Super Gene - Chapter 1193 - I Get Half

Chapter 1193 - I Get Half

Chapter 1193: I Get Half


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

If there was one power Han Sen was afraid of, it had to be time. Time and s.p.a.ce were a freakish duo, but the former definitely made him the wariest. What it could achieve was both fascinating and frightening, and this was what Han Sen thought as he looked at Moment Queen now.

Humans could control s.p.a.ce, but not time. They were not technologically advanced enough for time manipulation. In the sanctuary, things were a little different, and time there could be controlled, or at the very least manipulated.

Moment Queen had not opened as many gene locks as Han Sen had, but that didn’t mean he was willing to underestimate her. Han Sen formed another coin between his fingers, but before he could do anything, Moment Queen had already teleported in front of him and delivered a punch.

She used to be a n.o.ble figure, one of divinity and grace. She had been disgraced repeatedly by her service to Han Sen. The final straw was Han Sen’s insult, following her broken body. She could not take it anymore.

Moment Queen attacked Han Sen with all the power she had. She had to vent and release her pent-up frustration with him, but she didn’t think he’d kill her for the act. He’d have to keep her around for moving the shelter, after all.

Han Sen quickly used his phoenix techniques to avoid her thras.h.i.+ng.

He knew he had avoided her, but in the next second, her wailing fists had become nothing but a blur. And somehow, she had managed to strike him in the stomach.

“Wow. Why are you so weak?” Moment Queen wore a cheeky smirk.

Moment Queen’s powers were different than Sky King’s, that much was certain. If she battled against Sky King, he’d have been able to kill her in one hit, but doing so would be difficult. Her unique talents most certainly gave her the ability to punch above her weight cla.s.s.

“That’s the spirit. Let’s keep this going.” Han Sen activated his Dongxuan Sutra and ran towards Moment Queen.

Moment Queen twirled the dimension around them and got to fighting Han Sen.

When it came to the manipulation of time, Moment Queen was in a league of her own. Even with a low amount of gene locks open, she was still frightening to compete with.

Although she could not stop time, she could easily rewind the clock on her body and remove damage.

She could speed up and slow down time, too, while giving her a separate flow to operate on. She was almost as good as Sky King and his ability of warping dimensions, despite the obvious gap in power that was between them.

Han Sen thought she could speed up time to predict the immediate future and what attacks might come her way, too. If that was true, that was similar to the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

Moment Queen was still weak, though. If her talent would eventually lead to that ability, there was still some time to go.

The ability to speed up time was already quite the showcase of someone’s power, and if Han Sen did not have Dongxuan Aura, he’d have been unable to dodge.

Moment Queen kept on flas.h.i.+ng before him with unrivaled speed. Even Han Sen had to stay on his toes and remain sharp. But Moment Queen still kept missing him. He could see the dimension around her was being twisted as she went.

“I could hit him if I was just a little bit faster!” Moment Queen was firing on all cylinders but was just falling short of what was necessary to smack him silly.

Believing herself to be too slow was just a misconception, though. That being said, it did drive her to give it everything she had. If she was able to move as fast as Sky King, there was no doubt she’d be able to strike Han Sen however she wanted.

But the Dongxuan Aura was giving Han Sen the edge. By being able to predict her moves, he was evading her attacks before she even began executing them. Her speed wasn’t quite the issue.

At the very least, Han Sen was now able to gauge how much power Moment Queen had ama.s.sed in the time they had been apart and see how far she’d come. While he had been gone, she had managed to open four gene locks.

Wanting to keep things fair, Han Sen made sure to only open four gene locks to compete, too. With things like this, their powers were rather even. And balance was what Han Sen wanted. He did everything he could to maintain the equal balance of the sparring session.

From a spectator’s point of view, all that could be seen were two wispy shadows brawling like mad in the Martial Hall.

Now, Moment Queen discarded all attempts of maintaining a steady defense. She was now giving Han Sen all she had, with all her focus placed in an attacking stance.

Unlike Han Sen, she could rewind. As such, Han Sen would have to be put on the defensive.

“I can be faster. I know I can!” There was only one thing occupying Moment Queen’s mind, and that was the thought of beating the smirk off Han Sen’s ever-smug face.


Moment Queen felt like a chain had just broken inside her; her fifth gene lock had now been opened.

Her entire body became a blur before Han Sen, and he could no longer see her fists coming. Then, he was quickly walloped in the chest.

“Yes!” Moment Queen was tremendously overjoyed.

“Very good.” Moment Queen thought of following up the attack with another, but she was taken aback to see Han Sen praise, congratulate, and clap for her.

“You have opened five gene locks. It seems to me as if you have many king spirit geno points. I think it is time we make good on that deal. Do you remember?” Han Sen patted her on the shoulders and said, “I get half.”

Moment Queen froze. Her excitement and happiness over managing to strike Han Sen had all vanished.