Super Gene - Chapter 1273 - Time and Space

Chapter 1273 - Time and Space

Chapter 1273: Time and s.p.a.ce


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The super king spirit’s power enabled Han Sen to escape the clutches of the coppering.

Nothing had yet been able to defeat Han Sen and his super king spirit mode. And additional debilitative techniques had always been rendered useless against him in this form, like the toad that fired coins that formed the basis of Saving Money.

Han Sen was confident this was what it would take to escape what the empress had started doing to him. When his transformation had finished, his entire body glowed white.

The copper on his body had started fading away, slowly freeing him. Unfortunately, the copper was strong, and it would take a while for it all to disappear so Han Sen could move as freely as he wished to. He’d have to stand his ground against whatever the empress and her Serpent Throne sought to do for now. And already, the snakes were coming for him.

Little Angel and Disloyal Knight were still in the area. They came to Han Sen’s side to protect him while he recovered from the empress’ frightening skill.

It was a tricky situation, and one that he never had to deal with before. Han Sen was helpless, and his life was truly in their hands. It made him sweat bullets.

Han Sen was going to summon all his king spirits, so they could aid in protecting him. But suddenly, a splash of water was heard. It was very close. A gold-plated fish had arrived in his aid, and it helped repel the serpents that sought to kill Han Sen.

“Fish king?!” Han Sen exclaimed with glee.

The fish king flew above Han Sen, arcing through the sky like a rainbow. It managed to subdue and suppress each and every attack the snakes tried to perform.

The empress’s rage only increased, and now she sought to turn the fish to copper. She stared at it intently, as she had stared at Han Sen earlier.

Suddenly, a sound similar to that of a clicking finger was heard behind the fish king.

The sky had suddenly started to rain down coins.

The empress’ vision of the fish king was disturbed, and its copper rendition in her eyes vanished.

The coins fell upon the snakes and the throne they carried, and the coins stuck to them like glue. Almost immediately, they struggled to move. And just when Han Sen thought the empress’s anger could not increase, it did. She grabbed a copper spear from her throne.

When she pulled it out, the very shape of the throne started to twist and look misshapen. The downpour of coins was not relenting, but this was not the cause of that transformation. The throne and the snakes were starting to come together to build something new, and when they all came together, one giant serpent beast appeared to fight.

The empress rode this new snake towards Han Sen, a spear in hand. The snake was able to withstand the downpour of coins.

Han Sen was behind the fish, and the fish moved forward to attack the coming empress.

The empress swung her spear and pierced it through the golden mist. She was going to drive it directly into the fish king’s head.

Han Sen grabbed Little Angel and kissed her, initiating the process of them combining into one supremely powerful ent.i.ty.

At that precise moment, a strong light prevented the spear from killing the fish king.

At the same time, Han Sen was standing atop the fish king in possession of a halo and white wings. In his hands, he wielded an angelic blade.

“Kill!” Han Sen exclaimed, and then the fish king pushed forward to meet with the empress and her crony. Han Sen’s eyes were filled with lightning as he came forward to engage the empress with his angel sword.

The empress looked incredibly mad. She rode the snake to engage with the fish, spear raised, as if to joust with Han Sen.

The gold and copper light came into contact, with the sound of thunder being the first noise that could be heard. It was like the skies had just been torn asunder.

They fought and fought, as the environment all around them was destroyed in the midst of their manic battle. Many of the tall trees and been sundered, toppled, or even lopped clean in half.

The earth was cracked and thrown into turmoil, while the skies changed color. If one did not know any better, one would presume the world was ending and the apocalypse had come.

It was a shame Han Sen had only opened nine of his gene locks. But still, with Little Angel, he could always find himself able to compete with emperors who had ten gene locks open.

Han Sen had almost maxed out his super geno point tally, so he could take on this form for a much greater duration before finding himself knackered and weary.

Still, the limit was there, and he knew he was on a timer. But Han Sen did not want to leave and make himself scarce.

The sword in Han Sen’s hand started to appear twisted.

He made use of what he had learned with s.p.a.ce and time, by speeding up the latter and teleporting via the former. Han Sen had been researching this for a long time. He did not know which was the best way to do this, or when would be the best time.

But now, seeing the empress prove such a threat, Han Sen made the decision to use what he had learned now. Han Sen had learned a lot, but he had never put it into practice. He had a feeling that this would prove successful.

The powers of time and s.p.a.ce were gathering to become one.

The empress’s spear was on its way over to Han Sen once again, but then, it felt as if it was her eyes that were approaching instead.

The fish king’s gold mist kept repelling that copper light as the region that encompa.s.sed the fighters turned to utter ruin.

Suddenly, Han Sen told the fish king to stop. The mountain ahead was where Bao’er and Qin Xuan were hiding. If they were found, they’d be dead.

“Let’s do it here, then.” Han Sen was brewing a monstrous amount of power.