Super Gene - Chapter 1095 - Standing on a Different Level

Chapter 1095 - Standing on a Different Level

Chapter 1095: Standing on a Different Level


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen understood what w.a.n.g Lin was getting at. From the perspective of an average modifier, Jadeskin was correct.

It was as if translating; the general meaning of something could be translated, but much of the context and nuances of a sentence could still be lost. Their views on Jadeskin weren’t flat out wrong, just lacking substance.

Han Sen wished to say this as an example, but he’d most likely be laughed out of the room.

If Han Sen had not practiced Jadeskin himself, he would most likely have shared the same opinion as the others. He discovered what he had due to his own practice with the subject of their research.

What Han Sen had discovered was a profound error with the base traits of the entire sutra’s makeup, or at least, in the Xue’s command of it. The modifications were fine, but the issues were at the core, where no further modifications could reach to correct.

It was like in the past, when humans used to believe it was the sun that orbited the earth. It was wrong, and all the theories that were spun from this belief and ideology were then also proved wrong.

Of course, until it could be proven without a shadow of a doubt, people struggled to believe it was true.

It was a similar situation to what Han Sen was dealing with now, except they were stuck in the belief that the Frost Sutra was established and dictated by the powers of frost. Its modifications and enhancements were all built on the foundation of a profound error.

It wasn’t as if w.a.n.g Lin was not good enough to see the error, it was just that he saw things differently. Han Sen had an entirely different perspective due to his experiences.

This was also why w.a.n.g Lin detested what Han Sen had spoken. He would have been much more patient and willing to listen, if Han Sen had just said the Frost Sutra itself was where the problem lay.

But Han Sen wasn’t willing to argue with the snide remarks he had uttered. There was far more at stake than a petty squabble with a sn.o.bby modifier. Thousands of people, those of the Xue family, were at risk of becoming psychotic. He had to fix this issue before anything worse happened.

“Li Xinghua is your teacher, yes?” Han Sen asked.

“Yes, he is my teacher.” w.a.n.g Lin sounded proud, answering this.

Li Xinghua was a demi-G.o.d, and as such, held a higher reputation than Bai Yishan.

Their achievements and abilities were rather similar, but the mere status of Li Xinghua being a demi-G.o.d made others hold him in higher esteem. On a purely intellectual basis, though, it made no difference.

“Professor Bai has spoken about him a lot. He is the smartest in the Saint Hall, apparently,” Han Sen said.

“Of course he is. Everyone knows about his grand achievements in the formulation of hyper geno arts.” w.a.n.g Lin’s pride had turned to stuffy arrogance.

“Indeed. Professor Li’s achievements, in the realm of hyper geno art creation, has no equal,” Han Sen said.

w.a.n.g Lin was supremely and smug now. And as Han Sen continued to compliment his teacher, it was making Han Sen himself seem weak.

Lin Feng looked at Han Sen, knowing something was up, though. Han Sen wasn’t the sort of person to speak highly of others so randomly. There was an ulterior motive to his praises, for sure.

w.a.n.g Lin, feeling much better, now said, “It’s good that you know of your peers, and know your place. And me? I am a professional. I would know if there was a mistake. It is better to not talk at all and make yourself look like a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Okay? Just shut your trap and stop ruining your own teacher’s reputation.”

Han Sen was not angered upon hearing this. And he answered, “You are right.”

w.a.n.g Lin believed Han Sen had just conceded and was going to stop.

But suddenly, Han Sen said, “You really are not as good as your teacher. Not even half as good. I can’t blame him, though. He must be too focused on his own research. How else could he end up with such a sh*t student like you?”

“You…” All that built up pride and arrogance was brought to a sudden stop. His mind couldn’t catch up, and with such a quick turnaround, he felt like he had suffered whiplash.

Han Sen was quick to add, “The mistake is clear to see, and yet, you were unable to catch it? Oh, my. You are embarra.s.sing Professor Li, don’t you think?”

“Fine. If you can point out the mistake you claim we have all missed, and we all agree upon your theory, I’ll happily apologize. If you are wrong, don’t blame me for a triage of insults later.” w.a.n.g Lin’s face was turning green.

“You know ancient languages, don’t you? Tell me; can you read this?” Han Sen pointed towards the Frost Sutra on the projector.

“Of course. I can even translate it,” w.a.n.g Lin said.

Han Sen smiled and said, “Oh, really? I fail to believe that.”

w.a.n.g Lin then read it all out, adding his opinion as he went.

Everyone thought his hypothesis was great. Every professor was in agreement with what he spoke, and thought he couldn’t be wrong.

After his translation, most of the audience felt as if they understood far more themselves.

“Master Han, tell me; did I misspeak?” w.a.n.g Lin added upon finis.h.i.+ng.

Han Sen sighed and said, “It looks like I was wrong. Professor Li has not neglected his students. It cannot be helped when his students are naturally dumb. I feel sorry for the fact he accepted such a stupid student.”

Han Sen considered w.a.n.g Lin an enemy now, so he wasn’t going to show any mercy with his insults. Furthermore, he wanted to earn Bai Yishan a greater reputation.

“Explain it, then! Otherwise, don’t blame me for bullying such a stuck-up cripple!” w.a.n.g Lin was infuriated by Han Sen’s latest comments.

To this, Han Sen calmly said, “If you can read this all, as well as you say you can, can you point out where it says this is a frost Qi Gong?”

w.a.n.g Lin laughed and said, “The Frost Sutra is based on yin and frost.”

“I agree with the yin, but tell me where it mentions frost,” Han Sen said.