Super Gene - Chapter 1010 - My Time to Shine

Chapter 1010 - My Time to Shine

Chapter 1010: My Time to s.h.i.+ne


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The lightning forest was not the sort of place one could hold lengthy discussions. After a brief talk, they heard wolves howling in the distance.

When the sounds subsided, the lightning trees seemed to react as if a message was being relayed, pa.s.sed from tree to tree.

Chen Hu and the others were unnerved at the sight, and mournfully realized that their trials might not be over.

In the distance, the surviving wolves prowled in the undergrowth and watched the travelers.

“Come and fight us, if you dare! Your howls will accomplish nothing!” Chen Hu was annoyed, and their constant watching made him itch. He couldn’t help but blurt out insults towards them.

“Let’s just hasten our pa.s.sage and leave this forest as soon as we can,” Lin Weiwei said.

“Don’t be afraid. There’s no need to be. If they come closer, I am sure our friend Han Sen will re-activate their r.e.t.a.r.dation mode,” Chen Hu said.

“Talking will only slow us down. We should hurry; I have only opened my fourth gene lock. And if there are sacred-blood creatures amongst them, my powers won’t be half as effective. It’ll be bad news, if we have to face-off against sacred-blood wolves,” Han Sen said.

“But there’s only one wolf king. And it’s only sacred-blood!” Chen Hu let out a hearty laugh.

They continued walking through the forest, and they espied more and more wolves ama.s.sing on the fringes of their sight. There were dozens of sharp, gleaming eyes watching them.

Some followed them from behind, others were up front. Every now and again, they all howled.

“Oh no! There must be at least a thousand of them around us, by now,” Lin He said.

They did not see the wolf king, but the number of subordinate wolves was enough to strike fear into their hearts.

Chen Hu did not say anything now, and Lin Weiwei’s nerves looked wracked. Things did not look good for the band of travelers.

If Lin He had Dongxuan Aura, it would have been far more effective. But he didn’t, and Han Sen’s senses were the best of the group. This meant he was the one who had to remain the most alert. And Han Sen knew the number of wolves around them was greater than Lin He’s estimation. There was, in fact, twenty-three hundred wolves baying for their blood.

Although there were no sacred-blood creatures, it was a terrifying number for even the strongest person to think of competing with.

“Those wolves sure look hungry. Please, remain vigilant.” As Lin He said this, the sacred-blood wolf king revealed itself.

Before they could react, though, four more wolf kings appeared. They each came from a different direction, surrounding them on all sides.

“Me and my big mouth.” Chen Hu wished he could take back what he had said, and did not incite any further ire from the wolves by taunting them.

Even though Han Sen could deal with the legions of mutant wolves, the combined strength of the sacred-blood wolf kings was out of his league.

Hooooowl! The five wolf kings howled in unison, and after that, all the lesser wolves began running towards the group with a ravenous appet.i.te.

Han Sen quickly snuffed out their senses, for a re-enactment of what had occurred earlier.

“Pah! So dumb! Have they not learned a thing?” Chen Hu tried to lighten the mood.

But unlike last time, the wolves did not stop and wander about aimlessly. They seemed to react better to their disability, and they ran forward at a decent pace.


A wolf came into contact with a lightning tree, which rattled it. From the boughs above, many leaves began to fall.

“Oh, no!” Lin He screamed.

It was a new tactic. The wolves mindlessly charged forward to bash the trees and make the forest rain those electrifying leaves.

The lightning danced from leaf to leaf in sparkling freefall.

Everyone drew a weapon and tried to cut the leaves before they could touch them.

With every connection of a leaf to a weapon, the leaves exploded in a firework of electricity. It was a frightful sight.

The leaves were like rainfall, and one leaf was enough to injure you so grievously, you could no longer raise a weapon.

“These wolves are smart,” Lin Weiwei said, as her once-hopeful spirit began to sink.

With a wry smile, Han Sen responded, “I underestimated their cunning. I shouldn’t be surprised that they came up with a solution for our initial trick.”

Lin He was shredding the airborne leaves like a madman, and without him there, they wouldn’t have been able to survive the leaf-rain as long as they did.

The wolves did not relent in their bas.h.i.+ng of the trees. And as more and more leaves departed their harboring branches, many wolves decided to rush to the fighters and do what they could in close-quarter combat.

“It’s my time to s.h.i.+ne.” Han Sen’s skin started to turn red, as if he was a being formed of blood.

His black pupils turned red, with many rings emerging within.

Han Sen’s pupils soon had seven of these rings, indicating his Blood-Pulse Sutra had seven gene locks active.

He only had a fitness of fifteen hundred. If he activated his eighth gene lock, he wouldn’t be able to last very long, and he’d most likely end up damaging his own body.

Han Sen ran the Phoenix hyper geno art, and his body burst into a living brazier of wild flames.

The fire was no longer black, either. Due to the effect of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, the fire looked demonically red. It was terrifying.