Super Gene - Chapter 1086 - That Really Is Dollar

Chapter 1086 - That Really Is Dollar

Chapter 1086: That Really Is Dollar


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“That really is Dollar!” Su Xiaoqiao exclaimed in shock. He had no idea what had just happened, but the landscape of battle had immediately morphed.

Coins scattered across all the Raging Beasts, peppering them.

No one knew why the coins were there, though, or what they would do.

But in the next second, silence filled the shelter as everyone stared across the battlefield with eyes wide and mouths agape.


When those coins landed on the monsters, they all toppled and fell to the ground as if they had been crushed under an immense weight.

It happened to every single Raging Beast, even the sacred-blood cla.s.s variant. They all fell down and squealed, under a phantom distress and inability to rise.

“What is this? What’s happening?” Zhao Long wasn’t sure what to think right now, but the sudden turn of events had definitely left him surprised.

The same could be said for all who witnessed what was occurring. They all looked at the toppled creatures in disbelief.

The berserk sacred-blood beast was the only that hadn’t collapsed. It screamed to the heavens, defying the weight that sought to bring him down.

But suddenly, a bright white light in the sky appeared. It was a humanoid figure with long white hair. Inside that warm glow, this person looked like an actual G.o.d.

He was clad in armor, and as he drifted down towards the monster, a coin was wedged between two of his fingers. Then he fired it out at the monster.

Everyone watched the coin plant itself on the beast’s forehead.

Immediately after this occurred, the giant crumpled and fell.

At the same moment, the beast’s body began to crack like an egg. As if it was suffering immense pressure, it began to break apart. From the web of cracks, blood began to ooze.


The berserk sacred-beast was entirely crushed by an invisible force. It was crushed down into a lumpy mound of b.l.o.o.d.y, sloppy jelly-meat.

For a single coin to utterly annihilate a creature in such a manner was insane, and the people of the shelter believed it to be the work of a G.o.d.

“You are Dollar!” Su Xiaoqiao exclaimed to the white shadow that had appeared and saved them.

He could not see his face, but he had a feeling that it was him.

“Su Xiaoqiao, ah! It is nice to see that you are here, as well.” Han Sen was happy to see a friend of his had reached the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Su Xiaoqiao was delighted at the response he received, and he said, “You remember me? I’ve been here almost a year! It is so good to see you again.”

Everyone looked at Su Xiaoqiao differently, following this.

It was an incredible glory, to have yourself personally recognized by someone like Dollar.

“I thank you for saving us. I am Zhao Long from Angel Gene,” Zhao Long interrupted the two, speaking proudly.

“Dollar.” Han Sen’s response was short, but he then went on to say, “The rest of these creatures will remain pinned to the ground for another twelve hours. I suggest you get rid of them soon.”

After that, the white light that surrounded Han Sen amplified, and in a blinding flash, he disappeared again.

The longer he used super king spirit mode, the longer it would take for him to recover. Because of this, he did not wish to linger too long.

He was only there to check out the shelter. He had not expected to arrive in the midst of a ma.s.sive battle and be forced to save the humans there, who were on the verge of failure. With the need for haste, he transformed and decided to make use of the coin skill he had researched and developed during his time away from the sanctuaries.

Han Sen was incredibly satisfied with the performance. It wasn’t as effective when he cast multiple coins at once, but it could only improve from its already-stellar performance. Han Sen knew he was his own toughest critic.

But he put all his strength into the final coin and came away surprised. He knew it’d be powerful, but he never expected it to be that effective.

Han Sen wasn’t too worn out after his return, since he didn’t spend much time in super king spirit mode.

He couldn’t return to Trench Shelter right now, so Han Sen turned around and returned to the barren lands.

Dollar’s appearance at Trench Shelter was a hot topic, and news of the escapade quickly became viral. His glorious return was a water-cooler news item for people all around the Alliance. The news spread even quicker, when it was learned a number of prestigious characters were saved by Dollar’s appearance, like Zhao Long from Angel Gene.

For a single coin to crush a berserk sacred-blood creature, everyone was ravenous to guess how powerful he might have become.

A lot of people had believed Han Sen was the enigmatic Dollar.

But now that he was a cripple, as it was believed, they did not think him to be Dollar anymore.

It was not too uncommon for people to max out their super geno points now, but the first person to do this was Ji Qing.

In the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, slaying super creatures wasn’t all that difficult. So it didn’t come as much of a surprise to learn she was the first to do this.

The Ji family, as proud as ever, made sure to announce this to the Alliance. They were more than happy to add another notch to their already-prestigious belt of accomplishments.

Everybody knew about super bodies, and Ji Qing’s was called Sword-Soul. It increased the owner’s skills with a sword.

After Ji Qing’s achievement, everybody put a heightened focus on training their super body. With Angel Gene Fluid and pet pills, many super bodies were created. Everyone’s was different, too.

The super body received depended on their bodies and genes. If they practiced with the fire element, they’d receive a fire super body, for example.