Super Gene - Chapter 1094 - New Jadeskin

Chapter 1094 - New Jadeskin

Chapter 1094: New Jadeskin


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen felt a great relief wash over him, having figured out the problem of the Xue family. It also meant that the Frost Sutra was safe, and there was no problem if he was to learn it.

The Frost Sutra was not as good as Dongxuan Sutra, of course, but it could still open ten gene locks.

The Dongxuan Sutra focused on opportunity, whereas the Frost Sutra was based on the senses. It also strengthened one’s bones. When Dong Xuanzi broke the vacuum, if his body was stronger, he wouldn’t have died in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

The Blood-Pulse Sutra was able to strengthen a person’s body, but it focused on your genes and what really lay beneath the hood. Han Sen would have liked to bring Jadeskin up to a similar level, and see what strength benefits he could receive.

The Dongxuan Sutra was already strong, but it wasn’t perfect. Jadeskin could only make it better. Han Sen was excited over these prospects, so he got to designing a new Jadeskin.

The meeting continued the following day, but no one was yet to come up with a solution.

Han Sen didn’t care much for this. He just went along with the proceedings, and when free, modified his own version of Jadeskin.

Han Sen kept comparing it to the original when he went to the hall. It was nice to get a refresher, but it was also good for him to keep up appearances. He didn’t say much during the events, he just studied the Frost Sutra intently each day.

Xue Feiyan, since the manic events of that day, had not come looking for him again. But that didn’t mean she had given up on him completely. In the latest meeting, she found a way to drag Han Sen into the limelight.

“Mister Han is a very famous person, no? And he is a student of the renowned Bai Yishan. Perhaps he can elucidate the issue and save our family while doing so?” she proclaimed loudly, with a tone of voice imbued with fake pity.

While she mainly wanted to embarra.s.s Han Sen, half of what she said was true. She did want the issue to be resolved and her family saved, after all. Her family was heading down a long and dreary path; one that would end in their ruin. None could earnestly wish that upon their family.

Although she wasn’t a powerful person, her appearance spoke volumes. She was a stunning figure, and many men had made her the object of their desire.

But she was, of course, a typical Xue. She held herself on a pedestal, believing herself to be superior to everyone else. Now, she was speaking as if Han Sen was the only person who could save them. This made others feel fairly bad.

Ji Hailan was, of course, infuriated with jealousy. But Han Sen was his family. Others who felt this way weren’t.

“Han Sen is smart, yes. But he is injured and cannot make use of his powers anymore. Your request is too much for the poor sod,” a member of the w.a.n.g family spoke.

He spoke softly, but the words were callous. It was a polite way of telling everyone Han Sen was a cripple that could no longer do anything.

Aside from w.a.n.g Mengmeng and w.a.n.g Yuhang, Han Sen was not familiar with others from the w.a.n.g family.

They were not surpa.s.sers, though, so they could not join in the discussions. As such, Han Sen did not know this person and could not be spared his cruel spite.

“w.a.n.g Lin, don’t say that! He is injured, but he is still talented. I am sure he can help us.” Xue Feiyan spoke again.

Han Sen knew he had to speak up for himself. He was going to tell them about his discoveries and plans, anyway, in time. Even with the grudge he harbored against the family.

Han Sen wanted to prevent a lot of people becoming psychotic, as that could be catastrophic. A lot of innocents could die or get caught in the crossfire. He just wasn’t sure if he could convince them to take his suggestions seriously.

“I have a solution, but it is likely you won’t believe me,” Han Sen finally said.

“Oh, you do? Please tell us!” w.a.n.g Lin scoffed.

w.a.n.g Lin wanted Xue Feiyan, but that was not why he was picking on Han Sen.

w.a.n.g Lin was a hyper geno art modifier himself, and his teacher was a famous professor of a different faction than Bai Yishan. His mentor was an enemy of Bai Yishan, and thus, he held animosity towards Han Sen.

Hating Bai Yishan’s student was fairly petty, and he believed himself to be far better due to having a better teacher. He was convinced that Han Sen would just end up wasting everybody’s time. If he couldn’t come up with a solution, how could Han Sen?

Han Sen had only been in this field for a few years, whereas w.a.n.g Lin had been doing this his entire life.

All the families had their own modifiers, as it helped prevent their core Qi Gongs from getting leaked.

“Mister Han, please tell us.” Only Han Sen could snare Xue Feiyan’s interest, as he was the only person that could get her jade to react.

“I think the Xue family modified the Frost Sutra poorly,” Han Sen said, swift and simple. Cut as clean and cold as the ice of their s.h.i.+vering planet.

Everyone was shocked, hearing this. They believed him to be crazy.

“You believe mistakes were made? You know that the Xue family has demi-G.o.ds in their ranks, right? How could they not notice a mistake? Or are you implying they are stupid? Or are you going so far as to imply an amateur modifier such as yourself is the only person in this hall, full of experienced modifiers, that is able to notice the mistake?” w.a.n.g Lin looked at Han Sen with disdain.

He himself had studied the Frost Sutra and Jadeskin, and while the modifications could have been better, he did not believe there to be anything inherently wrong with it.

w.a.n.g Lin thought Han Sen was spouting bullsh*t, because the young man just wanted Xue Feiyan to like him.