Super Gene - Chapter 106: Someone Good

Chapter 106: Someone Good

Chapter 106: Someone Good

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Articles about Dollar could be seen everywhere on the Skynet. But it was too late to write about him as Contest Center was the only program everyone talked about. The peer shows were much less popular.

A lot of businesses were looking for Dollar and wished to hire him to endorse their products. Some people wanted to dig out his true ident.i.ty and there were all kinds of speculations, but no one was certain anyway.

Han Sen was now browsing the S-Cla.s.s section in Saint Hall, dazzled by all the S-Cla.s.s hyper geno arts on footwork.

From the description alone it was difficult to see whether the footwork would suit him, but Han Sen had no better choice than these S-Cla.s.s hyper geno arts.

After reviewing all the descriptions, Han Sen locked down on a footwork named Sparticle.

Having purchased Sparticle, Han Sen watched the tutorial and started to learn.

Soon he found that Sparticle is somewhat different from the footwork he had in mind.

Han Sen was hoping to have a footwork that helped him speed up and pull him close to his opponent in an instant. Sparticle was fast enough and theoretically he could reach the highest speed that his body could take by practicing Sparticle.

But this hyper geno art was focused on the explosive force. Although he could reach a very high speed instantaneously, the speed could only last one or two steps.

Sudden burst of speed and one unparalleled step, that what Sparticle was all about.

Footwork like this was very powerful in a close combat and even more so when paired with sneak attacks that Han Sen was best at. But the previous problem was still not completely resolved—it was still hard for him to approach his opponent from afar.

"This is nice too. My abilities will be enhanced in close combat. And if my enemy is not too far away, this will work." Han Sen was not too disappointed, Sparticle was also helpful to him. It was just different from what he had imagined.

Originally, Han Sen thought that he should learn a footwork like the one used by Yi Dongmu, which involved erratic and rapid steps, but this would do as well, just in a completely different style than Yi’s.

Han Sen drank a bottle of geno solution for Sparticle and hurried to start practicing. Hopefully it would make a difference in the ranking rounds that was to begin in ten days.

In the afternoon, Fang Jingqi suddenly sent him a message to ask him to meet about something important.

Han Sen went to Fang Jingqi’s villa and found out that Fang was asking him to join Fist Guy’s team to hunt a sacred-blood creature.

"Fist Guy could not deal with the creature with his own men, but he did not want to team up with Son of Heaven or Qin Xuan. He did find the weakness of the creature and have a plan that calls for a good He did not know someone like this but he did not want to share the meat of the creature with the other gangs either. I know you are also in Steel Armor Shelter, so I’ve recommended you to him. If you join them, you won’t get a share of the meat but will be paid with a mutant three-eyed beast mount. As for the beast soul of the sacred-blood creature, we will follow the tradition—whoever gets it could keep it." Fang Jingqi paused and said, " The pay is very good. If Fist Guy does not insist on having the meat to himself, the share you get could not possibly be of the same value as a mutant beast soul mount."

Han Sen nodded, Fang Jingqi’s words were reasonable. The share of meat he could potentially get was probably less than half of what a mutant mount was worth.

"When and where?" Han Sen was secretly calculating the time needed for this trip. It was ten days until the next round, and he wondered if he could make it back.

"I cannot tell you the specific location, and you will need about six or seven days in total," Fang Jingqi said.

Han Sen certainly understood that no one would leak the information of a sacred-blood creature. With Fang Jingqi’s estimate, he felt rea.s.sured as even if there was a delay, he could still make it back in time.

In fact, Han Sen did not care for the ranking matches. It did not matter to him how he ranked among the Chosen as long as he could have the reward, which was the same for everyone in top 10. He was really looking forward to fight Lin Feng though, to see how good Lin actually was.

Han Sen promised he would join Fist Guy. He had always wanted a mount and here came his opportunity to get a mutant one. Plus, he had a chance at the sacred-blood beast soul as well. So why not?

Fang Jingqi gave Han Sen a coin and said with a smile, "I only said that I would recommend someone good, but didn’t name you. Take this to the agreed place and he will know."

Han Sen nodded and took the coin. Fang Jingqi took him to dinner before letting him go.

The next day when Han Sen entered Steel Armor Shelter, almost all the people were talking about Dollar’s match against Yi Dongmu and "A King Marches in Loneliness," but they preferred to call the piece "From A Loner to the King."

After all, Dollar was from Steel Armor Shelter and everyone in the shelter felt honored about it, except for Son of Heaven’s gang.

"I am a celebrity now, but unfortunately I cannot tell anyone that is me," Han Sen thought.

First, he went to find Yang Manli and took a leave, explaining that he wanted to hunt an important creature, hiding the fact that he was in fact joining Fist Guy’s team.

Hunting was crucial and Han Sen’s training results were fairly good. Yang Manli did not give him any trouble before she granted his leave.

Han Sen came to the agreed place and saw Fist Guy and his gang under a tree enjoying the cool, obviously waiting for someone.

"a.s.s Freak, what are you doing here instead of following Qin Xuan around?" A gang member saw Han Sen and ridiculed.

Han Sen did not speak, but fished out the coin from his pocket and flicked it with his finger. The coin drew an arc and fell in the palm of Fist Guy.

Holding the coin, Fist Guy looked at it and felt incredible. He asked Han Sen, "You are the person Fang mentioned?"