Super Gene - Chapter 1093 - The Practice Is Wrong

Chapter 1093 - The Practice Is Wrong

Chapter 1093: The Practice Is Wrong


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen held it, but not for too long. Before he knew it, Xue Feiyan had barged back into his room. She tried grabbing it, so she could take off hurriedly once more.

She noticed the ice jade had disappeared when she returned home to get changed, and wasting no time at all, she had to return and get it back. She couldn’t risk losing the artifact.

“What is this?” Han Sen pulled back his hands before she could reclaim it.

“That’s none of your business!” Xue Feiyan lunged forward for it again.

Han Sen kept dodging, all the while Xue Feiyan tried to grab the item. He knew she wouldn’t harm him, as that would form an even greater divide between the Xue family and the others.

Even if she tried, she wouldn’t have stood a chance of beating Han Sen. Even without using half a morsel of his strength, he’d still be able to defeat her, as she hadn’t even reached evolver status yet.

Xue Feiyan hopped onto Han Sen, doing her best to recover the item.

Fortunately, Han Sen’s arms were both longer and faster. No matter what she did, she could not get it back.

Ji Hailan returned from the bathroom after having had his shower. What he saw mortified him.

Han Sen was on the sofa, and once more, Xue Feiyan was atop him. She appeared to be riding him hard this time, as Han Sen’s face was smothered within the embrace of her Her hands were clutching his arms in great distress.

“I can’t believe it. This is the final straw! Why must you only want Han Sen? Why have you chosen him and not me?!” Ji Hailan could not believe their behavior, and what had elapsed in the time he had only just gone for a shower. There they were, crudely on the sofa.

Noticing Ji Hailan’s presence, Han Sen froze. This momentary pause was all that was needed for Xue Feiyan to unleash one final burst of effort to grab the stone and run out of the room again.

Ji Hailan looked at Han Sen before turning to the mirror and saying, “Why? I am so much more handsome. I am a G.o.d amongst men, clearly. Girls these days must have no taste!”

Han Sen ignored him and his tears. His mind was scrambling over what had just occurred with the ice jade. Something strange had happened, when Han Sen held it.

While Han Sen was holding it, he felt incredibly refreshed. Whatever the effect it imbued was, it was not one that was at all harming.

When the jade became cold in his hand, he noticed new text form on the stone.

He wanted to read what was written, but the text became blurry.

He noticed it become blurry when she approached him. The closer she got, the blurrier the text appeared. And when she managed to grab the stone entirely, the text disappeared completely.

“They have been practicing the wrong skill. It is no wonder they have been having these problems!” Han Sen thought, as he reviewed the words he had managed to read.

The ice jade was some sort of testing apparatus. When the Frost Sutra was practiced, a person’s energy influenced the appearance of the stone. It showed their tier, but it only seemed to be attuned with the Frost Sutra.

That meant Han Sen had practiced the correct Jadeskin. When Xue Feiyan touched it, though, the text either warped or disappeared completely. That had to mean she had learned the incorrect technique.

“No, that’s too far-fetched. It has to be! There is no way no one has noticed this, after all these years.” Han Sen thought the idea to be ridiculous, despite the clear indications.

But that was the truth, and he knew it. Xue Feiyan could not incite a reaction from the ice jade like Han Sen could.

“I wonder if others are available to activate it and summon a similar reaction? If no one can do what I did… that means the entire family has practiced the incorrect technique!” Han Sen thought this entire revelation was bonkers.

The original Frost Sutra did not say you needed three yin pulses to practice it, yet the Frost Sutra was a yin Qi Gong. Furthermore, the original text made no mention of needing icy powers.

Han Sen thought the Xue family’s issues stemmed from a fundamental problem. The error stemmed at the very construct of the family’s ident.i.ty. It was so far beneath their own noses, it was no wonder they hadn’t been able to notice where the issue lay.

Without shelters, humans were weak. It was difficult for them to learn high-cla.s.s Qi Gong’s such as this.

The Xue family had three yin pulses, so their frost elemental power was much stronger than that of other people. As a result, learning the Frost Sutra was far easier for them. But they thought frost was what amplified the skill, despite it mainly being yin based.

Their geno fluid was used to increase one’s yin and frost, when only yin was needed.

They focused on yin and frost, and over time, the amount of frost became too much. It began to affect the family.

When Han Sen practiced, his body temperature only lowered two degrees. That was the way in which it should have been learned.

When he absorbed the frosty air from Xue Yikuang, that was where the problem for him began. Fortunately, the Dongxuan Sutra was able to save him.

The Xue family had started off on the wrong foot all those years ago. They’d been going about this entire thing the wrong way, and if they wanted to fix the issue, it would mean starting again from square one.

It was fast to learn Jadeskin in the beginning, so the issues were not immediately apparent.

Ordinary people, without three yin pulses, would be fine learning it. Having it would be a lot worse.

Han Sen believed this had to be it. The theory fit the puzzle, but he struggled to believe the Xue family would entertain what he would end up suggesting.