Spirit Vessel - Chapter 1014: Seventh-level Nirvana

Chapter 1014: Seventh-level Nirvana

Chapter 1014: Seventh-level Nirvana

Reaching the mythical genius level was challenging and dangerous.

If only I have the Yang Soul Holy Embryo from those two girls, the chance will be higher. Ah, forget it, their condition is too much. He coveted the supreme treasure owned by the Ji sisters.

In fact, even the territory lord of Crimson would go crazy after hearing it.

The holy embryo wasnt an actual human embryo. This was changing ones dantian into the form of an embryo, akin to the nascent soul of the daoists. In order to become a saint, one must change their dantian into this form first.

The Yang Soul Holy Embryo was even more incredible, possessing only the yang affinity. Even the saints from the ancient eras couldnt reach this step.

If Feng Feiyun were to obtain this embryo, he would immediately become a mythical genius. Moreover, his cultivation and actual battle prowess would soar like the winds.

Unfortunately, the two sisters were too stubborn and demanded marriage in the exchange. He tried his best to persuade them otherwise but they wouldnt budge.

Hmm, even without the embryo, I have a trinity-fire spirit vein and a blood-spring spirit vein, that should be helpful.

He used the Grand Change Art and mobilized the momentum of the earth. He led the fire vein up to the ground, burning everything along the way with its lava.

He then jumped into the spirit vein. The trinity-fire spirit vein was made from the combination of three different flames - First Dark Origin Flame, Second Dark h.e.l.l Flame, and Third Dark True Flame.

He also ate a sacred fruit and drank two types of seven-colored springs. His body became resplendent with various powers and turned into a five-colored statue. A refinement process started to refine his bones and blood while removing impurities.

The flames suddenly became violent and turned into an inferno entering his body.

Though his physical defense was incredible, it still couldnt stop the power of the flames, especially the third.

Third Dark True Flame was considered the king of flames - a testament to its destructiveness.

He wished to use the flames to improve his talent - something heaven-defying and insulting to the king of flames, hence the punishment.

His veins, meridians, and bones were being scorched and melted. On the other hand, his various powers were trying to heal him.

Alas, the recovery wasnt as fast as the destruction. His phoenix bones activated and released their powers to stop the flames.

Blood-spring vein! Another spirit vein made out of blood rushed into his body and boosted his vitality. This created a balance between creation and destruction.

Unfortunately, the balance didnt last for long. Flames started attacking his bones; even his soul was being melted.

Reaching the mythical genius level after birth was arduous. Only saints during their youth had done so. If he kept this up, he would be reduced to ashes.

I cant give up now! Immortal phoenix, rebirth! He ate a nirvana pill and wanted to risk it all, wanting to perform the seventh rebirth at this crucial moment. The power of life-and-death should help him reach the mythical level.

The two spirit veins coiled around him like two dragons. Time pa.s.sed and who knows if he was still alive inside the blinding radiance?

After a long time, life returned to the radiance with a spark. It seemed as if a phoenix hatchling was in there. It issued a deafening screech that could be heard in the entire kingdom.

The laws and energies in the domain started flowing toward him.

Xuanyuan Yiyi stood on top of a paG.o.da; her white dress fluttered to the wind. She looked like a flawless moon hanging above the roof.

She could see a ball of fire growing in size and illuminating the horizon. Its pressure was immense.

One could see a pair of wings within the ma.s.sive ball. Just one feather spanned for miles. The burning lasted for an entire day before extinguis.h.i.+ng.

Feiyun could finally be seen sitting in the meditative pose. The area around him has been reduced to something like a flat crystal.

His skin s.h.i.+mmered, being softer than a womans. His hair draped down on his shoulders. The power of fire brimmed around him. Just one spark could meld a mountain.

His current form seemed to be made of fire, not flesh. His aura was pure and terrifying. It became a fire domain with immense destructiveness.

There were forty-two bright spots internally - his phoenix bones. He has reached the seventh level of Nirvana after consuming the two spirit veins and gaining ten phoenix bones.

His cultivation had soared but he didnt know if he was at the mythical level or not.

In reality, the line between the historical and mythical levels wasnt so clear. The only way to tell was to actually fight in battle.

He converged his power back inside his body. Eventually, his aura disappeared and he became normal again.

Bro, your cultivation improved again? Feng Qingqing came over, still holding Whitey.

I got lucky. He smiled and nodded.

How do you improve so fast? She seemed unhappy, not wanting to be left behind and forgotten like a stepdaughter.

How can I lose? I have the legacy of the Skeletal G.o.d Monarch. Theres no way!

He flicked her forehead and said: Your talent is impeccable and theres a strong evil affinity within you. Your problem is your laziness, thats why you cant catch up to me. If you just put in a little more effort, maybe you will improve even faster.



Her eyes lit up. She kissed Whiteys cheek once before disappearing into the horizon, most likely for training.

She was similar to Nalan Xuejian, never maturing mentally.

As for Feiyun, he worried about Long Luofu and ran over. However, she was doing better than he could possibly imagine.

A mysterious power flowed around her. Each of her movements contained the laws of the heavenly dao.

Her aura became increasingly dignified. Its regalness was palpable.

When she saw Feiyun coming closer, she raised her snow-white finger and a beam shot out.

Boom! The Buddhist domain automatically activated to stop the beam.

However, it pierced through the domain and struck him, causing him to feel slightly numb.

So strong! He thought.

With his current cultivation, the Buddhist domain was extremely tough. However, Long Luofu still broke through it.

He didnt mind the sudden attack and said: Your power just now is incredibly pure.

She stood up and came over. Her pregnancy made her body more voluptuous yet her waist was still thin. She looked at her finger and said: I felt a complete transformation after the first birth tribulation. I cant control my increasing power right now.

He nodded: This is normal. As the saying goes in the mortal world, a mothers honor increases as her sons position grows. There is a divine fetus inside you, it is cultivating and absorbing the essences of the world. Your body is the current medium. Thus, a portion of these essences will enter you. The first tribulation activated them so now, your power is beyond your imagination.