Super Gene - Chapter 1351 - Jumping Egg

Chapter 1351 - Jumping Egg

Chapter 1351: Jumping Egg


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

A creature had crept up behind Han Sen, unbeknownst to him. The egg struck its arm and then bounced away again. The bouncy ball was around the same size as an ordinary fist, and it bounced around from enemy to enemy but didn’t hurt any of them.

“I’ve spent all this time and energy to produce this? This is what I get after all my hard work?!” Han Sen was heartbroken, seeing no benefit to the geno core he had earned.

“Whatever; I’ll continue on my way to that pit.” Han Sen put the crystal egg away and got moving.

The creatures the egg had hit continued going for Han Sen, just as they had before. This, to Han Sen, proved it was bona fide useless. It was a waste of s.p.a.ce.

As Han Sen made his way to the hole in the ground, he slew countless beasts in his path.

A silver-winged ape managed to dig its talons into Han Sen’s back and deliver a nasty cut. He felt the point of entry, and he expected the pain to flare up at any moment. But much to his surprise, he didn’t get hurt. He felt nothing.

Han Sen was rather shocked, because he knew that strike ought to have hurt him. So, he fired up the Dongxuan Sutra to observe the wound he had incurred.

Surprisingly, there was no damage. Not even his armor had been pierced.

“Eh? What happened? I swear I felt something,” Han Sen thought in disbelief.

The talons of the airborne ape were incredibly sharp, and the Jade Snail armor should not have been able to defend against the hit. Han Sen had suffered a few minor sc.r.a.pes and scratches before, and he knew for a fact that the talon strike had been considerably worse.

Han Sen’s Jadeskin was strong, but not that strong.

The ape had surely delivered a ma.s.sive hit to Han Sen’s back, but lo and behold, there was no damage.

“Did he go easy on me?” Han Sen wondered.

But the creatures that a.s.saulted Han Sen were not real, and they did not possess emotions. They obeyed the will of their master, and he clearly wanted Han Sen to die. They could not dictate their own actions.

The boss of Jade Hill wanted Han Sen dead more than anything, that much was clear. You could see it on his face. Why would he command them not to hurt Han Sen?

As Han Sen pondered this peculiarity, another ape got in close and threw a strike. Han Sen raised his arms to block the hit. After deflecting the talons, Han Sen observed his arms and saw a number of scratches across his crystallized skin. He knew they had not gone easy on him.

“What was that? Seriously. It confuses me. Why didn’t I get hurt earlier?” Han Sen was perplexed.

Han Sen turned his attention to the ape that had somehow not damaged Han Sen, but it looked the same as the rest. One ape was able to leave a mark on him, but the other could not.

“Did the egg hit that ape?” Han Sen’s mind began to hover around a possible solution to the confusion.

Due to his staggering disappointment with the item, Han Sen had not paid attention to how many times the egg had bounced or which targets it had struck. His mind had been a blur at the time. The egg had bounced around quite a bit, too.

“If a monster was struck by the egg, does that mean the creature becomes friendly?” Han Sen’s view of the egg changed, but he thought his hypothesis was a little wild. It sounded fairly ridiculous.

If that was true, the ape would not have attacked Han Sen in the first place.

“But even though he hit me… he didn’t hit me. Is it an undercover ape, pretending? Maybe he doesn’t want to hurt me, but acts like he’s trying his best to? After all, if the boss found out, he’d be killed.”

Han Sen looked at the ape’s murderous face and didn’t think that was true, either.

So, Han Sen continued on his way, battling as he went. He couldn’t think of a reason why the hit had not damaged him.

The boss of Jade Hill had only drawn four of the creatures. His book was a geno core, but there had to be a limit on how many creatures he could summon at a time.

When the boss saw his ape hit Han Sen, he frowned, too. Even the spirit himself wasn’t sure why the human had not taken any damage. The boss observed Han Sen closer, and then his eyebrows became crooked. He started to frown even more.

The boss of Jade Hill flipped open his book and then began to draw again. He drew even slower this time, with an excruciating amount of focus. His forehead was sweating bullets. After a few minutes, he was done, but his face looked to have been drained of all color. He was pale.

A silver light beamed out of the book, followed by something else.

It was a creature that looked like an evil, angry demon.

When the demon emerged from the book, its green eyes stared at Han Sen intently. It raised its trident and came rus.h.i.+ng towards him. The demon was incredibly powerful, that much was clear. Its trident was a menacing, frightening weapon to watch bear down on you.

Han Sen was still holding the chef, so he could only use one hand to fight.


The trident came against the horn, and it sent Han Sen flying back a hundred meters before he came to a stop. Han Sen’s hands were trembling, and he acknowledged he had tried to block far too much power at once.

And just as this happened, while Han Sen was stunned, an ape had closed the gap to strike him. The silver talons were driven deep into Han Sen’s back, but pain was not what he felt. It was shock.