Super Gene - Chapter 1091 - The Original Frost Sutra

Chapter 1091 - The Original Frost Sutra

Chapter 1091: The Original Frost Sutra


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen observed the Frost Sutra and tried to burn it into his memory. The rest of the onlookers examined the revealed Frost Sutra with fascination as well, but despite its grand unveiling, none were allowed to jot down the text on paper or make any form of recording.

Han Sen believed the other families wouldn’t want the Frost Sutra to go public, either. So this was fair.

The text of the Frost Sutra was in an ancient language, something Han Sen had acquired some dexterity with in his time away from the sanctuaries. He could now read most of it.

The Frost Sutra was still not as good as the Dongxuan Sutra, despite the fact they could both unlock ten gene locks. It was immediately apparent how much further in-depth the Dongxuan Sutra was.

After forging a mental replication of what was displayed on the projector, Han Sen then started comparing it with Jadeskin.

Jadeskin was developed from the Frost Sutra. It was simplified, so members of the family could learn it with greater ease. That’s not to say Jadeskin itself was shallow or basic, not at all. One would still require much talent and time to become proficient with it.

All members of the Xue family had learned it, and they all did very well. The family was almost wholly dedicated to the sutra, and they were bona fide masters of it.

While they had developed it well over the years, their work was nothing compared to what things would have been like if Bai Yishan or other top dogs had dedicated research to it.

They always could have done this, but it was a part of their pride and stubbornness to keep the Frost Sutra to themselves. They could not even dream of giving it to an outsider.

From what Han Sen could see now, though, there should have been no negative side-effects from its learning.

Han Sen focused his attention on the gene lock part, wondering if the Frost Sutra could indeed allow for ten gene locks to be opened.

It was previously established that while the Frost Sutra provided ten, Jadeskin only provided nine.

“Achieving the tenth tier is extremely difficult, but I do wonder why they only kept nine for Jadeskin and did not push for a tenth,” Han Sen wondered to himself.

An elder from the w.a.n.g family echoed Han Sen’s thoughts, as he asked the host of this event, Xue Yufeng, “Why does the original skin have ten gene locks, while its modified variant only has nine?”

Xue Yufeng explained, “It is because the person that did the modifications died. Before he pa.s.sed away, he had only crafted the ninth tier. No one has been able to reach the ninth thus far anyway, so continuing its development has not been necessary.”

In the past, there were no super geno points, and so it was practically impossible for humans in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary to reach the tenth gene lock.

When you reached the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, gene locks went into a form of stasis. They calcified and solidified, rendering further advancements impossible. Once you reached the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, you could not develop gene locks any further.

The Xue family’s explanation, therefore, made sense.

So Han Sen paid extra heed to what was written of the tenth gene lock. He wanted to remember the contents of that particular text even more than the rest.

The Xue family members could suffer the negative, loony side-effects immediately upon learning the techniques, though. Whatever the problem was, it had no connection to the ninth or tenth gene locks.

Many people asked a number of questions, but none seemed to concern themselves with the heart of what this entire event was about: the Xue family’s problem.

Other researchers that had come had been stumped and perplexed by the entire issue, and they hadn’t made a lick of progress in figuring out why the Frost Sutra caused the problems it did.

After an entire day of such discussions, nothing came of it. Han Sen wanted to modify the Frost Sutra himself, and see if there were any differences between what he was able to achieve and what had already been achieved.

Of course, that would involve a lot of work. So, as soon as he finished his dinner, he returned to his room immediately. There, he was planning to get started right away.

When he opened the door, though, he frowned. He was alerted to the sound of running water in the bathroom.

Unsure why someone else would be in his room, he double checked the room number. After confirming it to be his, he grimaced in confusion.

“Uncle Hailan?” Han Sen shut the door behind him and continued talking. “Hey, you have your own en suite bathroom to make use of. What are you doing in mine?”

Han Sen had no idea why he would be there in his bathroom. He could have used his Dongxuan Aura, but he chose not to, in fear of catching him in the midst of something disgusting.

The sound of running water stopped. And then, someone began walking through the bathroom door.

Han Sen frowned, acknowledging the footsteps as not belonging to Ji Hailan.

It was a woman who opened the door. It was a beautiful woman with no clothes on.

“Xue Feiyan!” Han Sen exclaimed, in utter shock.

Her skin was smooth like the polished marble of an art exhibit, the natural result of one who had studied Jadeskin.

Any woman could look pretty with skin as smooth as that, but this woman had all the right features, too. She was stunning.

Her long legs ran up to meet with her juicy, bubble b.u.t.t. Decorating her chest were two heaving of succulent proportions. With her cold eyes looking straight at him, she looked beyond seductive.

Surrounded by the steam of the bathroom, she was like a hot ice cream in the sun. Without reprieve, Han Sen would have liked to pounce upon her and eat her alive.

Xue Feiyan, while naked, still wore a white towel. With her pose, she looked unbelievably s.e.xy.

Her were almost fully exposed, with the nipples hiding just out of sight. Droplets of water ecstatically ran the length of her.

“Does my room have the best shower in the house or something?” Han Sen said, smirking as he admired her fine body.

Han Sen had seen many beautiful women in his time, naked or otherwise. Still, he wasn’t going to lose his cool by the woman’s clear attempt of seduction.