Super Gene - Chapter 1088 - Simple Version of the Frost Sutra

Chapter 1088 - Simple Version of the Frost Sutra

Chapter 1088: Simple Version of the Frost Sutra


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

After meeting with the Ji family, they went to the planet where the Xue family resided.

The planet was snow-white, unsurprisingly. It was covered in ice, and the only season was winter. The temperature never left the negative end of the thermometer, and it was considered a hot day whenever it reached the heights—or lows, if preferred—of minus ten degrees.

“Ugh, weird. Why in the sanctuaries do they choose to live out here?” Han Sen looked around.

Ji Hailan responded, saying, “Their hyper geno art requires frosty air. This place is perfect for them.”

Han Sen was comfortable with the Ji family and was still in their good books. No one ever said anything mean or spiteful regarding the condition of his body.

Eventually, the surpa.s.sers of the three other families arrived. They had all gathered there to research hyper geno arts, as they were all strong.

The Xue family’s position had weakened. They were the best, once upon a time, with the strongest elites amongst them.

But with things crumbling, they had been somewhat humbled. Their arrogance had actually receded a little, but still, there was always a certain unpleasantness that surrounded them like a bad smell. People of the Xue family were never, and seemingly would never, be the sort that were easy to get along with.

They all gathered inside a modern building, but unfortunately, there were no radiators. No one complained about it being too cold, though, as most surpa.s.sers had resistance to that sort of temperature.

Han Sen sat in the room he was provided, and soon after, a knock sounded on his door. It was Lin Feng.

“Come in!” Han Sen swiftly welcomed him inside.

Lin Feng said, “If you aren’t too tired, let’s go to the training room.”

“Can we?” Han Sen asked.

“Everywhere has been opened up for us. We can go wherever we please. The training room has a simplified version of the Frost Sutra, too. We still need to wait until later, when everyone has arrived, to hear the complete version, though.”

“Let’s go, then.” Han Sen grabbed his coat.

Lin Feng had been to this place once before. Han Sen hadn’t, so he didn’t know what to expect of the training room, and he wasn’t sure if he should have been surprised to find out it was an ice cave.

It was minus one hundred degrees in that cave, and Han Sen found it difficult to imagine how the newbies trained there.

After following down a hallway that skirted the training room, they reached a room. In there, it was even colder. There were many platforms for training.

In the middle stood a stone carving, and etched into the rock was a simplified version of the Frost Sutra. This was Jadeskin.

A dozen people were there, looking at it. They were comprised of people from the Lin and w.a.n.g family. There were Xue family guards around, too, protecting the place.

Han Sen read it a few times, and acknowledged it was the same one he had learned from Xue Longyan.

“If this has caused them issues, then I should expect the same,” Han Sen worriedly thought to himself.

Han Sen asked Lin Feng, “Might it be their geno fluid that brings about the problems?”

Han Sen did not use geno fluid when he learned this. So, there was a difference.

Lin Feng answered, “Good thinking, but a few professors have already researched the geno fluid used. Apparently, it isn’t a harmful substance.”

Han Sen frowned, not being able to think of any other reasons why it could cause an issue.

“If you don’t know anything, then keep your mouth shut and don’t talk c.r.a.p. We wanted to bring in elites to sort this out for us, not some useless cripple,” a Xue family member arrogantly commented.

Everyone there knew Han Sen was disabled, so when they heard him suggest it might have been the geno fluid, one of them just had to say something.

“I can’t fight, but I do research alongside Bai Yishan. I have researched Qi Gongs and hyper geno arts intensively; it’s my profession. You guys wanted the Frost Sutra to be researched, did you not?” Han Sen calmly responded.

Han Sen knew the people of that family were all a bit loco and volatile, so he did not wish to spur the comments into a catalyst for an argument or fight. He allowed the Xue family member to speak what he wished to.

The Xue family member did not reply, though.

“Have you found anything out yet?” Lin Feng asked Han Sen.

Han Sen answered, “From this thing? I don’t see an issue. Perhaps I will learn what the issue is upon seeing the complete version.”

“In that case, we’ll be stuck in this icehole for another two days.” Everyone took the matter seriously. And if they couldn’t sort out what the issue was, there’d no point in any of the families learning it.

They wanted to sort it out almost as badly as the Xue family. The skill was very beneficial, so they didn’t want something like that to go to waste.

Back in his room, Han Sen asked, “Can you provide me a sample of their geno fluid?”

“That shouldn’t be difficult. If they are to reveal the skill itself, I’m not sure this would be something they’d mind, either,” Lin Feng said.

Han Sen returned to his room and contacted the Xue family. Not long after, they delivered what he had asked for.

Han Sen opened the door and saw an ice-cold woman standing outside. She looked so pretty, but also so severe.