Super Gene - Chapter 1011 - Killing the Wolf King

Chapter 1011 - Killing the Wolf King

Chapter 1011: Killing the Wolf King


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Lightning was tearing the battlefield asunder, and it sapped the fighters of their hope of triumph. But suddenly, from the corner of their eyes, a red flame danced.

Han Sen was standing there, a red flame encompa.s.sing his being. He raised his hand and a thousand firebirds shot out, hungry for murder. There were so many of them, they covered the skies like a veil.

At first, the firebirds went for the leaves. Their touch incinerated the leaves effortlessly.

The fire still raged around Han Sen, and he generated more and more firebirds.

When each leaf was destroyed, a blood-bird sp.a.w.ned out of its ashes, as well. Where there was once lightning, now there was fire. The forest had become a raging inferno, all answering to the whims of the one who controlled it: Han Sen.

The fire quickly overwhelmed all it came into contact with, and everything that it touched was turned to ash. From that ash, firebirds arose. It was like the spreading of a violent, parasitic infestation.

The firebirds did not extinguish, either. They went on ceaselessly, incinerating the wolves with a ravenous appet.i.te for the act.

The wolves whimpered and cried out for aid, but nothing could save them. The squeals were like those of tortured souls wailing from the pits of h.e.l.l. Countless wolves fell in a short amount of time.

Aside from where they were standing, everything around them was ablaze.

Everyone looked at Han Sen, who had become a fire-casting monstrosity.

“Phoenix? But Phoenix is not that powerful!” Lin He struggled to speak. He was too overwhelmed by what he was seeing.


The five wolf kings howled to the skies once more as the lesser wolves started to scatter and run away in fear. A hundred wolves and a dozen trees had been burnt to a crisp in a matter of moments.

The wolf kings were not going to flee, though. With an aura of blue light surrounding them, they raced towards the travelers, all from different directions.

Han Sen was not going to waste any time, and he was surely not going to wait for them to close the gap. He transformed himself into a phoenix and flew forward to meet one of the kings.

Hooooowl! Seven bolts of lightning were fired towards Han Sen.

That meant the wolf had opened seven gene locks. It was a scary thing, considering the wolf had a much higher fitness level.


Lightning and fire collided into a dizzying array of fireworks that exploded against each other.

Han Sen did not relax his attack. He fearlessly flew towards the wolf king, Taia in hand.

The wolf king bared its fangs to Han Sen in response, and lightning flickered across them. The beast reared its head, ready to sink its teeth into Han Sen’s neck and rip out his throat.

The wolf king’s mouth reached its target, and the monster brought its hungry maw down on Han Sen’s neck. Strangely, not a single mark was left. The wolf king, however, had been cut.


The wolf king twitched as blood gushed from the wound Han Sen had inflicted. It looked ready to collapse and die.

Everyone was shocked, having seen Han Sen kill a sacred-blood wolf king with seven gene locks active with a single hit.

Lin Weiwei thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, and she found it difficult to believe what Han Sen had accomplished in the single year he had been in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

“It looks as if he managed to max out his super geno points before choosing to become a surpa.s.ser. But still, he has only been here for a year. Where has all this additional power come from?” Lin Weiwei retreated into her mind, as a complicated look consumed her face.

“Sacred-Blood Creature Lightning Wolf killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”

Han Sen heard the announcement and did not relent. He went straight for another wolf king.

The Blood-Pulse Sutra was quite simple. It did not matter how many gene locks it had open, it imbued the power of blood onto every skill its user performed.

The more gene locks that had been opened, the stronger this boon of blood-power would become.

Without this skill, even with Taia, Han Sen would not have been able to take down the wolf king in a single hit.

Everyone was shocked, and even the wolves were taken aback by what had just occurred. Without hesitation, they chose to flee before any more of them became victims of the ruthless man.

Han Sen caught up with one of them, and try as the wolf king might, it was unable to avoid Han Sen’s a.s.sault.

His phoenix flames annihilated the seven lightning bolts the wolf cast, as Taia was plunged deep into the furry fiend’s throat. It was killed in one hit, once again.

“Sacred-Blood Creature Lightning Wolf killed. Beast soul gained. Consume its flesh gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”

The rest of the wolves managed to get away. They were terrified of Han Sen, and they scrambled wildly in their attempt to flee.

To be honest, it wasn’t only the wolves who were scared. Even Lin He and his people were unnerved. The power they had just witnessed was too shocking for them to comprehend.

Lin He could have fought against one wolf king, but it would have been a lengthy battle. The victor of such a fight would be difficult to determine, as well.

But Han Sen was able to one-hit kill a wolf king. Rarely had he ever been in such a state of speechlessness and shock.

“Oh my G.o.d! Brother Han is that strong? Weiwei, didn’t you tell us he had only just become a surpa.s.ser?” Chen Hu was flabbergasted at the ruthless spectacle he had just witnessed.

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“I told you that because it’s true…” Weiwei wasn’t sure what to say anymore.

But Han Sen did not have time to revel in the glory of victory, because the wolves now stopped running.