Super Gene - Chapter 1274 - Killing the Empress and Obtaining a Beast Soul

Chapter 1274 - Killing the Empress and Obtaining a Beast Soul

Chapter 1274: Killing the Empress and Obtaining a Beast Soul


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

The empress saw Han Sen stop with the intent to grab the spear that she held. She spun it in a bid to strike him. But as the spear spun, it disappeared from her hands. Where it went, Han Sen could not keep track of.

He didn’t much care for this, though. All Han Sen wanted to do was focus on channeling energy and power into his greatsword for an attack of his own.

The angelic sword drifted in and out of reality, hovering amidst shards of distorted dimensions. It was like the image of some magical blade, taken from an ancient tale.

Han Sen held it, now ready to slash the empress.

“Die!” the empress yelled, as a creepy and excited look flashed across her face. The spear had appeared in front of Han Sen.

The empress thought she could plunge the spear through Han Sen’s head before his sword landed a strike.


The empress’ eyes opened wide in utter shock.

Her body had been cut in half from a downward swing, and the face that dribbled blood across its center wore a look of fright. The serpent that had accompanied the empress now looked terrified, and it swiftly tried to flee the scene.

Han Sen wasn’t going to allow that, however. He gathered up another surge of power to unleash at it to prevent its departure.

Due to the empress having been killed, the giant snake was attempting to scramble and slither its way up over the rocks in a bid to escape the human. But it could not lose Han Sen, and he was quick to remain at its tail.

Qin Xuan and Bao’er had felt an earthquake just a moment ago, so they had exited the mouth of the cave to come take a look.

When they came out, they saw a hazy mixture of gold and copper lights. The scenery all around was destroyed like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The lights were coming towards them, with a trail of destruction being left in its wake.

Qin Xuan grabbed Bao’er and took off running.

Qin Xuan had only just arrived in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, so her effort was in vain. She was too weak to run from the lights.

Not long after her attempt of flight, she heard something most monstrous come from someplace behind her.

The copper light was on her heels, coming at a most fearsome speed. It was so close, and now Qin Xuan was able to see what that copper light was. It was a giant copper snake, similar to the ones people used to wors.h.i.+p long ago. Its lifeforce was frighteningly strong.

Qin Xuan thought this had to be it, and that she was done for. She didn’t think there’d be an escape from this predicament. She held Bao’er as if she were a real baby. She thought it was most likely a pointless thing, but she did so anyway, as if to protect it.

The snake wanted to dive down and head underground, and it was a simple misfortune for Bao’er and Qin Xuan to be in its way.

Qin Xuan s.h.i.+elded Bao’er from the sight of the beast and watched it come down.

She was a soldier, and she made sure to watch. She knew closing her eyes would not make a difference, and it would not reduce the danger that had befallen her. So she kept them open and stood strong. She did not let fear take hold, and she did not let the hope of a possible survival escape her.

The mouth of the snake had come down from above, tenting their position, and in that moment, Qin Xuan threw Bao’er away.

Qin Xuan did not even know Bao’er was a beast soul, she just thought by throwing her away, she might survive.

After throwing her away, she faced her imminent death alone.


The serpent was about to close its teeth on her lonely body, but suddenly, another light flashed across her vision. Qin Xuan suddenly saw the snake reel back as its head was hewn from its coiling body.

After that, its body began to flail backwards as the light ran through it from top-to-tail. Vertically, down the center, the body was cut into two perfectly symmetrical halves.

The snake had built up momentum though, and it leaned forward even in death.

Qin Xuan was still stood where she had been, as the rocky landscape around her began to crumble. She stumbled and grabbed a hefty stone to keep her balance.

When the snake’s flailing came to a stop, and the dust that had kicked up was all that could be seen, Qin Xuan saw a gold light pierce the haze.

There was a most beautiful goldfish coming towards her through the murk. She stumbled backwards. Even though it was a beautiful beast, she knew it was a creature.

If the snake had been killed by the goldfish, then the goldfish had to be even more powerful than it.

She wished to run, but Qin Xuan was afraid that if she did start to flee, the fish would attack her.

Bao’er was waddling her way over to the goldfish as Qin Xuan mulled her courses of action.

“Bao’er, be careful!” Qin Xuan pleaded, but it didn’t stop her.

Bao’er jumped atop the goldfish’s head, and then Qin Xuan watched her jump into the arms of someone.

“Han Sen!” Qin Xuan looked at the figure and the fish in awe, and when the dust had cleared just enough, she saw Han Sen standing atop the creature.

Han Sen was delighted as this occurred, because he was in the midst of hearing the announcement play.

“Berserk Super Creature Serpent Throne killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.”