Super Gene - Chapter 1024 - Holy-Sword Emperor

Chapter 1024 - Holy-Sword Emperor

Chapter 1024: Holy-Sword Emperor

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“Brother Zhao, do you think they can do what they say they can?” Zhao Xin and the others hid amongst some bushes. While they watched Han Sen, the youngest of the three asked Zhao Xin the question.

“They sound confident, so they definitely possess some manner of strength. But even if they can take down this royal shelter, I’m not sure they have the strength to take down Sword-Palace Shelter.” Zhao Xin paused for a minute, and then said, “Still, for now, if they can just manage to break the spirit stone here in Sword-Furnace Shelter, we’ll be free.”

“Then let us hope for the best and pray they are successful!” the young man said, his eyes also resting on Han Sen.

The three of them held their hands and prayed after this. If the group was not successful in liberating the shelter, their betrayal might later be found out. If it was, then the three of them who were under contract would most a.s.suredly be given a torturous death.

After Han Sen and his people entered the shelter, the noise of explosions, clanging weaponry, and the shrieks and warcries of battle sounded from within the walls. The three of them sweated in antic.i.p.ation.

It didn’t last for very long. And after a short while of audible fighting, the city fell silent.

“Brother Zhao, why is it all quiet? Were they all killed?” the young man asked. ( )

“I don’t think so.” Zhao Xin wasn’t entirely sure. It was strange, though; they had only been inside for a short while, so how could the battle have come to an end so soon?

The fear of the group being unsuccessful lingered on the minds of the three, and the idea that Han Sen might have already conquered the shelter in such a short time seemed too silly for them to even consider.

All of a sudden, a swordsman appeared from out of the gate. His build was heavy, and they recognized his figure all too well. It was a spirit of Sword-Furnace Shelter.

“We are done for,” Zhao Xin quietly muttered. He hadn’t expected them to be defeated so soon.

The two young men had hoped, more than anything, to return to the Alliance if they had been freed. But now? They didn’t think that was happening anytime soon.

But then, after watching the spirit with bated breath, the tension in their contorted expressions loosened. They couldn’t believe it.

Another person came out from behind the gates of the shelter, and as he stepped past, the spirit moved aside like a servant.

When Zhao Xin squinted to take a better look, that person was the young man who had told them his people could take the shelter and give them back their freedom.

“The royal spirit is obeying him?” Zhao Xin looked amazed.

“How could he have achieved all that so quickly?” The young man was in awe.

Han Sen bid for the three to emerge from the bushes and enter the shelter. After coming inside, they were able to confirm that Han Sen had indeed conquered the shelter and a.s.serted control.

The bodies of slain creatures were strewn about everywhere. The shelter had been populated with a large sum of mutant creatures, but now they were all dead.

“Who are you people?” Zhao Xin asked in shock. If they possessed the power to oh-so-easily bring down Sword-Furnace Shelter, they couldn’t have been an ordinary bunch of adventurers.

“You aren’t aware of what President Ji’s son-in-law looks like?” Chen Hu smiled.

“You are Han Sen?!” the young person exclaimed with much glee.

Zhao Xin had been in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary for far too long, though, so the name Han Sen didn’t ring any bells.

But now, they could all use the teleporter. It had been many years since Zhao Xin had been to the Alliance—he had a lot of catching up to do.

Lin He and his group were supposed to stay for a while and protect the shelter, but Han Sen allowed them to return first. With the silver fox and Bao’er there, even if Sword-Palace Shelter came quickly for retribution, there’d be little the other royal shelter could do against the combined might of those two.

Han Sen gave them their places and explained to them what should be done, in the event hostile forces came to the shelter. Then, he too returned to the Alliance. It had been a while since he was last in touch with his mother and Ji Yanran, and so he sought to allay any fears they may have had for his well-being.

Inside a giant city, one that sat in the center of the glorious emerald expanses, many royal spirits had come together for a meeting. The leader amongst them wore green-plated armor, and he spoke to them all.

A swordsman spirit approached another royal spirit and whispered in his ear. When he heard the whispered words, the spirit’s face changed.

“My son, what is wrong?” Holy-Sword Emperor asked.

Ghost-Sword was only just a royal spirit. He hadn’t become a king spirit yet, but he was the strongest of Holy-Sword Emperor’s sons. With the possibility that, in time, he might be able to become a king spirit, his father loved him dearly.

“Father, a few humans stormed Sword-Furnace Shelter and took it from me. We should send reinforcements to slay them,” Ghost-Sword said, then gestured to the swordsman, who promptly left.

“Okay, then.” Holy-Sword Emperor did not think this matter was too concerning.

In that place, only super creatures could pose a threat to them. Humans were weaklings, and not a force worth worrying about.

Mostly, though, Holy-Sword Emperor’s placid reaction to the news was because he was in a good mood. He had just been the recipient of a treasure. It was given to him by an emperor spirit from Phoenix Desert.

With that treasure, he had a chance of transcending his own cla.s.s to that of an emperor.

The power of an emperor was not far off that of a berserk super creature, and it was half a tier higher than that of a king spirit.

Spirits that had opened ten gene locks mostly moved on to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

The treasure he had received was from an emperor spirit that had gone to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. It was a very beneficial gift for spirits such as Holy-Sword Emperor.

He hadn’t previously hoped he could achieve ten open gene locks, but now, he did.

A swordsman approached Ghost-Sword and whispered to him again. Upon hearing what the messenger said, his face turned green. He stood up.