Super Gene - Chapter 1087 - Crazy

Chapter 1087 - Crazy

Chapter 1087: Crazy


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Killing super creatures in the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary was a far more difficult task than killing super creatures in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Very few humans were able to max out their super geno points there, before proceeding to the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen hoped more humans would come into possession of a super body. If humans wanted to conquer the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary and become more than free-range slaves, they’d need this strength.

Han Sen had been fortunate his Dongxuan Sutra was able to refine Life Geno Essences. That was how he had been able to max out his super geno points, but because he wished to keep its existence a secret, he had been unable to announce the fact he had already maxed out his super geno points long before anyone else did.

He wondered whether a super body was based more on genes or fitness.

Han Sen had practiced the Dongxuan Sutra, the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and Jadeskin. They were his holy trinity, and the super body he had was a super king spirit body.

What he didn’t know was whether it was the skills in his possession or his fitness that had influenced this.

Bao’er was currently asleep on Han Sen’s belly while he read the news. Ji Yanran was at the nearby table, working.

Suddenly, Han Sen’s communicator rang.

“I’ll take this out there,” Han Sen said. He placed Bao’er on the sofa, and then he stepped out into the yard with his communicator.

He answered the call and was greeted with Lin Feng’s face.

“Long time, no see.” Han Sen said h.e.l.lo.

Lin Feng was the formal sort, so he got right to the point. “In four days, the four families are having a meet and greet again. This time, the focus is on surpa.s.sers. I hope you will be able to find the time to join us there.”

“What is the point of me going to a s.h.i.+ndig like that?” Han Sen was not interested in meeting any more Xue, w.a.n.g, Ji, and Lin family members than he had to.

In particular, he was not keen on those of the Xue family. And if he went there, and they picked a fight, he didn’t want to engage.

“It will be held on the grounds owned by the Xue family. There is a problem.” Lin Feng wished to explain more to Han Sen before he dismissed the entire notion.

“What problem might that be?” Han Sen asked with meandering curiosity.

“Someone in the Xue family has gone mad,” Lin Feng said.

“Aren’t they all just a bunch of nutjobs?” Han Sen snidely remarked.

Lin Feng ignored this and continued to explain, saying, “If any-old commoner goes mad, it’s no big deal. But this is a demi-G.o.d we’re talking about here. His name is Xue Yi Qing, and he almost destroyed his family.”

Han Sen was not expecting this, and his eyes immediately widened. He asked, “Really?”

Han Sen thought there really had to be a problem with the Xue family. For one of them to go on a rampage and kill others of his own family, that really was bonkers.

Lin Feng said, “Fortunately, when it occurred, the Lin, Ji, and w.a.n.g families were there to stop him.”

“What happened?” Han Sen asked.

“Well, it seemed as if he himself knew he was going to go insane. Concerned, our elders went to talk to him. But by that point, he had already snapped. He was stopped, but only after killing a few people.”

Lin Feng paused for a moment, and then went on to say, “Then, we discovered his journal. It made mention of there being a problem with Jadeskin, and it had the potential to drive them all crazy. It already does, a little. He said he had to figure it out before the entire family was driven insane. According to him, the higher the tier that is learned, the higher the potential for turning into a lunatic.”

Han Sen was shocked to hear this, as he had learned Jadeskin, too.

“Did they find out what was wrong with Jadeskin?” Han Sen asked.

“Not yet. It is known that Jadeskin is a hyper geno art stemming from the Frost Sutra, something that belongs to the Xue family. We all want to bang our heads together and figure out what the problem is. It’ll be a big meeting, with this bout of lunacy at its center,” Lin Feng said.

Lin Feng knew Han Sen had been researching hyper geno arts with Bai Yishan in recent times. There was a potential that Han Sen had learned something useful.

The Frost Sutra was a secret to most, so only important people were able to go to this meeting.

“In that case, I’ll definitely come,” Han Sen said.

Han Sen did not use Jadeskin anymore, but he was still concerned. He feared it might have been some ticking timebomb, and if it was, he’d like to have it disarmed as soon as he could.

The Frost Sutra was undoubtedly the best Qi Gong in the four families, but it was owned by the Xue family. And only they were able to learn it.

If he was able to get a deeper understanding of its inner-workings, he wasn’t going to miss that, either.

Han Sen had learned many Qi Gongs over the years, and he had spent much time learning and studying hyper geno arts. There really was a fair chance he could elucidate or at least figure stuff out for those attending the meeting.

The Frost Sutra was able to unlock ten gene locks, but Jadeskin could only go as high as nine.

After the conversation between Lin Feng and Han Sen was over, Ji Yanran approached. She knew about the upcoming meet but believed it had nothing to do with them.

Regardless, Han Sen asked Ji Yanran to ask her family to reserve a spot for him. They quickly approved a position for him there.

The Xue family wasn’t hiding anything anymore. Something grave was potentially plaguing every member of the family, so they needed to figure out the issue before things became any worse.

Their position in the family foursome had weakened considerably after their demi-G.o.d lost his sense and started mercilessly killing people. So, they needed outside help. They could now see that they couldn’t manage Jadeskin or the Frost Sutra alone, and they desperately wanted the help of the other families.

Ji Yanran was uninterested in the meet, but she was going to be too busy to attend, anyway. Han Sen met up with her relatives alone and went to the meet with the Xue family.

“I always knew something was wrong with them. I’m surprised to see it really was Jadeskin. Still, I’m just happy I didn’t end up like Xue Longyan,” Han Sen thought to himself as he traveled in the s.p.a.cecraft.

“It seems I might find out what the issue is, once I get to see the actual Frost Sutra,” Han Sen thought.