Super Gene - Chapter 1084 - Luo Family’s Secret

Chapter 1084 - Luo Family’s Secret

Chapter 1084: Luo Family’s Secret


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Luo Lan had spoken a lot, all to explain to Han Sen where the Falsified-Sky Sutra had come from. He still had many lingering questions, however, and one of those was why the family was so insistent on them learning it.

Luo Lan continued to explain. “It is because the blood of the shura has thinned a lot since then. There was an argument in the Luo family, suggesting they interbreed with the shura again and revitalize their blood. Others were, of course, against the idea. We are humans, and that’s what they believed we should remain. Hybrids were not necessary. It split the family in two. Those who wished to keep the family as purely human remained in the Alliance. The others went off to live with the shura.”

“Really? Who has gone there?” Han Sen asked.

Luo Lan then spoke dimly, saying, “This is the Luo family’s greatest secret, one that cannot be shared. If I told you, the Luo family—you and Han Yan included—would be doomed. We still possess the blood of shura in our veins. It may be light, but it’s still there, and others may not take the volume into consideration were this to become known. It’s why I have never told you anything about this before.”

“And in regards to the names of those that went to the shura, and who leads them, that is cla.s.sified even for me. I have no idea. Your great-grandfather was once drunk and did mention their leader being incredibly handsome and let slip the name or t.i.tle of someone called Yu Shura.”

“That’s weird. Isn’t that the same name as the current queen of the shura?” Han Sen had a wry smile.

Luo Lan said, “The Luo family does not want the Falsified-Sky Sutra to fall back into the hands of the shura. If it did, it could be used against humanity. So, when Yu Shura left, he only learned the first half of the Falsified-Sky Sutra: the half you have. The second half is another secret, mind you. After your great-grandfather, there was no other heir for its learning. That was why they believed it was imperative for you to learn this sutra.”

Han Sen was starting to understand quite a bit, and he thought these elucidations were brilliant. These revelations also explained to him why the Asura Sutra was longer than the Falsified-Sky Sutra—it was the complete version.

“Yu Shura’s mixed heirs were far stronger than those who decided to remain in the Alliance. It wasn’t until we found the sanctuaries that we could grow and accelerate our development by collecting geno points, and later reclaim a position of greater strength than those who left. And if you’re worried the mixed ones can enter the sanctuaries, you needn’t be. Just like the genuine shura themselves, the mixed cannot enter.”

Luo Lan further went on to say, “The Luo family members that left to be with the shura, though? Don’t concern yourself with them. They cannot be considered relatives anymore, and beyond that, they don’t even look like humans. The Luo family will never provide them the second half of the Falsified-Sky Sutra.”

“As for the secret I mentioned, it is not to be mentioned to any outside the Luo family. Something occurred, and both the Yu Shura and Luo families agreed on not allowing anyone else to know. But, every ten years, the Luo family will send their strongest to battle against the strongest champion of Yu Shura’s family. If the Luo family ever loses, they will be forced to hand over the second half of the Falsified-Sky Sutra. Your great-grandfather is the only one who has learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra in its entirety, so if anything ever happened to him, it’d be best if they had a replacement. If he died, the Yu Shura would get it. That’s why the family wanted you for the longest time.”

“Aside from me and Little Yan, aren’t there any other viable candidates for them to teach?” Han Sen asked.

Luo Lan said, “Your grandfather always desired strength. It consumed him, and he pushed and pushed until he fell in the sanctuaries. When I left the family, there weren’t any geniuses like him left.”

“Why don’t I just destroy it?” Han Sen said.

“I have always thought that would be the best solution, so this entire matter could be just dealt with. But your great-grandfather is too arrogant to dare do such a thing.” Luo Lan paused, before continuing to say, “But now that your sister has learned it, the Yu Shura will find her if something happens to your great-grandfather.”

“So, it is because of his foolish pride that my sister has to fight the Yu Shura every ten years? Does he have no consideration for others? Is this the cost of his pride?” Han Sen was appalled.

“It does not matter now. It is too late.” Luo Lan looked regretful.

“Let me go to the Luo family and destroy this skill. Let pride be d*mned and the fighting adjourned,” Han Sen proclaimed.

Luo Lan believed Han Sen to be kidding, at first, but she said, “She has already learned it. Doing that won’t turn back the clock. Let’s just hope she can become a demi-G.o.d before your great-grandfather dies.”

“I’m not waiting around, twiddling my thumbs and hoping for the best. I’ll handle this. I won’t let her get hurt on the account of some foolish old man.” When Han Sen said this, he thought to himself, “Nothing is more important than my family. I’d rather give the Asura Sutra directly to Yu Shura, before letting my sister fight them needlessly.”

Han Sen returned to the sanctuary for the first time in years. But this time, he was not Han Sen. Now, he was Dollar. For his time there, he couldn’t risk others finding out he was no longer crippled. Dragon King knew the location where they left off, and with Disloyal Knight there, there would be no need for him to fight much, anyway.

Han Sen met up with some humans who had entered that place a couple of years ago. He saved them as Dollar. In return, they gave him information regarding where they were.

Han Sen then took off towards a human shelter that had developed outside of that realm. For a ride, he summoned Golden Growler.

Golden Growler had only just finished evolving a few months prior, and it was as strong as any super creature of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary could be. As good as this was, however, it hadn’t opened any gene locks.

Over the next few months, Han Sen had managed to get the Golden Growler to open three gene locks. It’d still need to open another six to reach nine, if it wanted to really compete, though.

Fortunately, Han Sen only wanted to use it for a ride right now. It was incredibly fast.

When he reached the outskirts of that empty, forested land, he was not far off from the shelter he was headed towards. But all of a sudden, he started to hear screaming. Then, he saw a strange light.

Han Sen frowned. That area was not unlike where the shelter was supposed to reside, according to those humans.