Super Gene - Chapter 1194 - The Fourth Person in the Alliance

Chapter 1194 - The Fourth Person in the Alliance

Chapter 1194: The Fourth Person in the Alliance


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Time King Spirit Geno Point +1; Time King Spirit Geno Point +1; Time King Spirit Geno Point +1.”

Han Sen, seeing his spirit geno points increase, looked delightfully happy.

Moment Queen wasn’t feeling quite the same way, as could be imagined. She was fuming.

She had managed to ama.s.s many time geno points, but they were incredibly difficult to come by. And now, to see half of them go to Han Sen, she felt as if her heart was physically bleeding.

“It looks like she managed to get herself a load of goodies in my absence. If she managed to open five gene locks, that means she must have received at least five hundred self geno points. I doubt ordinary king spirits could achieve such a feat in such a small timeframe,” Han Sen thought, as he pondered Moment Queen’s situation.

It was a shame they had signed a contract, though. This meant she could not give him any more than one hundred geno points. If Moment Queen was the one who held the contract and owned Han Sen, then there’d be no limit.

But, for obvious reasons, Han Sen wouldn’t place himself under contract with her. And for the time being, one hundred of such geno points were more than enough.

When Moment Queen looked at Han Sen next, there was a fire of murder in her eyes.

Now that he had managed to obtain one hundred time king spirit geno points, Han Sen was able to start producing his own skill.

The Dongxuan Sutra was able to simulate Sky King and Moment Queen’s powers.

But the Dongxuan Sutra had only six of its tiers open. There’d be a limit to the efficiency of his creation, and if he wasn’t careful in the combination of those two volatile powers, there was a chance he could hurt himself.

When Han Sen created Saving Money, it was a long and laborious job that took him many years to complete.

Returning to the Alliance, Han Sen hopped onto Skynet. He wanted to increase his knowledge and learn all he could about s.p.a.ce and time. He even consulted Bai Yishan about the subject.

“I focus on the human body. s.p.a.ce and time, well… That isn’t exactly my forte. I suggest you go see Professor Long; he’s an expert on the subject.” Bai Yishan then provided Han Sen with a slip of paper, before going on to say, “He holds lectures regarding hyper geno arts that deal with s.p.a.ce and time, primarily.”

Han Sen filled out the application form, then Bai Yishan helped him fast-track the registration process. It was then that Han Sen realized Professor Long was the creator of Hypers.p.a.ce: a tidbit of knowledge that greatly amped up his excitement.

Due to this cla.s.s being private for members of the Saint Hall, it was held in their base. The knowledge to be shared there would undoubtedly be secret. As such, Han Sen had to travel to Lie Men Planet.

It was a great distance away from Roca Planet, so to pa.s.s the time on the journey, Han Sen decided to practice combat in the virtual community.

“Are you Han Sen?” Someone recognized him.

Han Sen turned around to see a modern-looking couple, both of whom were in their twenties.

The girl happily ran towards Han Sen, saying, “Can I just say how much I love you and Ji Yanran. Would it be boorish for me to request your signature?”

“It’d be a pleasure.” Han Sen smiled.

“Here, on this sheet of paper. Could you address it to Little Lan?” The girl had quickly lifted a notebook out of her pocket.

Han Sen wrote, “To cute Little Lan, Han Sen.”

The girl thanked him and quickly left.

“I didn’t know I had female fans.” Han Sen was pleased after this, so he trotted around with a spring in his step. But then, he overheard a conversation.

“Why did you ask for his signature? You do know he cannot fight anymore, right?” the boyfriend told her.

“So? I think he’s a lovely person,” the girl said.

“Childish.” The guy clearly didn’t approve.

Han Sen, hearing this, did not mind too much. He wasn’t a saint, and he knew he couldn’t get everyone to like him.

Han Sen entered the holographic machine to practice combat and pa.s.s the time.

Lie Men was on the outskirts of the Alliance’s system, so it was going to take half a month of travel for him to reach it. A lot of that time was spent in virtual fighting.

But Han Sen soon lost interest in it. Each fight was a cakewalk, and after winning every single match with the greatest of ease, he grew numb and bored. He wouldn’t have spent time there if he had he anything better to do.

Just as Han Sen was going to go off and watch the news, he was matched with someone a little out of the ordinary.

Han Sen was impressed by the fellow’s name.

“Fourth Person in the Alliance; interesting.” Han Sen smiled when he saw the tag.

If it was “something-something number one,” Han Sen wouldn’t have been impressed. This, though, gave the impression he wasn’t someone who was talking nonsense. This person exuded a feel that was real.

“Let me just see how strong this person is.” Han Sen chuckled to himself.

Han Sen was in social matchmaking, but there were rankings in play. He would only be able to match up with others of the same level, so in this case, other surpa.s.sers.

When Han Sen entered the arena, he did not hesitate to rush towards his opponent and unleash a flurry of attacks.

When the dust settled, Han Sen was shocked at the result. The opponent had successfully blocked each of his strikes. This person had to be special, as no one else could block Han Sen’s attacks like that.

Han Sen spent the next ten minutes on the offensive, but he was surprised to see his opponent successfully defend against every attack.

Han Sen was surprised, and he thought to himself, “This guy really is something!”

Han Sen’s hands did not slow down, though. Instead, they just sped up.