Super Gene - Chapter 1363 - Green Cow

Chapter 1363 - Green Cow

Chapter 1363: Green Cow


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Who is that? Hopefully it’s Old Man Ji,” Han Sen thought to himself.

He knew the chances of that were slim, but it was a nice thought for him to hope for. Unfortunately, he’d have better luck winning the lottery multiple times before b.u.mping into someone he knew in that sanctuary.

Han Sen followed a trail towards the shelter he had spotted. His Dongxuan Aura senses were tingling, informing him there weren’t just humans in the area, but creatures, too.

The detection of humans there grew fainter for Han Sen, as his attention s.h.i.+fted to the shelter that was occupied by a ratio that favored a mixture of spirits and creatures.

There was something up, not too far from Han Sen. As the distance between them closed, Han Sen was able to see it was a green cow, merrily grazing upon the snow-dressed gra.s.s.

The green cow, seeing the approaching quintet, looked surprised.

Cheap Sheep a.s.serted himself as a diplomat and instigator of negotiations. He quickly trotted forward and said, “Boss Cow, what is this place? Who owns this shelter here, bub?”

Green Cow heard what he said and replied, “This is Shadow Mountain. The shelter is called Shadow Shelter. The owner is a human by the name of Nan Litian.”

Green Cow informed Cheap Sheep that the human welcomed all in his shelter, and was a very accepting and generous person.

Han Sen had not expected a human to own a shelter that was primarily inhabited by creatures and spirits. And as for the t.i.tle of the shelter being Shadow Shelter, that was remarkably strange. The Alliance knew of only four human-owned shelters, and this name was not on that brief list.

If a human did indeed rule the place, he could easily return to the Alliance as he pleased. If that was the case, how had Han Sen never heard of him before? From what Green Cow told them, he sounded like the sort whose name would carry some weight and fanfare back home.

“Does this demi-G.o.d like to maintain a low profile? Does he like keeping things on the DL?” Han Sen curiously pondered.

Green Cow told them it was a gold shelter, too. Nan Litian’s power was comparable to that of a mutant creature or a royal spirit.

He allowed creatures and spirits to join his club, and he had built a formidable alliance with those he commanded. He had done very well for himself, and he had achieved something Han Sen frequently had in other sanctuaries.

Joining a shelter and being allowed to come and go was common, and often just required a small tribute. For this shelter in particular, those who joined it would have to cough up a primitive geno fruit each month to be allowed to stay. If you paid extra, you were even allowed your own room.

“Boss, this fella’ sounds like you. He even belongs to your hairless kind. Do you think we’ll find suitable refuge there?” Cheap Sheep asked.

Han Sen shook his head, knowing humans could frequently pose the worst threats. They were never predictable, and Han Sen knew he couldn’t waltz in with the a.s.sumption he and Nan Litian would become chums. He hoped they would, but he knew it was probably unlikely.

Still, Han Sen could not go even if he wanted to. He would have to pay the toll of one primitive geno fruit, and that was something he lacked.

Han Sen asked Green Cow where he might be able to find such fruits.

Green Cow answered, saying that the most dangerous thing one should be wary of was not rival creatures or rival spirits, but the plants themselves. It was common for many to band together and co-operate to retrieve the geno fruit.

Just as Han Sen turned to leave, Green Cow went on to say, “I say, moo-moo; you seem like a talented chap. Would you like to join my team? We are all primitive and are planning to ama.s.s a whole bundle of geno fruits.”

Han Sen and Dragon Lady thought following Green Cow would not be a bad idea.

“We would gladly join you, but we haven’t yet collected a single fruit,” Han Sen said.

Green Cow told them, “That’s okay. If you want to join, we’ll welcome you with open arms.”

Seeing Green Cow be so generous, Han Sen swiftly agreed to join her and her fellows. Then, on their behalf, Green Cow paid the fee that would enable them to stay at the shelter.

Green Cow, after bringing them to Shadow Shelter, seemed to look forward to introducing Han Sen and his party to her sure-to-be misfit allies.

Shadow Shelter was a gold shelter, and it was very much like a city. There was that metropolitan-vibe, with a hustle and bustle; it was a melting pot of various races and kinds, all working together. It was a charming place to be.

The civility came as a surprise, too. There was no aggression to one another, and every being there seemed charitable and caring.

“Old Cow, did you trick this entire party to follow you back here?” As they came in from the gate, a spirit spoke, directing his speech at Green Cow.

Han Sen and Dragon Lady looked at Green Cow with squinted eyes, unsure of what the spirit meant. Whatever the meaning was, it didn’t sound very positive.

Green Cow was quick to respond, saying, “Please, don’t pay heed to him, moo-moo!”

The guard of the shelter laughed and said, “You keep tricking poor folk into joining your team, so they can follow you on another futile venture to Hidden Valley. You must have spent the lives of two hundred thus far; this is getting silly. How many have actually lived, following your stupid expeditions to that place?”

The guard then turned to Han Sen and said, “I suggest you guys keep your distance from this one. She can talk her way out of a paper bag, and she’s as slippery as an eel in an oil slick. Don’t let those sweet emerald udders charm you.”

“Green Cow, have you been dishonest with us?” Cheap Sheep asked.

“Slow down a second and let me explain; the guard never paints anyone very flatteringly. And if you fellows don’t want to go, I won’t force you, but we should discuss these matters in proper detail. I was planning to later, with full transparency and all, I swear. Moo-moo!” Green Cow was tripping over her words.

Han Sen was not too surprised, and he knew he shouldn’t have expected free lodging without strings attached. It was shady from the get-go.

Han Sen was not afraid of the conniving conspiracies that might have been wrought against him, though. But that aside, he at least had a place to stay.

“Let’s go then. Let’s talk,” Han Sen said.

After Green Cow paid the toll and everyone got set up, they all went to her room for the discussion.

On their way there, the creatures and spirits all looked at them strangely. Some had a humorous look, whereas others looked as if they held pity for them. Regardless, it seemed Green Cow had built herself quite the reputation.