Super Gene - Chapter 1379 - A Woman and Her Dog

Chapter 1379 - A Woman and Her Dog

Chapter 1379: A Woman and Her Dog


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shadow Shelter had a Geno Core Storage. Opening it, however, would require one thousand genes.

To reach this sum, Han Sen would only need time. Genes could be paid for in the blood of others, but ordinary and primitive geno points would do, too.

There were many creatures in the surrounding area that could sate Han Sen’s current l.u.s.t for geno points, but there were also a great many creatures already residing in the shelter.

For now, though, Han Sen wanted to return to Hidden Valley. He wished to go alone, for he didn’t want anyone else to see his super king spirit ability.

When Dragon Lady and Cheap Sheep came back from their joint hunting expedition, their return was full of surprises. They had missed out on everything that had transpired.

“This is a strange thing, gurrrl. It looks like a battle has taken place,” Cheap Sheep said, while spinning his head around to observe the slightly tattered shelter.

Dragon Lady thought it was weird, too, but she did not care much about it.

Cheap Sheep approached the nearest creature to him and asked it, “Was the shelter attacked? Don’t be shy now. Tell me what happened, bub.”

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” the creature responded.

Cheap Sheep was shaken, hearing what had occurred. He said, “What?! Bossbub Han Sen became the master of this shelter? And we missed it?!”

Dragon Lady was intrigued, hearing of Han Sen’s involvement. She stepped forward to join the two and asked, “What happened?”

Cheap Sheep turned around and told her, “Somehow, somewhere, the previous owner of this shelter died. Han Sen fought like the brave boy that he is and claimed owners.h.i.+p of the place. I suspect that’s him, leastways. It’d be awkward if there were two Han Sens walking around, bub.”

While he was not going to distrust what his ears had told him, Cheap Sheep struggled to believe his boss Han Sen had what it took to conquer a gold shelter.

“Come; it is best if we see for ourselves,” Dragon Lady said.

When they entered the spirit hall, there they saw Han Sen. Cheap Sheep was quick to lower his head and plant his face on the ground, licking his boots.

Han Sen was strong, he knew that. But it was a shocking thing to realize that he had taken over a gold shelter. It was no small feat. Cheap Sheep spent a wistful moment traversing memory lane, and he recalled how it wasn’t so long ago when the two of them were running away from Dragon Lady herself.

Of course, Han Sen had gotten lucky, more than anything. If it really was a fair fight after a proper a.s.sault, he wouldn’t have had what it took to take down the shelter. He was the blessed recipient of fortuitous circ.u.mstances; an honor he frequently received but never took for granted.

However, Han Sen had been very busy since he became master of the shelter. He couldn’t squeeze in the time necessary to visit Hidden Valley, as he very much wished to. He ate the unicorn during what little time he had spare, though, and he managed to receive nine mutant geno points.

Those nine points brought his fitness level up by 720.

On a street in the shelter that day, there was a woman that looked very much like an angel. She was walking a dog. The dog was of two shades. Its back was black, whereas its underside was white like the finest pearls.

The woman was clad in a most spectacular armor, that was polished to a blinding sheen. Her plating was so clear it could be mistaken for a mirror. On her back were beautiful but st.u.r.dy wings.

“Master, Nan Litian is dead. This was a wasted trip,” the dog spoke.

The woman merely said, “Then we should at least take a moment to check out the new master.”

“I suppose. If he managed to claim this shelter, he must at least have a gold geno core.” The dog scratched itself. Then, it went on to say, “You didn’t have to come here, you know. We only have to tell them we are from Sacred Shelter. They’ll obey pretty quickly after that.”

The woman smiled and said, “This is Outer Sky Shelter’s territory; we can’t cause trouble here.”

“Why a human, anyway? We have many of them back in Sacred,” the dog remarked.

“It was a mission given to me by my mother, and it’s something that can only be accomplished by a human. That’s just the way it is,” the woman explained.

The dog perked its ears up then, and said, “Ah, there! In the plaza. The human we seek is there.”

The woman nodded, and then they both headed for the person they had spotted.

Han Sen was collecting blood in the plaza. If they provided him one drop of their blood, they could stay in the shelter for a month. Naturally, with such cheap payment, many had gathered. The queue was quite impressive.

Han Sen had made the announcement a few days prior. Now, for any who wished to stay in the shelter, the first thing they’d do was donate blood.

When the woman and her dog arrived in the plaza, they stood and watched Han Sen go about all the creatures, collecting the blood they were so eager to part with.

“I hate to say it, but he doesn’t look all that special. And you’re saying this is the guy you need now? The task is exclusive to him? What is it exactly? Because this guy is… plain.” The dog was not impressed.

The woman said, “It’s just easier for humans to do this. And they need to be strong, as well.”

The woman watched Han Sen intently. Her pupils split into two while she looked.

Han Sen immediately felt as if he was being watched, and it wasn’t by the eager blood donors. He didn’t care too much about it, as long as the force that watched him was not hostile.

The woman shared the same reaction the dog did, though. She was disappointed by what she saw in him.

“What’s wrong?” Dogs could pick up bad vibrations.

The woman turned around and just said, “There is no need to meet with him. His fitness is barely primitive, and he has a bronze geno core. We don’t need him.”

“How can the creatures admire him so much? How could he even take over this shelter in the first place? Do you want me to kill him?” The dog’s eyes glinted with the look of murder.