Super Gene - Chapter 1025 - Goodbye to Silver Fox

Chapter 1025 - Goodbye to Silver Fox

Chapter 1025: Goodbye to Silver Fox


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

After a time spent in the Alliance, Han Sen returned to the sanctuary. As soon as he arrived, Bao’er leapt up to kiss his cheek and say, “Father, I missed you!”

“I missed you, too.” Han Sen kissed her and then went off, looking for the silver fox.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura and found the fox lying atop the shelter’s ramparts, just above the gate.

Han Sen took Bao’er with him to where the silver fox was and said, “Little Silver, I’m back. There is no need to guard so fiercely anymore.”

The silver fox just continued staring in the direction he had been. Han Sen could tell the silver fox was concerned about something, but all that did was make Han Sen worry, too.

Han Sen frowned. Ghost Mountain was in the direction the silver fox faced.

Caringly, Han Sen went to stroke the silver fox’s head and ask him, “Do you miss your friends?”

Han Sen believed the silver fox might have missed the fellow creatures back on Ghost Mountain, as they had treated him well for a long time.

Before he could receive a response, though, Han Sen’s attention was s.n.a.t.c.hed by the sudden sound of a cry. It came from Ghost Mountain.

The silver fox stood up in alarm, paying extra attention to the cry. He approached Han Sen’s legs and rubbed his head against them.

Acknowledging something was wrong, Han Sen stroked the silver fox’s face and asked, “What is it?”

Gently, the silver fox crooned as an answer. He jumped up, licked Han Sen’s cheek, and then jumped off of the shelter’s wall. The silver fox started to run in the direction of Ghost Mountain, but as it went, it repeatedly looked back at Han Sen.

Han Sen did not delay in going after the silver fox, but Little Silver kept on howling back at Han Sen—who sought to give chase—as if he was telling Han Sen to stay back and not follow him back to Ghost Mountain.

“What’s wrong, Little Silver? You can tell me!” Han Sen did not heed the silver fox’s warnings and continued pursuing him. Bao’er was left behind in the meantime, up on the ramparts of the shelter.

Han Sen thought about why the silver fox might not have come to see him in the very beginning, when he was up on Ghost Mountain. The silver fox had called off the super creature wolf. It was strange how he had only shown up after they exited the mountain.

Howl! The silver fox tried to warn Han Sen off and get him to stop following.

“Little Silver, is someone trying to bully you? Are you being threatened? What is that far-off cry?” Han Sen increased his speed, to catch up with the silver fox.

Although Little Silver was not a human, he was a creature Han Sen had raised since its birth. At one point, the silver fox was his most trusted ally and side-kick. He was family to Han Sen, and he couldn’t just let the fox run off into danger.

It was okay if the silver fox wanted to go back there to be with the creatures. Han Sen wouldn’t have forced him to stay with him, if that was the concern. But if something was forcing the silver fox to do something against his will, Han Sen wouldn’t stand for it.

Little Silver slowed down due to Han Sen’s repeated calls, but the crying noise from Ghost Mountain started up again. Little Silver barked at Han Sen, and then, with a bolt of lightning, ran off.

The silver fox was incredibly quick, and Han Sen had no chance of following him. The creature was going to leave his range of vision in no time.

With eight gene locks open, though, Han Sen did his best to try and catch up.

He had fallen behind, yes, but he still continued on his way to Ghost Mountain. That was where the silver fox was headed, after all.

The silver fox heard the upset howling again and stopped in his tracks.

Seeing him stop in the distance put a smile back on Han Sen’s face. But as he neared the silver fox again, and was close to catching up, Little Silver electrified him.

The silver fox barked at Han Sen, commanding that he stop following.

Bringing himself back up to his feet, Han Sen was not mad at his behavior. He said, “If you are willingly going back, I won’t stop you. But if someone is making you do something against your own will, I’m not leaving your side.”


The silver fox shot Han Sen with another bolt of lightning, but after, he looked a little remorseful. He seemed to have been touched by Han Sen’s words, despite his initial reaction.

Shrugging off the pain, Han Sen continued to approach the silver fox.

Little Silver couldn’t bring himself to shock Han Sen the third time, so he just barked, ran, and leapt up into Han Sen’s chest.

“Little Silver, I don’t want you to leave me.” Han Sen stroked the silver fox’s head with much love.

Little Silver licked his dear master’s cheeks and barked quietly, as if he wished to speak with him in a common language.

But suddenly, the silver fox jumped away from Han Sen and made all his fur stand on end.

Han Sen suddenly felt a terrible presence drawing near. Turning to take a look at where it was coming from, he saw a black shadow approaching them from across the field.

The shadow was very slow, but every step made Han Sen feel as if the very world was under-threat. It was as if the world was shrinking, the nearer it drew.

Han Sen could sense a terrifying power residing within that black shadow.

Now, Han Sen believed he understood the reason why the silver fox had not revealed his presence as soon as he probably wanted to.

It wasn’t that the silver fox did not want to be with Han Sen, it was this shadow that was stopping him. He only revealed himself when he did because it had been a life and death moment for Han Sen. The a.s.sault of those bugs out on the plains could have ended poorly for all the humans involved.

Staring at the scary shadow, Han Sen thought even the intimidation of the snake paled in comparison to it.