Super Gene - Chapter 1327 - The Two Powers That Cannot Be Trapped

Chapter 1327 - The Two Powers That Cannot Be Trapped

Chapter 1327: The Two Powers That Cannot Be Trapped


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

No G.o.d Emperor was the number one Son of G.o.d of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but that was the first rank among the spirits that competed in Divinity’s Bout. Not all emperors showed interest in the affair.

The general consensus among spirits was that the mightiest throughout the entire Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary was a spirit called Ruin Emperor; an emperor that far exceeded No G.o.d Emperor’s capabilities, as well.

Ruin Emperor’s greatest ability was the one that trapped the powers of his opponents. All attacks were rendered useless, and repeats were disabled. Ruin Emperor’s power was something none had ever been able to beat or overcome.

The ability made Ruin Emperor indestructible in every sense of the word, and it was the power-trapping aspect that defined the emperor.

“Ruin Emperor, why didn’t you stay on Ultimate Mountain? Why have you come here?” Moment Queen asked.

Ruin Emperor responded to her question, telling her, “Unless you want a repeat of what occurred before, stay out of this. You have done well to return to the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but I will smite you back down if you dare to meddle in this.”

Ruin Emperor looked over towards Lotus Empress and said, “I have a great deal of respect for your mother. Although I cannot say the same to you, I am willing to spare your life in honor of who your mother is.”

Lotus Empress asked him herself, saying, “Why have you gotten involved in this?”

“G.o.dslayer Luo’s heir must die.” Ruin Emperor spoke this while staring directly at Zero.

No G.o.d Emperor, Gu Demon Emperor, and Three-Eye Emperor then leaped forward to join Ruin Emperor in battle. “Moment, you dare show your face here? How typical; for you to spend your days with these wretched vermin! I will finish you once and for all today by destroying your spirit stone,” No G.o.d Emperor said.

“Ruin Emperor and No G.o.d Emperor are both here? They’ll mop the floor with the human and his mates.”

“Ruin Emperor should grab a seat. I bet even No G.o.d Emperor has what it takes to destroy each and every one of them.”

“With their powers trapped, they are dead men walking.”

“Mister Ruin is the strongest in the entire sanctuary. None can stop him.”

The spirits that were spectating these events were beginning to forget the horrors of what had happened prior to Ruin Emperor’s arrival. They were actually feeling happy and hopeful for a positive outcome for the day, despite the heavy losses they had incurred. They were particularly keen at the prospect of watching the human get killed; for some, who had no history with G.o.dslayer Luo, that was who they wanted to see suffer more than anyone.

With Ruin Emperor suppressing their enemies now, they were overjoyed.

Han Sen was surprised, much to his dismay. Even Little Silver and Purple Emperor’s powers were rendered useless against Ruin Emperor. Even their powers had been taken away.

“How does this emperor achieve such a technique? This should be impossible!” Han Sen frowned, almost unable to believe what was happening was a legitimate truth.

Han Sen believed it to be a rule of the universe that there was no beat-all power or technique, and nothing was truly invincible. Everything had a weakness to be exploited; it just needed to be found. But even if Ruin Emperor had one, Han Sen wasn’t sure how he’d take advantage of it without his powers. Not even the silver fox could aid him this time.

Han Sen could not use his time and s.p.a.ce powers, but he could at the very least use lightning.


Han Sen summoned a lightning-wreathed manifestation of a hammer: his Thunder Hammer. But it shattered when it was brought down on Ruin Emperor’s body.

After this, though, Han Sen realized he could no longer repeat the skill. That had been trapped, too.

“This is too weird.” Han Sen frowned.

“All your powers are useless before Mister Ruin. Haha!” Three-Eye Emperor laughed at Han Sen.

Ruin Emperor was not interested in Han Sen, though. He had come for the heir of G.o.dslayer Luo, and he had done so with a seething hatred. He ignored Han Sen’s transgression and merely stared at Zero.

Ruin Emperor was approaching Zero, and making good on the promise of protecting her, Han Sen ran forward to at least try and prevent him from getting any closer.

Ruin Emperor did not bother dodging the attacks, as he had done before, but his behavior was different. He moved his arm to block Han Sen’s attempted swordstrike.

There was a bracelet on his arm, and when Han Sen’s sword came into contact with it, his blade became stuck to it.

Still, Han Sen had now noticed that despite Ruin Emperor being resistant to every element under the sun, he was not resistant to good old, plain, physical power.

Han Sen’s swordstrike had been delivered without any a.s.sociated element, and it had prompted Ruin Emperor to block with his arm.

Unfortunately, the joy of this realization was cut short, for the bracelet on that arm had a strong suction. When Han Sen tried to heave his sword away, he pulled the emperor with him, and it was at this moment Ruin Emperor tried to punch Han Sen.

Han Sen saw this, and he threw a fist in response. When Ruin Emperor saw the incoming punch, though, his stern face dropped to one of sudden surprise.

When the fists met with each other, even that mighty emperor himself was sent stumbling backwards.

Three-Eye Emperor and Gu Demon Emperor staggered. They could not believe Han Sen had made Ruin Emperor reel backwards.

Flower Empress swiftly spoke aloud in praise of Han Sen, saying, “Whoa! Did you see that? A powerful human, isn’t he?”

East Empress was in agreement, and she sought to offer commentary to the spirits with her and explain what they had just seen. She said, “There are only two powers Ruin Emperor is unable to trap.”

“And what are those?” Heavenly Empress asked.

“One is G.o.dslayer Luo’s own power. He and Ruin Emperor once fought,” East Empress said.

“What happened during their fight?” Flower Empress thought Ruin Emperor had battled G.o.dslayer Luo and emerged victorious, but that might not have been the case. She was being told G.o.dslayer Luo’s power could not be trapped, after all.

“Neither of them won.” East Empress paused for a brief moment, before going on to say, “Ruin Emperor was unable to trap his opponent’s powers, but G.o.dslayer Luo did not have what it took to withstand Ruin Emperor’s own strength, as well.”

“Then what is the second power Ruin Emperor cannot trap?” Flower Empress asked.

“Physical. Raw physical might. He can trap every elemental attack, but this ability does not hold water when it comes to physical strength,” East Empress explained.

Han Sen put away his swords next, and simply activated Jadeskin before unleas.h.i.+ng a barrage of rapid-fire punches.