Super Gene - Chapter 105: From A Loner to the King

Chapter 105: From A Loner to the King

Chapter 105: From A Loner to the King

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w.a.n.g Changqing’s comlink was smashed by him. Eyes bloodshot, he panted heavily like a hysterical beast.

Dollar had beat Yi Dongmu. The public opinion of the entire Alliance was suddenly turned over. Contest Center and Fang Mingquan that had suffered lots of criticism were sent to the altar. Lots of people were saying they owe the program and its host an apology.

More and more people poured into the Contest Center to watch Fang Mingquan’s a.n.a.lysis. The show had made it into the eighth place in ratings, a record high.

Huaxing Station had never seen such achievement with any show. In the past, the best record they had was the 19th place.

Top 10! No one even dared to dream this big. The host would be proud enough if the show was in top 100, and be thrilled if it made top 50.

There was no doubt that Contest Center and Fang Ming had both made it. Although Contest Center was a show that would end after the contest, Fang Mingquan’s outstanding performance had won him fame. No matter what show he host in the future, he would always have great ratings.

Now Huaxing Station considered Fang Mingquan a pillar of the station. Even Xu Kangnian was smiling at him all the time and showering him with compliments, making w.a.n.g Changqing so jealous that he wanted to bite Fang with his teeth.

After Fang got off work and returned home, he sat in front of the French window and looked at the view of a busy night with a cigarette between his fingers, taking a puff from time to time. His body was still shaking.

Now that everything was over, Fang started to sense some fear. He didn’t even believe his own a.n.a.lysis as he didn’t even watch the matches. He simply believed in Dollar, the man who moved him by saving the girl and he thought a man like that must do well.

So Fang Mingquan was just betting on Dollar to become the Chosen. Whether he could get the first place or not, it was no longer important.

The fight against Yi Dongmu and Lin Feng’s invite had made Dollar’s reputation peak and Fang Mingquan had also succeeded.

"Dollar, you really are my lucky charm!" Fang Mingquan relaxed and celebrated the fact that he had made the right bet. If he had lost the bet, he did not even dare to think of the result.

He was not afraid to lose, but this time too much was at stake. If he had lost, he might have to leave his favorite industry.

The puff reached his lungs and an intoxicating feeling started to spread from there. Fang silently looked at the nightscape and his excitement gradually subsided.

When all the excitement was gone, Fang Mingquan got up to turn on his smart device. He wrote an article t.i.tled "A King Marches in Loneliness."

A king is always lonely.

When others are laughing with friends to show off their humor,

He is sweating in silence.

The king is always lonely,

When others are chasing fair maidens,

He is bleeding on the battlefield.

A king is always lonely.

When the whole world is against him,

He stared into the front.

A king is always lonely.

When he is abandoned by all,

He is still firmly marching forward,

Only to realize his dreams afar.

I just want to say,

Dollar, please accept my allegiance.

A loner like me whishes to follow you who are lonely too.

You win, I will be with you.

You lose, I will be with you.

Fang Mingquan finished the article and did not sign leave his own name under, instead he wrote "from a loner to the king."

When Fang Mingquan uploaded the article on the Skynet, it went viral at an incredible speed, triggering a huge response.

"d.a.m.n, I cried reading this. It reminded me of when I trained hard to be admitted to a military school. Others admired me for being admitted, while they had no idea about the effort I made. I had to train even when I had a fever. It was tough."

"Fang Mingquan wrote well. I was reminded of the days I struggled in G.o.d’s Sanctuary."

"This is simply my true portrayal!"

"I am also a loner. Spending at least 28 days in G.o.d’s Sanctuary each month, I just want to work harder so that my family can live better. But I am so tired and I need company."

"No matter what happens in the future. From this moment on, I am a fan of Dollar and Fang Mingquan's. I will be with both of you, too."

"Dollar, please accept my allegiance."

"You win, I will be with you."

"You lose, I will be with you."

"Loner +1."

"I like Fang Mingquan. You follow Dollar, I will follow you."

"If G.o.d gave me another chance, I would never have said anything bad about Dollar."



"Dollar, you are my king."

"A King Marches in Loneliness" had made Dollar and Fang a tremendous success. As Fang became a real celebrity, Dollar had gained many hardcore fans who would not sway easily.

Reading the piece himself, Han Sen felt touched, too. During the first three months when he had just entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary, the loneliness and helplessness he experienced were maddening. He had gone this far because of his dreams and the people he cared about.

If it weren’t for his mother and Han Yan, Han Sen might have given up on himself.

Han Sen wanted to reply to the article, but he eventually let that thought go.

"Let us keep marching forward for what we truly cherish. No words could express my feeling." Han Sen silently logged out.

Hen Sen rested for a while, and decided to check if there was any hyper geno art on footwork that suited him in Saint Hall. Yi Dongmu’s footwork was paired perfectly with his sneak attacks, and the footwork was what Han Sen lacked. If he could practice some footwork to work with his Sleeveblade skills, he could reach an even higher level in the combat.