Super Gene - Chapter 1325 - Lost in the Dark

Chapter 1325 - Lost in the Dark

Chapter 1325: Lost in the Dark


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The summoning bell was the entire reason East Empress had become as famous and well-respected as she had. The summoning bell must have been in the top ten greatest geno treasures of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Three-Eye Emperor must have done her a great favor to be given this as a gift.

Three-Eye smiled and said, “What I did doesn’t matter, but now that I have the bell, we should strike.”

After that, the three-eyed emperor put out his hand and balanced the bell on his palm. A red ribbon had been delicately tied upon the handle.

Three-Eye Emperor looked on it with a strange look, or at least, that was how it appeared to others. In truth, he was operating it. And as he did so, a number of names flashed across the ribbon of the bell.

The handheld bell began to shake and chime all by itself, and each time it did, it was like a pulse. A number of names would quickly appear, slow down, and then stop. But when it moved again, more and more names appeared, different from before. There were countless numbers, and they were revealed to be the t.i.tles of the king spirits that populated the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

The king spirits in the vicinity began to see a light appear in front of them.

“Summoning Sign?” Many king spirits saw it and spoke, in great surprise. It was asking them to a.s.sault Moving Star Shelter.

The spirits accepted the light that hovered before them, and they were bestowed a buff.

Han Sen was going to provoke more spirits to come and fight him, but before he could even issue the welcome of a challenge, he realized he did not have to say anything. A scary lifeforce was already coming his way, and he could feel its intimidating presence nearby.

Many spirits came stampeding towards the shelter, with those spirits also bringing their subordinates in accompaniment. They ranged from lesser spirits to super creatures.

Han Sen thought it was strange, seeing so many spirits co-operate like so.

Their numbers were frightening, too. And even if Han Sen was to survive the tide of spirits, there’d be no guarantee his companions could. Xie Qing King was already worn out, so the chances of his survival were up in the air.

Still, he knew it wasn’t the time for panic. Instead, he remained calm and simply said, “Save me, sister.”

Moment Queen understood Han Sen was going to stand firm and hold his position, despite the direness of the circ.u.mstances and the futility of even trying. But the spirits approached as if the entire attack was one large, pre-meditated, painstakingly crafted scheme for a conquest they had all co-operated on.

Moment Queen thought to herself, “You should have left when I told you. Crying out for your sister won’t help anything.”

Even Xie Qing King was looking glum. This was their first time to see Xie Qing King with a gloomy disposition. Their side had too few to stand strong and endure the agonizing wash of that tsunami of spirits that was to beset them.

s...o...b..ll made sure to get all snug inside his white sphere of protection, while Baby Ghost began to stagger backwards, thinking, “Why did he ever choose to fight? Our fate was sealed before any of this fighting began! Why don’t we run? Why don’t we flee?!”

The spirits were initially afraid of running headlong into battle against Han Sen. But seeing so many of their compatriots get together for a combined a.s.sault, bravery was instilled within them. They felt the tingle of courage course through their bodies, and when they moved in unison with the other spirits, they felt the desire to do it again and again until they were all rus.h.i.+ng forward without fear.

“How could the empress give Three-Eye Emperor a summoning bell?” Flower Empress asked, semi-rhetorically. She looked sad when saying it.

East Empress heard her and said, “I owed him one.”

Gu Demon Emperor watched the army of spirits run towards the shelter and sighed. He said, “It is no wonder this bell is looked on as one of the most remarkable geno treasures to ever exist.”

As the spirits spoke amongst each other, they were then surprised to see a purple-haired lady appear. She walked out of the shelter, as if to confront the ravenous army of spirits that were coming.

This was G.o.dslayer Luo’s heir, the one they had all a.s.sembled to seek and destroy.

“There she is! That’s her! That’s G.o.dslayer Luo’s heir,” Gu Demon Emperor spoke aloud.

Many spirits noticed the coming of the purple-haired lady, and they knew that was the heir they had come to kill.

No G.o.d Emperor and the others hadn’t fought yet, on this day.

Lotus Empress then appeared, as if she was leading Zero out from behind.

Lotus Empress heard Han Sen gently call for help, and she lifted her Night Gem and turned the entire region black. Darkness enveloped the shelter and encompa.s.sing lands.

All the spirits that were valiantly charging forward were shocked. It was as if they had all been blinded. It did not matter how great their vision was, for the black that took them could not be cut through by any manner of vision.

Some fire-element spirits tried casting fire spells, in the hopes it would help illuminate the area. But they were shocked to see nothing. The darkness seemed to coat and choke everything, and no fire was strong enough to wash the black away or even reveal the gra.s.s they knew was underfoot.

Xie Qing King and Moment Queen were just as shocked as the attackers. The spirits and super creatures were beginning to panic, and they started to move about in hysteria, like headless chickens.

“What are you waiting for, Zero? Do your thing,” Han Sen prompted her to start attacking, and then he drew his own swords.

The Night Gem was a Demi-G.o.d Geno Core. It confused enemies by blanketing their world in pitch black darkness. It did not deal damage, but it didn’t have to, considering the pain Zero and Han Sen were going to unleash.

The only downside to using it was that the effects only lasted ten minutes.

Not wanting to waste a single second, Han Sen was keen to rush forward as quickly as he could and start attacking. He had to bring that horde down as quickly as he could.

Moment Queen and the rest of Han Sen’s companions also joined the fray. They ran towards the blind, panicking army and targeted the super creatures amongst them, first and foremost.

The entire shelter was painted red following this. A river of blood, muddied with a thousand mangled corpses, began to form.