Super Gene - Chapter 1085 - Dollar Falls from the Sky

Chapter 1085 - Dollar Falls from the Sky

Chapter 1085: Dollar Falls from the Sky


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Xiaoqiao was feeling down in the dumps that day. He had managed to max out his sacred geno points in the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary and was sent to a royal human shelter in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. While this may have been fortunate, it was a pleasure that was short-lived. In less than a year after his arrival, creatures had come to conquer the place.

Outside of the gate, a ten-meter-tall monster stood. It had two heads and six legs, and its body was like a grossly inflated marble. When he first saw it, and the accompanying wretches, he felt terrified.

He had only been in that sanctuary for less than a year, and in that time, he had only been able to consume ordinary and primitive flesh. To face creatures such as that, at his level, the chance of survival was slim.

Needless to say, Trench Shelter was doing poorly. The monsters attacking had been dubbed “Raging Beasts,” and the one in the lead was a sacred-blood cla.s.s creature. The others it commanded were not as strong but were still fairly powerful. The weakest of the footsoldiers were primitive, whereas none exceeded mutant cla.s.s.

With its gene locks open, the supreme Raging Beast clobbered the walls of the shelter. With each thud, the bricks of the shelter’s composure shook. Each quake was more violent than the last, and all the humans inside mournfully accepted it was only a matter of time before the entire ramparts were brought down.

And once those walls came down, there’d be nothing separating the humans inside from the ravenous maws of the hungry creatures baying for their blood.

A few elites had leaped down to meet the a.s.saulting creatures and battle them there on the plains, but it wasn’t long before the shelter-anch.o.r.ed, non-fighters were forced to listen to a chorus of moans and screams. It hadn’t gone well for the elites, that was for sure.

The bodies of the creatures had proven too tough for the weaponry the elites wielded. They had quickly discovered they would have to aim for the eyes of the creatures if they wished to deal them harm. If a strike landed elsewhere, nothing would come of it.

In the heat of battle, though, aiming for the blinking eyes of a horde of tall beasts was incredibly difficult. And as such, they did not fare well. With their armaments and magical abilities not being able to deal damage to the very bodies of the creature, things were dire for the fighters, right off the bat.


The Raging Beast brought its raging fists down against the walls again, but this time, it successfully penetrated the stone. Brick and mortar were sent flying in a dizzying plume of dust.

“F*ck!” Su Xiaoqiao was on the wall as that occurred, and he fell all the way down to the ground. A brick had whacked his face during the tumble, and blood poured from his nose.

Realizing there’d be no time for a visit to the infirmary, he knew he’d have to stay strong. So, he did his best to disregard the searing pain and instead raise his bow back up. He took aim and began firing arrows, just as he had been.


The arrow hit a Raging Beast’s face, but it pinged off the thick hide—he had failed to strike the eye.

Su Xiaoqiao fired another arrow, and this second effort was actually a success. The arrow found its target and plugged itself deep into the eye of the rampaging monster. The leading creature reeled back in pain, letting out an earth-trembling groan as it unwittingly fell back onto the army behind it.

That was Su Xiaoqiao’s final arrow, though. And upon noticing his empty quiver, all he could cry aloud was, “Why must these giants have eyes no bigger than beans?!”

Su Xiaoqiao threw the bow aside and summoned a spear, hoping he could leap up and spike the eyes of the monsters in melee combat.

And thus, he went into battle. The screams of agony, from both humans and monsters, was his soundtrack. With the clatter of steel and the tearing of flesh, with the las.h.i.+ng of blood and the breaking of bones, a symphony of war played in accompaniment to his charge.

But the valiance of his charge was cut short by more tremors. The ground shook violently, and the volume increased rapidly. It got worse and worse.

Another Raging Beast was approaching the battlefield. But this one was thirty meters tall, and its body was entirely black like hard obsidian.

“Berserk sacred-blood Raging Beast is on-approach!” Zhao Long’s face turned grim, as he made the call-out. He was the leader of the shelter.

Trench Shelter had barely been able to hold strong against a mere few of the Raging Beasts. While the battle had been arduous, and the many lives had been lost, the hope of victory had never departed them. But now, with a berserk sacred-blood beast on the way, things had never seemed so hopeless.

The berserk sacred-blood Raging Beast did not heed the attack of any human, and it walked directly up to the gate of the shelter like a battering ram.

Zhao Long flew up towards it, and with a spear imbued with the airborne-fire of a thousand lightning bolts, threw it towards the advancing wretch.

Like a bolt of lightning itself, the flight of the spear was instant.

But the berserk sacred-beast creature was not as lumbering as its appearance suggested, and it hastily managed to duck and avoid the spear striking its eye. It pinged off the monster’s forehead and went spinning a few hundred meters away like a ricocheting bullet.

Zhao Long’s face turned ugly. Even had he missed the eye of the beast, he had hoped he could still deal damage to it. That was his strongest skill, but it had yielded nothing. Unhindered, the berserk sacred-blood Raging Beast continued its approach towards the shelter’s gate. Giant footprints on the ground were left in its wake.

The humans who were still along the crumbling ramparts fired arrows as fast and as furiously as they could. And while the barrage of arrows came in like rain, they seemed to be as damaging as raindrops to the monsters, too.

Any hope of salvation was now lost to the humans, and they watched in fear as the Raging Beasts pounded the shelter. The gate would be broken into splinters any second now.

That gate was a floodgate, and once it was down, it really would lead to a flood of countless hungry monsters. But their concern did not just lie there. The entire structure of the shelter had taken a significant walloping, and it was weakened. Soon, many spots on the walls would come falling down.

With their morale hitting rock bottom, they could no longer even muster the courage to fight.

The monsters were extremely excited in comparison, and the spirits of the filthy beasts were clearly raised with the approach of imminent victory. They pounded against the walls and gates harder, stomped their feet, gnashed their teeth, and licked their lips. There were so many tremors, it felt as if the entire earth would be torn asunder.

The humans knew they had been too weak to withstand such an a.s.sault. They knew their efforts to maintain control over Trench Shelter against such a horde of beasts had been a foolish endeavor.

“Everyone! Return to the Alliance!” Zhao Long gave the order to return, as he alone remained fighting. He hoped to buy the rest of his people time so they could escape.

The surviving elites fell back but did not leave. They wished for as many others to evacuate before they themselves did, as well.

Su Xiaoqiao felt terrible. He saw the horror and despair in his compatriots, but he knew nothing could be done to help save the day.

And if they left, he knew it was extremely unlikely they’d ever return.

“Coins!” someone shouted. When Su Xiaoqiao heard this, the extinguished fire in his heart was relit. He asked, “Coins? Is Dollar here?!”

Su Xiaoqiao did not see the enigmatic figure himself, but he did see a number of coins raining down from the sky.