Super Gene - Chapter 1089 - Why Would It React?

Chapter 1089 - Why Would It React?

Chapter 1089: Why Would It React?

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The woman looked at Han Sen with eyes that were sharp like stabbing stilettos.

Han Sen was not a person who was easily intimidated, so despite her heart-chilling presence, he was able to smile and ask her, “Are you here to deliver the geno fluid?”

The woman did not answer Han Sen. She only stood there silently. But just as Han Sen was going to repeat his question, she spoke. What she said surprised him.

“You have learned Jadeskin, have you not?” The woman asked.

Han Sen was taken aback by this, but he maintained his cool and feigned cluelessness. He told her, “Me? How could I have learned Jadeskin?”

The woman replied to this, saying, “Where you learned it does not matter to me, but if you can solve this problem that plagues our family, you will be handsomely rewarded.”

“I haven’t learned it, but that’s why I’m here. I’m here to help.” Han Sen would never admit it.

The woman then provided Han Sen with a bottle and a few doc.u.ments, telling him, “This is Jadeskin’s geno fluid and formula. If you have any problems, feel free to give me a call.”

“What’s your name?” Han Sen asked.

“My name is Xue Feiyan,” she answered. Then she walked away.

Xue Feiyan believed Han Sen had learned Jadeskin, which made him feel uneasy. He had no idea how she had managed to find this out.

Before Han Sen could shut the door and retreat to the studies he wished to compose, Ji Hailan appeared. He immediately blurted, “Oh! Have you been cheating on Yanran? You naughty-devil you. Hitting on Xue Feiyan, are you? You must have a thing for ice caves. Tell me how you were able to seduce that woman’s icy heart or the next thing I do, I’m calling Yanran!”

Han Sen merely gave a wry smile, answering, “I didn’t even know her name, and neither did I know she was a lady of the Xue family. She was here delivering the geno fluid and formula.”

Han Sen then showed Ji Hailan the items he had just received.

“D*mn! The Xue family’s got their ladies running around like postmen? Well, if she’s the one making the rounds, I’m going to go call for some, too!” Ji Hailan looked disturbingly excited.

“Uncle Hailan, is she a person of much renown?” Han Sen asked.

He was still reeling from the fact she knew he had learned Jadeskin.

“What? You have no idea who she is? She’s the prettiest person on this ice-ridden rock. Sometimes, I find myself questioning whether or not you’re actually a man!” Ji Hailan had a genuine suspicion Han Sen was gay.

Han Sen loved beautiful women, but he was faithful. He had a firm control of what was in his pants, and he would not dare love other women while he was with Ji Yanran. Besides, Xue Feiyan had just exposed his owners.h.i.+p of Jadeskin.

Han Sen’s knowledge of her only covered a few shallow grounds. She was pretty, and was twenty years of age. She was the daughter of the demi-G.o.d who lost his marbles, and she was a talented fighter.

Xue Feiyan, however, was still in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary; she wasn’t an evolver yet. Even so, this just added to Han Sen’s perplexion. If she was that low in her sanctuary-career, how was she able to tell Han Sen had learned Jadeskin?

Back inside his room, Han Sen no longer felt safe. If the rest of the Xue family came to know that he had learned Jadeskin, things might quickly go awry.

“Running off now would be suspicious, though. I’ll just have to keep denying it, no matter how many accusations there are,” Han Sen told himself.

Because he hadn’t practiced Jadeskin for a long time, and the crazy demi-G.o.d was locked up, he thought that none should have been able to tell he had learned it. Evidently, he was incorrect.

Fortunately for him, though, the Xue family was in bad shape and might not lash out. They didn’t have as much influence or room for maneuverability with their strained relations.h.i.+ps. If the Xue family of today was the Xue family of a few years ago, and Han Sen would have been on the next flight off that planet.

Han Sen then remembered he owned the black beetle. If he had to, he could use that to escape.

He put his hand in his pocket to touch the insect. As he stroked the beetle, it brought him comfort. With that thing, it’d be impossible for him to lose a fight in the Alliance.

With his fears allayed, Han Sen got to work researching. He had no tools, so he simply looked at the ingredient list. He was now well-educated in the crafts of geno fluid, so he knew what he was looking at. This geno fluid was primarily comprised of Yin Force and concentrated elemental ice ingredients.

By all means, from what he could tell, consuming the geno fluid would be good for you. He saw no reason why it would damage or drive individuals insane with rage.

And a single consumption was all that was needed. There was nothing in it to make people addicted to repeated dosages.

The next morning, Han Sen decided to have breakfast with Ji Hailan. The Xue family members that were around the cafeteria seemed oblivious to Han Sen’s learning of Jadeskin, as no further mention was made of it.

While Han Sen looked around in suspicion, Ji Hailan went on and on about how it wasn’t Xue Feiyan who delivered the items to him, and it was just some crotchety butler.

After they finished their meals, they went to the ice cave. The Jadeskin carving was simple enough for Han Sen to read, not that he had to.

“Was she messing with me? Was she only just guessing?” Han Sen thought to himself.

But the way she had looked at him with those cold eyes made him feel otherwise. She didn’t seem like the sort to joke around like that.

Xue Feiyan kicked out everyone who was in the monitoring room and turned her attention to Han Sen.

In her hands, there was a jade stone that looked like ice. Many words had been carved into the relic.

Xue Feiyan rubbed it gently, staring at Han Sen through the camera feed.

“No way. He doesn’t look as if he has practiced Jadeskin. Aside from his skin being supremely smooth, I don’t see why anything would suggest he has learned it. But then, why would the frost jade have a reaction to him?” Xue Feiyan was confused.