Super Gene - Chapter 1275 - Aqua Fruit Core

Chapter 1275 - Aqua Fruit Core

Chapter 1275: Aqua Fruit Core


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was very weary now, but he was still in a jovial mood. After this latest adventure, he had earned much. And now, after this latest kill, he had also gotten a berserk beast soul. While he could always create his own, earning one and not having to wait out the evolution process was a brilliant thing.

The Serpent Throne was a super creature with ten gene locks open, so there was no doubt in Han Sen’s mind that it would be a magnificent beast to have at his disposal.

Han Sen looked into his Sea of Soul to get a look at its type.

“I have armor and weapons already. This looks like a mount more than anything. But I don’t really want a mount. If it is a shapes.h.i.+ft beast soul, I don’t want to shapes.h.i.+ft into a chair, either. Plus, I have my Gold Raven and Ancient Devil Soldier beast souls for whenever I wish to shapes.h.i.+ft,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Berserk Super Beast Soul Serpent Throne: Doll Type

“Doll type? What is that?! I don’t need an action figure,” Han Sen was surprised, to say the least.

Han Sen had discovered a lot of unique beast souls during his time in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, and the Alliance always rewarded the finders of new beast soul discoveries. That being said, Han Sen had not reported any of his findings. He had enough money as it was, so it was simple laziness that was prohibiting him from making the reports.

Han Sen put Qin Xuan on the fish king and went downstream.

Han Sen really appreciated the a.s.sistance of the fish king. If it hadn’t shown up, even with Little Angel, Han Sen wouldn’t have been able to buy the time necessary to build up the moves that brought an end to the fighting.

Han Sen was going to call this new hyper geno art, that used s.p.a.ce and time elements together, “Ghost Slash.”

While the name did not bear any semblance to the s.p.a.ce and time elements that fueled it, it was a name he had carefully selected due to the meanings that resided below the surface.

Before humans entered their interstellar era, they could not interact, bend, or meld the actual elements of s.p.a.ce and time. There were a number of s.h.i.+ps, however, that disappeared and reappeared a few decades later. They were dubbed “ghost s.h.i.+ps” due to having unwittingly stumbled through wormholes and traveled through time. What seemed like seconds of travel to those onboard had actually been years for everyone else.

The Ghost Slash Han Sen had formulated was similar, as it rapidly redefined and reduced the breadth of time when performed.

It made the time and distance his attack had to travel next to nothing. While the opponent could see his attack appear like normal, they were completely oblivious to what he was actually doing.

The s.p.a.ce and time Han Sen operated in, during those brief moments of attack, were different. His attack was impossible to block.

The empress was stronger than Han Sen, there was no doubt about that. Ghost Slash should have been able to injure her, but not kill her.

But Ghost Slash ignored the general rules of s.p.a.ce and time. She was going to stab Han Sen with her spear, so, being unable to dodge, she had completely opened herself up and made herself susceptible to a one-hit-kill.

Seeing this, it drove a fear into Serpent Throne’s heart that made it flee. This also made it drop its guard, allowing Han Sen to one-hit-kill it, as well.

And of course, it was Han Sen’s combining with Little Angel that upped his strength enough to deliver the power required to achieve the two kills.

Han Sen was happy with Ghost Slash, though. It wasn’t what he believed it would be, but due to its unstoppability, he liked it a lot.

The fish king took the three of them to a nearby shelter, then Han Sen led Qin Xuan back to Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter. There were still six Aqua Fruits back on the vine, but none had dared take them. And Han Sen, in the meantime, was simply glad he had managed to obtain two.

Qin Xuan was shocked upon her arrival at the shelter. She couldn’t believe all the king spirits and super creatures that occupied the place, each in service of Han Sen.

Qin Xuan was not surprised Han Sen had managed to obtain a number of super beast souls, but she had believed it to be impossible for him to make super creatures and king spirits willingly obey him.

Qin Xuan had learned Queen was still traveling with Han Sen, and she wished to meet with her, but when they arrived, Queen was out hunting. Han Sen got all the meat Queen would ever need for her, but she still insisted on hunting by herself to hone her talents.

Once Han Sen had recovered from his state of weariness, he was planning on returning to Blood River Shelter and conquering the place. That was still unfinished business.

Blood River King had just lost three super creatures, so Han Sen thought he wouldn’t have too much trouble taking it down with just Little Angel and Disloyal Knight by his side.

Han Sen went to his room and summoned Moment Queen.

“Are you enjoying life inside the Cruel Bottle?” Han Sen asked.

Moment Queen knew what he had actually summoned her for, and so she said, “Maybe now I can finish what I was trying to tell you. That which is embedded inside the king spirit’s head is the core of an Aqua Fruit.”

“Is there a difference?” Han Sen asked.

Moment Queen said, “Among the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary’s emperor-cla.s.s plants, Aqua Fruit is undoubtedly in the top ten. They can allow emperors to open gene locks. If they have ten gene locks open already, the fruit can allow them to open the Holy Door.”

“But spirits don’t really know what it does. And they don’t know that the fruit itself can only be used to open a few lower-level gene locks.”

“Spirits? Are you trying to tell me you aren’t an ordinary king spirit?” Han Sen wondered.

The empress had been tricked by G.o.d’s Retribution. Three cores had been obtained in total. One had been taken by the blue-blooded man, while two had been retrieved by Han Sen.

Moment Queen sighed and said, “It is pointless if you learn more about me. Just… tell me what I must do to earn back my freedom.”

“Well, I can’t quite confirm the validity of what you have told me just yet,” Han Sen said.