Super Gene - Chapter 1026 - You Deserve It

Chapter 1026 - You Deserve It

Chapter 1026: You Deserve It


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When the shadow arrived, it felt as if the entire expanse had been veiled with a cloak of darkness.

The creature was a fox. It was different than the silver fox, not only in that its coat was black, but it had a look of murder in its eyes. It was evil.

It had nine tails that wagged strangely, and it gave the illusion of a warped dimension.

The nine-tail fox approached like a demon, and its oppressive appearance made Han Sen feel he could drop to the ground at any given moment.

The eyes of the phantom fox were frightening. The sockets were where they should have been, but they were empty. Sunken and empty.

The fox looked at Han Sen, and as it did, he felt a weight of doom press on his shoulders. The tyrannical feelings it exuded were suffocating, so much so, Han Sen felt short of breath.

Han Sen did not have an eighth sense, but he knew all too well that the fox wanted to murder him.

He felt as if he was encountering a twisted, vengeful ghost from the beyond. And it was then that it hit him; perhaps there was a reason the area was called Ghost Mountain.

“Is this why Ghost Mountain is called Ghost Mountain? Is it because of this ghost-like fox?” Han Sen mulled to himself.

Howl! The silver fox cried out at the ghost fox, as if it was begging it to let Han Sen walk away.

But it seemed as if the ghost fox did not care. It looked furious, undoubtedly angry Han Sen had taken the silver fox away from it.

Seeing the ghost fox approach, nearer and nearer, Little Silver straightened his hair with a charge of electricity. He growled at the ghost fox, as if he was telling it to stay away.

The ghost fox was irritated by Little Silver’s behavior, and it let out a horrid shriek. After it was over, its tail sprang outwards to attack Han Sen.

The silver fox was shocked, so it unleashed a barrage of silver lightning at the ghost fox in retaliation. Strangely, the lightning flashed through the body of the ghost fox and only scorched the ground behind it. It was if the ghost fox was truly a ghost.

The silver fox unleashed more and more lightning, each discharge being stronger than the last. Try as he might, though, not a single one impacted or dealt damage to the shape of the foe that opposed them.

Han Sen turned into a phoenix and leapt towards the ghost fox.

But after unleas.h.i.+ng a number of attacks, nothing touched the ghost fox. Han Sen felt like cowering in the ghost’s intimidating shadow.

Suddenly, Han Sen behaved as if he was possessed. Black smoke rose from his flames, and his eyes turned black as well.

Han Sen’s hands rose up of their own accord and placed themselves on his own neck. Then, he vigorously tried to strangle himself.

“You deserve it. Hahaha!” Han Sen squeezed his own neck with tremendous strength, wheezing out a cackle whenever he could. He had gone psychotic.

A tick-tick sound came from the neck, and it sounded as if it was going to snap any second beneath the horrid pressure that was being put upon it.

Han Sen had never had to deal with a power such as this before. Only his consciousness was free; everything else about him was under the control of the ghost fox who had disappeared into him.

The silver fox howled in fright over what had happened to his master. He couldn’t do anything to save him, and he could only run around in circles.

The ghost fox had possessed Han Sen, and even though it was vulnerable now, if he attacked, he’d be harming his master.

Little Silver’s eyes turned red, and it began kowtowing before the ghost fox.

“I told you; I’d grant him safe pa.s.sage across Ghost Mountain, only if you remained my slave. You broke your end of the bargain, and now, he has to die.” Han Sen’s mouth spoke the words that the ghost fox desired, and did so with a spooky, empty tone that was devoid of all emotion.

The silver fox had no idea what to do. He didn’t know if there was anything he could do. All he did was beg and beg for the safety of his master.

“Little Silver… don’t beg. He isn’t worthy enough to be your master.” Suddenly, Han Sen had managed to regain some control.

The ghost fox was surprised at the resilience of its host. It had never expected that a possessed human could summon the will to regain command of their voice.

Not even super creatures could resist the powers of the ghost fox, so how a human had managed to do so was unfathomable.

To the ghost fox, the one-thousand-seven-hundred fitness the human possessed was incredibly weak.

Not wanting to risk him regaining any more control, the ghost fox decided to kill him outright.

The ghost fox strengthened its power, but strangely, it could not corrupt any more of Han Sen’s body.

A holy light came out from Han Sen, and it seemed to be purifying and negating the effects of the black smoke. This humble light grew, until the darkness that surrounded him was wholly vanquished.

“Impossi—” The ghost fox sought to squeal a few words using Han Sen’s mouth, but his attempt was cut short by the severing of the corruption.

Han Sen’s black hair became a bright, stunning white gown, and it grew so long that it brushed the emerald gra.s.s.

His body was beaming with a holy light.

The nine gene lock super king spirit body was increasing in strength and magnitude.

The dark presence in him was ejected, and the form of the ghost fox returned. It looked at Han Sen in utter shock.

“How dare you make Little Silver cry. You know what? You deserve it!” Han Sen’s eyes burned with the brightness of stars. A fist, imbued with the same power, was thrown towards the wretched ghost fox.