Super Gene - Chapter 1326 - Ruin Emperor

Chapter 1326 - Ruin Emperor

Chapter 1326: Ruin Emperor


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Screams howled from the dark, but with the emperor spectators not being able to see what was going on within the metaphysical black that had enveloped their a.s.saulting army, it made them nervous to see the results.

Gu Demon Emperor and Three-Eye Emperor looked frightened, suspecting the worse to have happened. The noises were squeamish and driven from agony, and they weren’t the sounds of humans being mercilessly slain.

“What maddening power has been employed? Why cannot even the vision of our own eyes breach that black veil? Why can’t we see what’s happening?!” Gu Demon Emperor asked aloud, half-rhetorically with no genuine recipient of his cry in mind.

Three-Eye Emperor had no clue, either. All he could see were the curtains of darkness.

No G.o.d Emperor spoke to them both, saying, “They are the powers of Night Empress.”

“I thought she became a demi-G.o.d.” Three-Eye Emperor said.

No G.o.d Emperor turned to look at him, speaking through clenched teeth. “She did. Yet, her meddling even has the capacity to play a hand in events this long after. But it is only a remnant of her power; if she was here physically among us, it would be worse than a simple blinding dark. This darkness won’t last long, however.”

Hearing him say this, the pair felt much safer themselves. Still, they were uncomfortable, and rightly so. The screams were unsettling, and their sources were coming from every-which-way. Not too far off, either.

Han Sen’s swords might have been believed to have been forged with redstone, for the claret that coated it. When a spirit caught sight of him coming for them, it was too late for them to react. They’d die within the second, cut down via Ghost Slash.

But it wasn’t just Han Sen going on a murder spree in the dark. Xie Qing King and Moment Queen had joined in, mowing down plenty of spirits with alongside him.

The super creatures and spirits were little more than pigs or lambs in a slaughterhouse.

In that suffocating darkness, numbers meant little. And some super creatures and spirits had been driven so wild and mad with fear, they lashed out at anything that drew near them. That included their own teammates, resulting in a fair amount of friendly fire being issued across the board.

Aside from Han Sen and his companions, none could make heads or tails of what was going on.

Ten minutes later, the darkness was lifted. When the black curtains rose, the diorama left on display shocked the hearts and eyes of all who saw it.

Flower Empress and Heavenly Empress almost threw up due to the grizzly sight. The entire shelter was a monument to blood and death now. Only a handful of the army had been left alive by this point; a mixture of king spirits and super creatures that were revealed to be helplessly fleeing, drenched in the blood of their fallen compatriots.

Han Sen and his people were standing strong, also. Not a single member of his band of allies had been touched.

Han Sen and his companions ran forward to immediately cut down those who had been left alive, finis.h.i.+ng them off in one last ghastly display, as if to intentionally provoke the audience that had been sitting at the edge of their seats for a glimpse of what had happened before the veil was lifted.

One spirit even killed himself, to spare the pain and shame. He was so afraid, he wished to return to his spirit stone by his own volition, in fear his stone would break via the power Han Sen wielded.

Other spirits tried doing the same as well, thinking it a good idea. But only a few could do it in time.

But this had already happened quite a bit earlier, when it was dark.

Flower Empress and Heavenly Empress could not believe that the army of spirits and creatures that had been ama.s.sed had been utterly laid to waste in the s.p.a.ce of ten minutes.

Gu Demon Emperor and Three-Eye Emperor could hardly believe what they were seeing, either. They didn’t even think it was possible, and if it was, this was the sort of event one could only be around to witness once every one million years.

Three-Eye Emperor himself wished to flee, in fear that it was only a matter of time before Han Sen had him in his sights. Gruesome scenes were nothing foreign to him, but that mangled mess made his stomach churn.

His mind started to become blank, crushed under the struggle to comprehend how such a powerful force had been squashed so easily by a human and a few of his fellows.

Some spirits who did not answer the call could only breathe a sigh of relief, glad they had stayed put.

Suddenly, though, a new and strong lifeforce appeared. It was coming to the area faster than ever; it was another emperor.

“Ruin Emperor has come!” Gu Demon Emperor called out, as if it would be his saving grace.

Everyone turned to look at a grey fog, hanging in the sky. It had been unleashed by a beast he rode upon. The grey mist was being emitted by exhaust points on the creature’s feet. It was a wild and wonderful creature to see, but magnificent and scary, too.

“You are G.o.dslayer Luo’s heir, correct?” the emperor immediately asked Zero.

“You and the rest of your buddies are as sharp as a bag of socks, do you know that? You’ve all come here through a misunderstanding, but we’ve met your call for wanting a fight. You’re just another challenger amongst the many we have already vanquished. If you want to die, just say the word.” Han Sen was no longer in the mood, and he knew the emperor would want to try his luck. So, without even waiting for a response, he grabbed his swords and took off running towards Ruin Emperor.

To show them who was boss, Han Sen knew he’d have to meet every challenge and challenger. He couldn’t back down if he wanted to a.s.sert dominance and avoid a repeat of the day’s events in the future.

The emperor saw Han Sen disappear, but he did not move to dodge.


The Phoenix Sword’s power of time and s.p.a.ce had suddenly stopped working. And it was at that point, Han Sen realized his own body’s power of time and s.p.a.ce had been sapped away.

With Han Sen’s companions seeing his powers suddenly cease to work, they rallied to his side to provide him aid in the fight against the emperor.

When they tried attacking the emperor, though, even all their attacks disappeared before him.

They were each in shock, all feeling as if their powers had been robbed from them.

“Ruin Emperor from Ultimate Mountain!” Moment Queen looked as if she had been shaken to her very core, upon realizing who their latest foe was.

“He is Ruin Emperor?” Dry Bone King looked petrified.

It wasn’t just those two feeling like that, either. They each and all did.