Super Gene - Chapter 1362 - Injured Pony

Chapter 1362 - Injured Pony

Chapter 1362: Injured Pony


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Dragon Lady and Cheap Sheep were worried. If Han Sen’s horn had not been able to penetrate the Gold Dragon, would there be much of a point in him using his bare fists? Surely, a slap had to be weaker.

Confused and concerned, they watched in bewilderment as his palm was driven effortlessly through the Gold Dragon, as if the frightening creature was merely composed of water.


The moment Han Sen drew his hand back out of the creature’s body, it gave out an ear-piercing scream. Then, the entire thing shattered and became dust that glided along the gentle breeze.

Dragon Lady and Cheap Sheep were frozen, trying to comprehend how Han Sen had just managed to slap a gold geno creature to death.

“Mutant Creature Gold Dragon killed. No beast soul gained. Gold Geno Core received: Gold Dragon Lock. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly.”

The Metal Robe, now t.i.tled Gold Dragon Lock, softened its grip on the umbrella and entered Han Sen’s Sea of Soul.

Gold Dragon Lock: Gold Element Gold Geno Core

Although the flesh he’d have been able to eat was destroyed, and he had lost Butler Doll in the battle, Han Sen reckoned it was a worthy exchange. A gold geno core was nothing short of spectacular.

“Boss, you are too good!” Cheap Sheep couldn’t help but exclaim, as he trotted over to Han Sen. A warm welcome wasn’t given, though, as Han Sen kicked his sheepish companion to the ground for referring to him as a boss again.

“I told you not to call me boss.” Although he would never admit it, Han Sen was afraid of Cheap Sheep and the curse that might be following it around.

There were two more primitive creatures beneath the tree, whereas the rest were ordinary creatures. Their brains had all been sucked dry, but the bodies still had meat that was just begging to be eaten.

So, Dragon Lady did just that. She prepared a gorgeous hot pot for the four of them, and then they all gathered round to keep warm and eat the creatures merrily.

Suddenly, they could hear the sound of crunching snow. Something was approaching.

But it wasn’t coming very stealthily, and when Han Sen turned to take a look, he saw a creature not too far from them. He could see that it was injured, even from the briefest glimpse.

The creature looked like a red horse, but it was small and young, more like a pony.

There was a deep cut across its belly, and it was bleeding. Its movement was a pain-inducing stagger, and it was clear that the creature was having trouble doing so little as standing up.

When the pony was a mere ten meters away from the band, it fell over and collapsed face-first into the snow. Try as it might, it could not rise again.

The red pony looked exhausted. It managed to raise its head, but that was all, and with a whimpering sound and a softly rolling head dressed with an upset expression, it looked at Han Sen and Bao’er, as if it were pleading for their a.s.sistance.

“Hahaha! Now that’s a delivery service!” said Cheap Sheep, looking at the pony with much excitement. He jumped up, summoned a horn, and approached the pony, ready to slit its throat and silence its gentle wails of pain and fear.

“Ouch!” Bao’er quickly battered the sheep over the head, and after expressing her disapproval of the sheep’s actions, went over to kick the horn away.

Bao’er went to the red pony and stroked its head, saying, “Dad, can we save it?”

Han Sen looked at Bao’er and the pony and told her, “Sure.”

Ordinarily, Han Sen would not save it. It looked like a weak ordinary creature he could not do much with, anyway.

After the two creatures fought, morphing the landscape into the icy wasteland it was now, even the Gold Dragon had found itself badly injured. It was difficult to imagine how the pony had survived all by itself.

Even if it had managed to not freeze to death, how had it endured the killing screams and screeches that almost brought an end to Han Sen? And although it was severely injured, the pony at least seemed conscious and aware of their discussions.

Even though it might have made a nice meal for them, Bao’er had wanted to save it. So, Han Sen was not going to disappoint her. With his holy light, he began to heal the pony.

The holy light he used was still weak, despite Han Sen’s advancements. So, to stop the bleeding and stabilize the wound, he used medicine and st.i.tches to begin with.

Han Sen brought some cooked meat over to the pony, to see if he could help it get some of its strength back, but it was rejected. The pony didn’t want it.

So, Bao’er tried giving it some of her milk powder.

It was fortunate Han Sen had brought a lot of milk powder with him when he returned from the Alliance. There would be enough for the both of them, thankfully, for the pony greatly enjoyed it.

After picking up sticks and moving on, Han Sen got Cheap Sheep to transport the pony and bring it along with them. As expected, the fluffy sheep complained a lot. Not that anyone cared.

Han Sen spent some time examining the Gold Dragon Lock. When Han Sen simulated its energy flow, he swiftly understood how to make fine use of it.

He practiced using it with Dragon Lady, and at a distance of twenty meters, she was not able to evade it once. A distance that was any bigger than that was trickier, though, as it gave Dragon Lady more than enough time to dodge.

The lock was very strong, too, and not even Dragon Lady’s cleaver was able to break it. Silver geno cores and primitive creatures would be no match against it, then.

“This will come in handy when I need to tie people up. In the future, I should be able to depend on it a lot when I go out hunting.” Han Sen was thrilled with the geno core he had managed to procure, and he believed it to be a very handy and worthy addition to his growing a.r.s.enal.

The party trudged through deep snow for another ten days, with no sign of the land improving. Over the course of that time, however, the pony’s condition improved a lot. By that tenth day, it was able to stand on its own four hooves and walk alongside them, turning the traveling quartet into a quintet.

Unfortunately, the pony was unable to speak the common language, and thus, Han Sen was not able to interact and talk with it as much as he would have liked.

They eventually reached a mountain; one that was unfamiliar to Dragon Lady. After trekking across it, there was another. They descended and ascended that one, and after doing that once more, they eventually came across a shelter perched upon the loft of one last mountain.

A little while later, Han Sen’s Dongxuan Sutra told him they were in an area that was home to humans.

“There are humans here?” Han Sen was delighted to know others of his same kind were around.