Super Gene - Chapter 1352 - Power of the Bouncy Egg

Chapter 1352 - Power of the Bouncy Egg

Chapter 1352: Power of the Bouncy Egg


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was in a daze. The ape that had just hit him was the one that had confused him earlier.

The ape’s talons were incredibly strong and swift, and they should have torn Han Sen to shreds upon contact. But when the knife-like nails came upon him, they were like rubber. They did not damage him in the least.

The ape had come in so strong, though, its fingers and the hand itself came down on Han Sen. Where this strike should have utterly destroyed him, it felt as if his enemy was made of putty. There was no pain, and then, the fingers of the ape all bent upwards like broken, twisted twigs.

“Why’s this happening? Are all the creatures that get hit by the egg like this?” Han Sen thought to himself.

The other three apes were quickly bearing down on Han Sen now. They lifted their talon-fitted hands up to strike Han Sen with greater strength than the previous ape.

Han Sen summoned the egg with haste and lobbed it at the enemies that had gathered around to finish the human that had led them on their chase, and given them a great deal of trouble.

On its airborne flight, the egg spun. Its traversal lacked finesse and stability, but the speed at which it went more than made up for that.

The demon looked furious. With its trident, it tried to impale the egg.

The boss of Jade Hill watched what was happening with great curiosity, and just like Han Sen, he wondered what the egg did. Now, seeing Han Sen muster the effort to summon the egg and throw it, as one last ditch effort to avoid getting destroyed, he was utterly confused.

Still, he believed Han Sen had to be up to something. The human wouldn’t happily submit to death and throw an egg for a laugh. There had to be something concerning about the item he had lobbed, and so, the spirit had commanded the demon to take it out.

The demon was incredibly strong, and its trident came into direct contact with the egg.

Han Sen was worried, as it was just a bronze geno core. He wasn’t entirely sure it could withstand the brunt of a strike delivered by a silver geno core-summoned creature.


When the trident struck the egg, the shape of the egg caved in on itself.

Fortunately, the trident had been unable to break or pierce through the egg, though. The surprisingly malleable shape of Han Sen’s curious geno core bounced back to its original shape, but it was now moving faster than ever.

The egg bounced everywhere at ridiculous speed, and each of the apes was. .h.i.t by it. And once they had been touched by the renegade egg, the item moved on to tag the rest of the creatures in the wider vicinity, as well.

And every time it hit a creature, the speed increased. It was like the speed kept on stacking and stacking, so it’d become faster and faster.

Han Sen kept on dodging attacks, keeping an eye focused on the crazy egg.

It wasn’t like an ordinary bouncy ball. The egg was oval, so when it bounced away, it was incredibly difficult to keep track of. Even the initial point it’d jump away to was unpredictable.

With Heavenly Go and the Dongxuan Sutra active, not even Han Sen was able to trace its flight. And if Han Sen could not keep track of it, then neither could the creatures. And one by one, they all continued to get hit.

Shortly after, each and every monster had found themselves tagged by the egg at least once.


When it was done, the egg bounced back to Han Sen.

He did not know whether the egg had bounced back to him by sheer chance, or if the egg had instinctively returned to Han Sen once its job was done. But more than anything, after it had finished tagging the enemies that were all before him, Han Sen was simply keen to find out the nature and extent of its power.

He didn’t have the time to think, though, for the demon and the apes all came towards Han Sen. They resumed their plan of murdering the human. The trident was coming for Han Sen once more, raised and ready to skewer. So, Han Sen raised his horn to try to knock it away once again.

The last time this occurred, Han Sen was knocked back a hundred meters. He knew what to expect this time, so he committed to the strike and brought his horn down against the incoming trident, bracing for the impact.

When both of the weapons came together, Han Sen’s eyes opened wide in sheer, unbridled joy.

The powerful trident was like a cheap rubber toy, and it bent backwards with ease.

Ignoring the apes and beasts around him, Han Sen moved forward to slay the wretched demon that had become a thorn in his backside. He stabbed it with great heft behind his thrust.

But just as he was done, the four apes leaped atop Han Sen with jaws open, ready to bite and chew him up. It wasn’t just the apes, either. It was the rest of the creatures, as well. He had become well and truly swarmed, and the scene was like the maddest game of British Bulldogs one might have ever laid eyes upon.

The chef was with Han Sen, too, and in her unconscious state, she was subjected to the ma.s.sive pile-on.

The boss, seeing Han Sen fall beneath the countless creatures, raised a smile. He believed his pest had finally been dealt with.

He gave the human the credit he deserved, though. Han Sen had proved troublesome, and the boss was well and truly relieved to think he had been taken care of. But this happiness was short-lived. Despite the number that had piled on top of Han Sen, his lifeforce was the same as ever.

“What is this?” The boss frowned harder than he had ever frowned before.

The four apes should have been able to tear him apart several times over by now, but there was not a single smidgen of blood to see.


The boss felt a large gust of power blast its way out of the crowd. The beasts he had sp.a.w.ned were all blown away. Even the four apes were sent flying, and despite them biting Han Sen over and over, the human looked to be perfectly fine.