Super Gene - Chapter 1381 - Silent Deadlight

Chapter 1381 - Silent Deadlight

Chapter 1381: Silent Deadlight


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen saw the beam, it was too late for him to dodge. Instead, he threw his fist at it.


An overwhelming force of power sent Han Sen spiraling into the cave wall, causing it to collapse and bury him. He lost his grip on the Sta.r.s.ea Orb as this happened, resulting in him dropping it.

The woman picked it up, frowned, and said, “This man’s lifeforce is strange.”

The dog responded, saying, “It’s too late to say that. After my laser, he is practically dead.”

“I suppose. He was not needed, anyway.” The woman and her canine companion then left, as swiftly and as silently as they had arrived.

The dog, following her closely from behind, said, “Well, we can’t say it was a wasted trip. It’s a remarkable thing, getting our hands on a gemstone geno core. Your self geno core just reached gemstone cla.s.s, didn’t it? Now you’ve got another one! You’re a very lucky person, if I might say so, milady.”

“It’s only a gemstone geno core.”

“Yes, but you got it yourself. You worked for it. That is far better than being gifted one, as you were given by the master of Sacred Shelter.”

A hand shot out through a mound of rocks and rubble. Within the haze and mist that cloaked it, a light began to s.h.i.+ne, brighter than the midday sun.

The beam must have been the power of a sacred-blood creature, and what’s more, it had the power of Silence, which could kill a person in an instant. Without super king spirit, he would have died.

Han Sen examined the empty cave he was now standing in. He was bitter at what had transpired, and while gritting his teeth, he vowed to take revenge on the people who had done this to him.

“They were strong. Too strong. I need to hurry up and max out my mutant geno points quickly. That’d be the least I need, if I hope to take out that dog. Sacred Shelter is what they said, wasn’t it? Oh, I’ll remember that. They’re going to regret making an enemy out of me.” Han Sen was suffering a mixture of emotions right now, all tanged with negativity.

He turned around, however, and then saw something. Where the dog’s laser had blasted, another cave had been revealed. That cave was incredibly bright, and the s.h.i.+ning lights dispersed the dusty haze that choked most of the cave.

Inside there, Han Sen saw an egg that was around one meter in size. It seemed to have been decorated by a number of stars.

“Oh, wow! It looks like I might not be walking away empty-handed, after all. Is that a Sta.r.s.ea Beast egg?” Han Sen’s pain had been alleviated somewhat, and so he limped over to examine it with greater clarity.

A gemstone geno core was a fine thing to find, but it wouldn’t do anything to increase his genes. That egg, however, might be able to increase his geno points.

Han Sen quickly took out his horn and put it to the sh.e.l.l, ready to drill a hole inside.

With all his strength, Han Sen began drilling a hole with his horn, so he could help himself to a big suck. The sh.e.l.l was thicker than expected, though, and a flurry of sparks flew dangerously close to his now-squinting eyes. A while later, he noticed he had managed to bore a small hole in the eggsh.e.l.l.

Thinking he might have gone through, Han Sen planted his lips firmly on it, thinking he could suck the contents out. Unfortunately, he had not drilled in deep enough, and no sweet, yoke-y nectar was available to be tasted. So, Han Sen swapped his lips for an eye. He tried to get a look at whatever was inside, but he was unable to see.

So, with his hands, Han Sen tried to fit his fingers in the hole and dig away more of the sh.e.l.l manually. Half an hour later, the hole had become the size of a ping-pong ball. He tried using his horn again, but after a few more drill sessions, the egg suddenly shattered.

There was no juice inside, but there was a small three-horned dinosaur.

It had three horns and it was blue.

The three horns looked as if they had been made out of crystal, tinted the color of the night sky. Lights twinkled inside, as if they were a reflection of the sparkling cosmos.

“This has to be the baby of the Sta.r.s.ea Beast, yes? It must be!” A baby would provide more genes than the undeveloped yoke would, that much was for certain.

Han Sen was going to grab it and take it with him, regardless of whether it was alive or dead. The thing had its eyes shut, so now was the best time.

But that quickly changed when Han Sen leaned down to grab it. The eyes opened, and in an ever-cute newborn immediacy, it jumped up and began to waddle around.

Han Sen thought of dubbing it a Galaxy Beast, in reference to its gorgeous horns. He also thought naming it was silly, since he was already planning to make it his supper. And when he reached his arms down, ready to throttle it to death, the baby creature saw it as a sign of affection. Then, it leaped into his arms.

Han Sen was surprised to see this. He thought he’d have to fight the creature if he wished to get it. But he wasn’t a complete sucker for cute creatures, and as he stared into its mesmerizingly beautiful blue eyes, it began licking his face affectionately.

“If you lick me again, I’ll kill you.” Han Sen said, as he put the creature down.

Galaxy Beast dropped onto its b.u.m and stared at Han Sen, who towered above it.

“This is a great opportunity to get sacred-blood geno points, I hope you know that. So forgive me for this, and don’t take it to be anything personal,” Han Sen said, as he raised the horn up high, primed to strike. “Survival of the fittest. The strong survive, the weak die a horrible death unfairly. In the next life, become a lady. Folks like me might treat you better.”

Han Sen then launched his arm towards the creature, putting all his strength into the strike.

Galaxy Beast remained still, curious what Han Sen was doing. It was as innocent as could be.

“I… I…” Han Sen beat the creature with his horn a number of times, but it remained unfazed.