Super Gene - Chapter 1009 - Wolfpack Gone Stupid

Chapter 1009 - Wolfpack Gone Stupid

Chapter 1009: Wolfpack Gone Stupid


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen looked at Lin He with great respect. He knew he would most likely never see the man again, but he admired his willingness to give his life and draw the wolves away so that the rest could escape.

Han Sen did not believe he himself could perform such a courageous and selfless act.

The alpha wolf looked disdainfully down at them. It acknowledged the ploy and howled, commanding the wolves to ignore the old man and go straight for Han Sen.

The alpha wolf looked at Lin He himself, and as it did, the blue light around it increased in intensity.

Lin He knew he would be unable to one-hit kill the alpha wolf. He just wanted to pull the attention of all the wolves onto him, so his people could get away.

He did not expect the alpha wolf king to be so smart, though. The wolf king knew better than to command its pups anywhere near Lin He and his drawn sword.

Lin He wanted to run back now and help his people against the legion of wolves. But before he could, the wolf king leapt off the rock and fired a bolt of blue lightning at him.

Seeing all the mutant wolves headed their way, the faces of the people changed. They knew things had taken a dire turn.

“Kill as many as you can!” Lin Weiwei ordered, before fearlessly running forward to meet the wolves in battle.

Chen Hu and the rest followed without delay, bravely submitting themselves to the grievous combat.

“Give me a chance to perform.” Han Sen opened his Dongxuan Sutra and used it to wipe out all the senses of the wolves in the area.

While Han Sen was in the valley, he had practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra primarily. When he reached the ninth tier, and there was no more progress to be made, he turned his attention back to the Dongxuan Sutra. With it, he managed to reach the fourth tier.

The fourth tier, unfortunately, did not stifle the eighth sense of others as Han Sen had believed it might. All it did was increase the radius of the other abilities he was already able to perform. It was fairly disappointing.

That wasn’t to say Dongxuan Aura was ineffective, though. Upon its casting, Han Sen transformed all the blood-thirsty wolves into canine-like relatives of headless chickens. They started to flail around aimlessly, unsure of what was happening or what they could do.

Unfortunately, while it worked wonderfully on the legion of lesser wolves, it wasn’t strong enough to debilitate the wolf king. That meant the wolf king, much like the monkey king, had opened its eighth sense.

Lin Weiwei believed she was running into one last valiant battle, where she’d most likely fall. But all of a sudden, the wolves in front of her lost their focus. They wonkily remained in place, as if they were s.p.a.ced out.

The humans initially believed this to be a scheme of the wolves, but when they lunged forward with their weaponry, the wolves failed to evade them. They were able to cut down the wolves with ease, and there seemed to be nothing the wolves could do to protect themselves.

The wolves acted as if they had been robbed of their brains. It seemed as if they did not even feel pain, and they all just stood there, allowing themselves to be killed.

A couple of the wolves were jumpy and spat out lightning. But those bolts only ended up striking their allies and incinerating them.

Han Sen went to join in with the mutant wolf-slaying, but felt it was unnecessary. His mutant point tally had been maxed out, so it was pointless for him to do this.

When all of their senses were blocked, their sight and hearing were blocked as well. Their sense of touch was disabled, too, and that meant they couldn’t feel pain.

The wolves were allowing themselves to be killed, or so it seemed. And swiftly, thirty of the blighters had been cut down.

Although the humans on the field were unsure of what was going on, they were delighted, regardless. Lin He was ecstatic.

When the wolf king noticed something was wrong with its subordinates, it howled to rally them.

But the wolves, of course, could not hear a thing. They either stood still, trying to maintain balance, or walked around in circles aimlessly.

Seeing the wolves get mowed down with ease, the wolf king decided to flee the scene despite the grievous loss. Its speed was blisteringly quick, and it managed to disappear from sight in no time at all.

Lin He turned back to rejoin his allies, and side-by-side with Han Sen, got to work on killing all the wolves that had once sought to eat them up. All-in-all, the group managed to kill just over a hundred of the furry fiends. Fortunately for many of the ones in the back, they managed to wander away and have their lives spared through sheer luck.

“Are those wolves r.e.t.a.r.ded?” Chen Hu said.

Everyone looked happy. After fleeing their home and fearing for their lives for weeks on end, it felt tremendously good to kill their enemies without worry. Their adrenaline was pumping, and their murderous rage had flared.

They had hunted sacred-blood creatures together in the past, but such fights were extremely difficult. They were long and tiring, and one had to exercise caution at all times. To mindlessly hack and slash enemies, to kill carefree, was a joyous experience.

“Uncle San, what happened to those wolves?” Lin Weiwei believed it was Lin He who had done this.

But Lin He shook his head, indicating he didn’t know what had happened, either.

Lin He looked to Han Sen, then. He knew his people well, and he knew of all the abilities they possessed. The only person he didn’t know well was Han Sen. What’s more, Han Sen had somehow managed to detect the presence of the coming wolves before even he could.

“Han Sen, you did this, didn’t you?” Lin He asked.

Han Sen nodded and said, “Yes. I can snuff out six of their senses.”

Han Sen did not dare say he could actually block seven of them. That would have given people quite a shock.

Lin Weiwei was just about to say it couldn’t have been Han Sen, as he had just become a surpa.s.ser. But now, she had her breath taken away. She could hardly believe it.

Everyone now looked at Han Sen in a different way.

“It is no wonder President Ji would allow you to marry his daughter. You saved all our lives here.” Lin He gave Han Sen a pat on the shoulder.

“Good job, Brother Han.” Chen Hu gave him two thumbs up.

Lin Weiwei looked at Han Sen as if she did not know him.

“Little Sen-Sen, why didn’t you tell me you could do something like this?” Lin Weiwei asked Han Sen, which made him feel awkward. Fortunately for him, she wasn’t mad, and she didn’t feel as if she had been insulted.