Super Gene - Chapter 1195 - Textbook Example

Chapter 1195 - Textbook Example

Chapter 1195: Textbook Example


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Fang Mingquan entered the virtual community and sent a message to Yuan Zhufeng.

Fang Mingquan had scheduled an interview with Yuan Zhufeng, and despite the fact that they could only meet inside the virtual community, he had still been very excited for the occasion.

Yuan Zhufeng was a demi-G.o.d teacher, and he was so well-renowned, he had earned himself the t.i.tle, “Tutor of the Alliance.” His primary field of teaching lay in hyper geno arts.

He hadn’t created any hyper geno arts himself, but he had formulated simpler varieties of some of the more complex ones that could be found. That way, those who weren’t the brightest of bulbs could still partic.i.p.ate, learn, and become stronger.

Yuan Zhufeng’s influence was sprawling, and he had garnered a great deal of respect over the years. He was so well-respected, he was given more credit than the original authors of hyper geno arts themselves. Over the years, though, his services had aided countless people, so it wasn’t undeserving.

Fang Mingquan was proud and honored to have been given the opportunity to interview someone of such prestige.

Fang Mingquan, however, was soon surprised. He received a reply to the message he had sent, and the answer was quite unexpected.

“I’m sorry. I am in a match, currently; I’ll be available shortly.”

Fang Mingquan confirmed this in his online status, so without anything better to do, he decided to spectate.

Fang Mingquan was quite curious over who the combatant was, who might have delayed him, and so he thought to himself, “Old Yuan is having a match against someone? Could it be another demi-G.o.d? Could it be Zhuo Donglai?”

Fang Mingquan looked to his opponent and noticed they had hidden their ID.

Fang Mingquan knew every person of renown’s ID, but without being able to see theirs now, he couldn’t tell who Yuan Zhufeng’s opponent was.

The image of the opponent’s face had been obscured, as well. As such, all that Fang Mingquan could learn about that person was the shape of their body.

As the two fought intensely, Fang Mingquan reclined and made himself comfortable. He noticed that Yuan Zhufeng was being very defensive.

Not that this came as a surprise. In fact, this was quite normal for Yuan Zhufeng. When he joined matchmaking, he did so to teach. He never fought an opponent with the desire to win, he only did so to encounter individuals with strength and teach them.

“From the way Yuan Zhufeng is defending, though, I can only suppose his opponent is of a lower tier,” Fang Mingquan noticed.

After a while of watching, a slow-boiling shock began to alter his perception.

Due to the fact he always watched matches and had developed great skills of a.n.a.lysis, he started to realize Old Yuan’s opponent’s attacks were perfect. There was not a single flaw to witness in his abilities of combat.

Before Old Yuan, it was nearly impossible to remain perfect and flawless for a whole five minutes.

Yuan Zhufeng, although his outward demeanor would not suggest it, was even more surprised than Fang Mingquan was. He thought he could kick back and relax for a while, matchmaking quickly through a number of people before the interview.

And with Yuan Zhufeng’s power, ending a fight when he wanted to shouldn’t have been difficult. He had continued to defend against his manic opponent, in the hopes of spotting a flaw he could quickly exploit.

There was still fifteen minutes to go before the interview was supposed to start, though, so it wasn’t as if he was late.

Slowly, Yuan Zhufeng’s surprise turned to shock and a mild perspiration. He had difficulty believing how great and talented his opponent truly was.

Fitness could always improve through the increase of geno points, no matter how they were obtained or consumed. A person’s abilities in combat were something else entirely, though, and they had to be properly learned.

The opponent was not making use of anything special, but he truly moved like water. He was like a ribbon of silk on a gentle breeze, moving delicately and without the single shadow of an error.

Or perhaps he was more of a machine; programmed to perform a move with the precision and finesse of a computer, devoid of flaws or human mistakes.

Twenty minutes had elapsed, and Yuan Zhufeng was unable to notice a single error. He was going to stop the fight, due to the timer ending soon, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him.

He wanted to see how long his opponent would last before making a mistake.

Mistakes were inevitable, and they were a fault of the human condition. Everyone made mistakes, but his opponent was clearly something special. Yuan Zhufeng really wanted to see just how long his opponent would last.

Han Sen did not know he was fighting a demi-G.o.d, but it felt as if he was getting nowhere, and each strike made zero progress.

“So strong!” Han Sen thought to himself.

Easy wins had been boring him before this, though, and a good challenge was exactly what he had wanted. Yuan Zhufeng was exciting him quite a bit. Yuan Zhufeng’s seemingly impenetrable defense was fascinating to Han Sen, and Han Sen wanted to see if he could eventually break it.

Han Sen used everything he had learned to fight, making every inch of his body a deadly weapon.

Fang Mingquan was still in awe. It was as if he were watching a visual, fighting textbook spring to life, with a rehea.r.s.ed and ch.o.r.eographed fight that seemed too good to be true. The person on the offense and the person on the defense were both perfect in everything they sought to do.

The skills and techniques performed weren’t particularly special, but both of them together in perfect harmonious combat was strikingly unique and infinitely riveting to watch. It was a sheer spectacle to witness, no doubt. He had never seen anything like it.

Every human’s body was different. A strong, chunky body could not make use of soft and delicate skills. It was not uncommon to see muscular men fail to bend and weave with the finesse of someone who was thinner and thus more agile.

Han Sen was an exception to this rule, though, it seemed. It didn’t matter what skill Han Sen performed or which way he attacked; he was perfect. This was why Yuan Zhufeng almost mistook him for a computer. The precision of his fighting was almost inhuman.