Super Gene - Chapter 1361 - Killing a Gold Dragon

Chapter 1361 - Killing a Gold Dragon

Chapter 1361: Killing a Gold Dragon


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

When the sheep saw the drowsy creatures that were unable to fight back, it ran over to them.

“Don’t!” Han Sen stopped Cheap Sheep in his hasty approach and moved closer to examine what state they were in.

A while later, a three-foot-long centipede emerged out of the back of one of the creatures. It was plated in gold, like a luxurious bracelet.

“The Gold Dragon!” Dragon Lady pulled Han Sen back immediately.

“You know what that thing is?” Han Sen asked her.

Dragon Lady nodded in confirmation, and said, “It is the mutant creature known as the Gold Dragon. Its geno core is gold-cla.s.s! We can’t even hope to fight that thing.”

“It’s injured by the screams; perhaps we can kill it?” Han Sen said, trailing it with hungry eyes.

The Gold Dragon bit into the head of another sleepy creature and began slurping down the brain juice and mush that was inside.

The creature squealed in pain, but it was unable to do anything. Having been injured the day before already, it soon gave up the ghost.

When the Gold Dragon let go, the creature’s head had a ma.s.sive cavity in it. It had been completely drained, leaving it like an empty coconut. Sickened and a little frightened, Cheap Sheep leaped behind Han Sen for safety.

“A creature with a gold geno core that may or may not be injured severely. I know for a fact its plates are extremely hardy, but that doesn’t take much to deduce.” Dragon Lady frowned, expressing it was a foolish notion to attempt attacking the sickly insect.

“Do you know what it’s made of?” Han Sen asked.

Dragon Lady replied, saying, “Its geno core is Metal Robe. Once it latches onto an opponent, it won’t let go until its prey has died. The Metal Robe tightens the squeeze, so it can’t be shaken loose. No one can escape the clutch of the Gold Dragon.”

Han Sen listened to her words intently, then turned back to look at the centipede and frowned.

Dongxuan Aura told Han Sen it was extremely injured, and that it would be best to kill the fiend now.

“You guys stand back. I’ll try.” After observing the insect for a little bit longer, Han Sen decided to try his luck and see if he could defeat the creature.

This was the best chance he would get to kill a gold core creature any time soon, he reckoned. So, Han Sen summoned his Bulwark Umbrella and Butler Doll. Then, they went towards the centipede-dragon.

The Gold Dragon noticed their approach and unleashed its Metal Robe, grabbing Butler Doll.

Butler Doll’s eyes flashed red to petrify and turn the centipede to wood, but it was unsuccessful. It was most likely because the Butler Doll was far too weak compared to the mutant Gold Dragon.

“Now!” The moment Han Sen witnessed the Butler Doll get s.n.a.t.c.hed, he exhausted all the power he could in a single strike. He wanted to attack the Gold Dragon the moment the Metal Robe couldn’t be a threat to himself. It was occupied, and now there was an opening.

The robe tied the Butler Doll up, but it didn’t even seem like a brain-feeding would be necessary to kill it. The Butler Doll was shattered into pieces by the squeeze.

The Metal Robe was then quick to switch targets and go for the next aggressor. Turning itself into a gold beam, it shot towards Han Sen.

Butler Doll had been killed far too quickly, but Han Sen was not yet ready to strike the dragon.

Han Sen swung his Bulwark Umbrella towards the Metal Robe. And as he did this, Han Sen summoned his Crystal Egg and lobbed it at the Gold Dragon.

As first, it seemed as if misfortune was going to strike, as the centipede was able to muster the strength necessary for a dodge and perform a clean evasion.

Fortunately, luck was on Han Sen’s side that day. When the egg missed, it struck another of the creatures near the tree, then it ricocheted off that creature to ping off the back of the Gold Dragon.

Han Sen returned the egg to his Sea of Soul, and then, with his horn in hand, tried to stab the dragon.

The Metal Robe grabbed hold of the umbrella and tried to snap it.

Han Sen knew he’d have to hurry, especially after hearing the Bulwark Umbrella creak as if it were on the verge of snapping. It was an impressive piece of gear, but it was only bronze cla.s.s. It may have been stronger than the butler, but it wouldn’t last long going up against a gold-cla.s.s geno core.

Not sure how long the umbrella would last, Han Sen s.h.i.+fted into fifth gear.

The Gold Dragon noticed Han Sen coming for it, and so it leaned forward, wanting to meet its target.

Han Sen raised his horn and cast Ghost Slash. When the Rubberized Dragon had just about reached his face, the horn was plunged directly into the centipede’s body.

Its sh.e.l.l had become much softer, but not to the extent Han Sen had witnessed before. The creature was still formidable.

The horn was unable to plunge entirely through the centipede’s body, and after a long drive, found itself being flung back and away. Noticing the horn didn’t work, Han Sen then decided it was time to make use of Super Spank.

If Super Spank worked, the body of the Gold Dragon should shatter completely.

Han Sen wanted the creature’s flesh, but he had no choice now, given the situation he was in.

Gold Dragon was injured and debuffed, but it was still no foe to underestimate. It was a violent, squirmy little thing, as well. With great anger, it fiercely went after Han Sen, s.h.i.+ning with a gold light.

Han Sen felt his hand get cut, but he endured the pain and tried to break a part of its sequential structure through the Dongxuan Sutra.

Super Spank was able to destroy the weakest part of a foe and initiate a chain-reaction, but this enemy was so strong, it was incredibly difficult for Han Sen to do even that.


Han Sen committed to the strike and tried throwing his weight into knocking over the first domino.