not even he could slay a sacred-blood creature yet. So far, it was impossible for him to obtain a gemstone cla.s.s geno core.

Unfortunately, much to his dismay, he was unable to find one. This prompted Han Sen to think, “Did it shatter when the creature died?”

Han Sen continued to scan the immediate vicinity, and the skeleton in particular. He noticed the skull of the skeleton was giving him a much stronger reading.

Han Sen climbed into it and found something inside.

It was an orb, one that fit neatly into his hand. It was very much like a baseball in terms of size, but it was a beautiful thing. It harbored a mystical quality, and inside, one could espy the presence of all the stars of the universe. Or so it seemed.

Han Sen did not know what type of creature it was, but when he sprayed the orb with water, it began to s.h.i.+ne very brightly.

“It is a gemstone geno core!” Han Sen yelled, filled with much delight.

“Put it down,” suddenly a voice rang through the hollow of that cave.

There, Han Sen saw a woman with wings approaching. Alongside her was a dog.

“Give me one good reason to.” Han Sen could immediately tell she was a creature, not a spirit.

The woman paid no heed to what he said, and she simply turned her attention to the dog at her side. “Black Doggo, do your thing…”

The dog howled and crooned louder than any wolf. It brought its head back down to face Han Sen and opened its mouth, then, an array of lasers fired towards him.