Super Gene - Chapter 1092 - Almost Got Ruined

Chapter 1092 - Almost Got Ruined

Chapter 1092: Almost Got Ruined


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When she saw Han Sen look at her like a hungry black eel, as if she was a wh.o.r.e, she was quickly infuriated.

If she did not need to find out whether or not Han Sen had indeed learned Jadeskin, she would have slapped him already.

She never expected him to admire her like so, after only having had a shower.

No one could reasonably talk with a person suffering from a mental illness, and neither could anyone reasonably talk with a woman that was half-naked in front of them. Right now, both had been combined, though.

She resisted her desire to strike him where he stood, and just pushed him down onto the sofa. She climbed on top of him and tried to smother him with a good tongue-las.h.i.+ng.

But before her lips could connect with Han Sen’s lips, he stopped her.

Han Sen smiled and mockingly told her, “Wow, you are stiff! You can’t attract men like that. If you pay me, I can give you a proper lesson on how to seduce men.”

Xue Feiyan’s face was red, thinking her natural beauty would have been enough.

Now she was embarra.s.sed. Seeing Han Sen’s horrible face, she pushed his hands away and tried to force her lips against his once more.

“Help! Rape! Help!” As Han Sen called out, his lips were quickly sealed by Xue Feiyan’s hungry tongue.

Xue Feiyan was going to spit frosty air into his mouth, once they had firmly connected, but before she could, someone barged through the door.

Ji Hailan entered in a hurry and said, “Who would rape you!? If a man is to be raped around here, it should be me! I’m the handsome one! I’m the one worthy of a woman’s criminal conviction!”

Ji Hailan’s alarm soon subsided, and then his eyes settled on the exact scene that was before him. There, she was; Xue Feiyan, on top of Han Sen with nothing but a towel. Her lips were planted against Han Sen’s lips.

“Let him go! If you want to bully someone with those wicked kisses, I’ll be the one to suffer them!” Ji Hailan tore his s.h.i.+rt open as he heroically spoke.

But Xue Feiyan did not even spare a single second in looking his way. She kept her eyes fixed on Han Sen, and then grabbed her coat and ran out of his room.

“Don’t go! Please! Bully me. I’ll take your man-riding, mouth-munching fury!” Ji Hailan hopelessly shouted.

Han Sen saw him wanting to take off after her, but he quickly put a stop to his behavior. Then he shut the door.

“Try and explain this one, then. What trick have you played on her mind?” Ji Hailan had no idea what was so good about Han Sen, for him to receive so much female attraction.

“I just came home. She came out of the bathroom with nothing but a robe on, pushed me onto the couch, and started smearing my face with saliva in a brutish display of what the Xue family might call kissing! They really are lunatics. Thanks for saving me, though.” Han Sen looked frightened following the ordeal.

“No problem. We’re family, after all.” On the inside, Ji Hailan wanted to slap Han Sen.

He really wanted Xue Feiyan to consider him as the object of her desire. He more than had a crush on her, and it made him mad to hear Han Sen say what he had.

With a righteous face, Ji Hailan said, “In case she returns, I will stay here with you. For, you know… protection. If she comes back, I’ll be your s.h.i.+eld.”

“Thank you very much, Uncle Hailan,” Han Sen said.

“Yep, that’s what uncles do,” Ji Hailan responded.

Ji Hailan wanted her to come back all night, but she didn’t show after that.

Han Sen had the TV on. He was perched on the sofa in front of it, but he didn’t pay much heed to it.

“I think she knows I have learned Jadeskin. All she wants is to confirm it.” Han Sen had a clear idea of what she was after.

Han Sen used had Dongxuan Aura to shout and call for help earlier. The rooms were noise-canceling, so his ordinary voice wouldn’t have been heard, otherwise. By using Dongxuan Aura, his voice could breach the room’s audio-negating properties.

That was also how the frosty air did not get Han Sen. Had he not been saved, she would have confirmed the truth she believed she already knew.

Han Sen did find it strange, though. He didn’t believe she herself could recognize it, given her level. And his Jadeskin was different than hers, anyway.

His Jadeskin could not produce frosty air, so that in itself was a big difference.

Han Sen stood up and went to the bathroom, wanting a shower. As he walked, though, he felt his feet kick something. Looking down, he noticed it was some sort of jade stone.

Han Sen picked it up, and he was surprised to feel how cool it was. He also noticed the Frost Sutra text that was written all over it.

Xue Feiyan was naked, so Han Sen wasn’t sure where she could have kept it hidden.

He thought she might have used this to see if Han Sen had learned Jadeskin or not, and had previously kept it in the pocket of the jacket she ran off with.

Maybe in the giant rush to leave, it slipped out.