Super Gene - Chapter 1353 - I Can Kill Ten Thousand of Them

Chapter 1353 - I Can Kill Ten Thousand of Them

Chapter 1353: I Can Kill Ten Thousand of Them


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

In Han Sen’s eyes, the creatures were like the flimsy orbs of a ballpit.

When they were touched by the egg, their bodies did not look different. In fact, they looked exactly the same. But it was like the construction of their beings had been radically morphed into something like rubber.

It wasn’t just the creature’s bodies that were like that, either. Even any weaponry they wielded would suffer the same effect, just like the demon’s trident.

Han Sen did not exert much strength to push the creatures of the dogpile aside. He shook his body as if he were shaking off excess water, and with the lightness of waterdrops, the monsters were cast away.

The horn Han Sen had plunged into the demon’s chest was still inside it. It spun inside the cavity, drilling its way through the flesh and bone as the fiend lashed and flailed around in an attempt to bite the human that had gotten the best of it.

At one point, it managed to actually connect its flapping maw to Han Sen’s wrist. But when it brought its teeth down on him, the teeth all went out of shape.

Then, Han Sen pulled out his horn and drove it through his foe’s brain. He killed it with ease, as the skull of the beast offered no resistance. Now, Han Sen was determined to tackle all the rest.

Han Sen no longer had to worry about any damage they could deal. As far as they were concerned, and as far as he had to worry when facing them, he was indestructible.

“Awesome! This is going to be my kind of ma.s.sacre. Let’s see if I can kill ten thousand of you.” Han Sen’s horn was then driven through the ape that was nearest to him.

The boss of Jade Hill could not believe his eyes, and he found it staggering how the human had turned the tables and robbed his minions of all their powers.

Seeing Han Sen mercilessly slaughtering his way towards him, the fearful spirit commanded his bird to fly away.

Han Sen grabbed the egg and chucked it at the spirit. It went towards the fleeing spirit with the speed of a meteor.


The boss of Jade Hill, seeing the egg, drew a few extra beasts to deflect and bounce it away. He had taken advantage of the only real con the egg had exhibited so far. It was very bouncy, and it could be knocked away with the greatest of ease.

When the egg changed direction, the boss was given enough time to expand the gap between the two and escape. He was long gone.

And when the boss fled, the monsters that remained all began to disappear. It seemed as if they could not remain in an area long if their master was absent.

“After all these years, I’ve gotten something truly miraculous! This geno core is amazing.” Han Sen fingered the egg, reveling in exuberant joy.

Han Sen was also starting to believe it was almost sentient, as it could follow his commands. All he had to do was take care when throwing it. Before it left his hand in a throw, he just had to influence it in the direction he wanted it to go.

If Han Sen could predict where it would go efficiently, he’d have full control of its path. This would not be too difficult for Han Sen to perform, because he was talented with Yin Yang Blast and Drillhead.

Baseball pitchers could throw a curveball and football players could curl the ball, but Han Sen was far more talented than the average sportsman. With the imbalance of the egg and its instability in travel, it could be used very effectively against others.

Of course, that meant it would be harder for Han Sen to control and guide it himself, but with enough practice, he’d be able to do just fine. And with his special abilities, calculating the course it would take would eventually come naturally to him.

For all intents and purposes, the egg was a perfect fit for Han Sen. With his talent, he believed he’d be catching everything off guard with majestic throws in no time.

And to kickstart his practice, Han Sen started throwing the egg on the ground and bouncing it back into his hands. It wasn’t a ball, so the direction it would rebound was unpredictable. It was trickier than he imagined at first, and he failed to catch the egg ninety percent of the time.

If Han Sen had to use Drillhead, it’d become even wilder and more difficult to control and guide, so he thought he might have underestimated how much practice he might need before he became super proficient with it.

Bao’er was delighted with the funny little egg, though. Whenever Han Sen threw it, even she tried her best to catch it. Han Sen was afraid of her attempt and was given a quick fright when she first leaped towards it. He was scared the egg might turn her to rubber.

Fortunately, the one time she did catch it, nothing ill happened.

Han Sen might not have been able to control its course of flight, but it seemed as if Han Sen could determine who or what he wanted the egg to affect. Han Sen tested it a few more times, and the radius of its bounce was around one meter. And whatever it touched, if he willed it, would become rubbery.

If the egg hit the same spot again, the effect was removed.

This was a strange geno core, and Han Sen had never heard of such a thing before. He must have lucked out. Of course, he hadn’t heard much about geno cores, regardless. That was because there were so few demi-G.o.d humans in existence.

Han Sen took the chef to a forest and then threw the egg at her so she’d become rubbery.

She had spoken Han Jinzhi’s name before pa.s.sing out, and now, Han Sen finally had the time to grill her and find out why.

Han Sen healed her a little, just until she regained consciousness. When she awoke, she immediately threw a punch at Han Sen.

He grabbed her incoming fist and began to twist and spin it for fun. She looked at her arm as if she was peering at a ghost. She didn’t feel pain, but she couldn’t understand why her arm was behaving like that.

Han Sen held the horn to her throat and said, “Answer my questions and I’ll allow you to live.”

After that, he pushed the serrated edge of the horn to shred a little skin and draw a slight amount of blood.

“What is your relation to Han Jinzhi?” Han Sen asked, then frowned as she remained silent.