Super Gene - Chapter 1276 - Moment’s Enemy

Chapter 1276 - Moment’s Enemy

Chapter 1276: Moment’s Enemy


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Moment Queen paused for some time, and when she resumed her speech, she said, “If I said I was an empress, would you believe me?”

“Of course I would.” Han Sen had seen a few empresses in his time, so he wasn’t afraid of them.

And with the knowledge she possessed, despite how much she had tried to twist it and mislead Han Sen in the past, the fact she might have been an empress at one point in time was not unbelievable.

Furthermore, she once managed to break the contract between them. That was something he had never seen a spirit do before.

Moment Queen went on to say, “I failed my ascension of The Ten Steps of the Holy Door, and following my failure, I was captured by my enemy. After that, they cast me back to the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.”

“That means what you told me before, in the beginning, was false.”

“No, it’s true. I killed the son of an emperor.”

“What was his t.i.tle?”

“No G.o.d.”

When Han Sen heard this, he almost spat out the water he had just taken a swig of.

Han Sen had heard about No G.o.d before, when he was competing in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary’s Divinity’s Bout, but he was too weak to reach the top ten.

No G.o.d reigned supreme, beating out all other challengers to become number one. If No G.o.d was her enemy, she must have been powerful. But somehow, she had been repeatedly bullied by Han Sen.

“Are you lying to me?” Han Sen thought she might have read the list of spirits that competed in the tourney and was fabricating another falsehood.

Moment Queen pleaded, “Not many king spirits know about the Aqua Fruit Core. You have many king spirits in your service, so why don’t you ask them? See if they know.”

Han Sen already believed her, though. He maintained a dubious guise, but he knew she possessed a lot of knowledge, and the manner she spoke carried a weight of earnestness this time.

Moment Queen proceeded to tell Han Sen how to use the core, but she told him he could only use one. Using any more than one could be harmful.

What’s more, it only worked with certainty on spirits. It could work on humans, but there was no guarantee it’d help.

Han Sen planned on getting the core out of Yaksha’s head, to begin with. He wanted Moment Queen to do it, but she said if she did, it would latch onto her instead. It was quite like a parasite. She’d also need a pure weapon to dig it out.

Han Sen was caught off-guard by her comments, as he had managed to dig another one out of the fish king with no issue.

“Was it because of my Blood-Pulse Sutra? I mean, G.o.d’s Retribution managed to grab a fruit without becoming a host to the parasite. And Blood-Pulse Sutra is something we both have in common,” Han Sen wondered.

Han Sen entered the bottle and cut the core out of Yaksha’s head. Moment Queen was shocked to witness this. Han Sen was able to touch the core with no adverse effects.

Yaksha woke up, and when he saw Han Sen, he spared no time in trying to attack. His fury was so great, the black smoke that billowed around him was nearly asphyxiating.

The Cruel Bottle was a separate dimension of sorts, but that was the extent of it. It couldn’t suppress an individual’s power. Han Sen was not afraid, though. Nowadays, he had the capacity to defeat emperors.

Han Sen pulled out his Phoenix Sword and swung it towards Yaksha. When Yaksha saw the sword, it suddenly disappeared. Then it was Yaksha’s arm that was missing.

Yaksha’s face twisted in disbelief of how powerful Han Sen had become. Han Sen didn’t want to kill him, though, as he did not know what would happen if Yaksha died.

If he couldn’t resurrect, then it’d be a waste.

Han Sen wished to ask Yaksha about Asura and Dragon King, especially about the former. He thought there was a connection between Asura and the shura.

Yaksha was one of the eight generals, so there was a hearty chance Han Sen could learn something off the fiend.

Han Sen coldly told him, “Do you know what this is?”

“What? Where am I? What is this place?” Yaksha could not feel his spirit stone, so a legitimate fear was taking hold of him.

“That is not for you to know. What you need to know, and in turn tell me, is whether you wish to live or die.” Han Sen carried himself in a menacing way.

Yaksha said, “I’m a king spirit. Do you really think I am afraid of death?”

Han Sen replied, “Tell me; what happened between the eight generals and Ancient Devil Emperor? If your answer satisfies my curiosity, I will let you live. If it doesn’t, we’ll play a game called, let’s see if the king spirit can resurrect.”

Yaksha’s face turned grim, and he said, “How can I know you’ll free me if I tell you what you want to know?”

“I didn’t promise I would, but I’m not too concerned about a weakling like you. I can kill you on a whim, so the ball is indefinitely in your court. What happens next is entirely up to you.” Han Sen left the Cruel Bottle to give him time to think.

After this, he freed Moment Queen as well. Now that Han Sen was much stronger, there was little to fear. And what’s more, he might have need of her knowledge soon.

“This is your last chance,” Han Sen told her.

“How do I use this thing?” Han Sen wondered, as he eyed the Aqua Core he held.

Moment Queen said it would only work for spirits, so Han Sen had to weigh whether or not there was danger in taking it himself. After all, opening ten gene locks would be a remarkable thing.